Love Horoscope 2018 free for all Zodiac Signs

Why, when and with whom we fall in love is a mysterious, wonderful process. What creates our romantic personalities? Why does love come our way sometimes and shun us at others.

Whether you’re single, married, or involved in a dating relationship, you’ll find the insights revealed in our Love & Romance Horoscope 2018 a helpful guide to making the most of love’s challenges and opportunities.

This report presents the planetary transits that influence three elements in your natal chart: The Moon, Venus and Pluto. These transits influence your potential for love and romance. Your heightened awareness of the world’s ever-changing cycles provides a planning edge you can use to your romantic advantage.

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LoveScopes for the Week of Feb 26

VENUS You have an opportunity for metamorphosis and growth in love this week, as Venus sextiles Pluto on Monday, encouraging you to look at the deep subconscious forces that lie behind your emotional responses to others. A sextile aspect is an opportunity to work toward changing your behavior patterns. It offers the courage to deal […]

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May 2018 Love Horoscope

ARIES The future is an important area to focus on when considering romance, love and all of the action it brings into your world this May 2018, Aries. Consider what you long for…and what you need. It might be time to consider making a deeper commitment…or initiating a connection with someone who shares your spirituality, […]

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April 2018 Love Horoscope

ARIES When it comes to love, emotional Venus and Mars enhance your need for roots, and loving desire is strong on the domestic front. You’d better cancel the plans you made for a party on Friday April 6th 2018. You and your mate will want to be alone. Privacy is a necessity, in fact. If […]

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What is compatibility in a relationship?

Compatible . . . (1) capable of coexisting in harmony; congruous; concordant; consistent; not repugnant. (2) so related that both (or all) may hold or be true. The statement above is just your regular old garden variety dictionary definition of the word “compatible”. Very straight forward. As a baseline reference in choosing a mate, one […]

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Reach Out To Those You Love

General overview for September 2018. This month of September is probably going to be a tricky one to say the least. There are only 10 positive alignments compared to only 11 negative ones. We may find ourselves pulled in various directions due to there being 5 oppositions occurring this month. There is so much planetary […]

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