April 2021 Monthly Horoscope


Impress everyone this month with your perseverance and determination. If there is something you are chasing after, maybe a job, college course, or the perfect shape, then nothing is going to put you off.

Mars, your action-packed ruler is in a super-strong position and keeps you running long after everyone else has packed up and gone home.

You don’t mind waiting, either. In fact, the sense of anticipation you get from closing in on your goal is one of the most rewarding things for you in April 2021.

This also applies to the romantic chase, of course. Life for you in 2021 has become much more exciting all-round, with the benevolent planet Jupiter purposefully placed.

For some time now you have been able to make good choices, which give you freedom and independence.

Now, you can capitalize on these decisions and really start to see the results. The Full Moon on the 2nd gets things off to a highly-charged start and is a very good day to conduct important business or love affairs.

You are looking for a partner who is as fiery as you, with a sense of adventure and willingness to travel.


You can look pretty stunning through April and generally come across in the pleasantest possible way.

Venus, your luxury-loving ruler, is in the one place it likes to be best and you get all the benefits.

You put your look together, not in a carefully thought-out or calculated way, but quite spontaneously, and you look all the better for it.

Hang out with friends and enjoy the company of people around you.

You may find more introductions coming this way than if you branch out on your own. People respond very well to a good listener, so sit back and let them talk.

Mars, the planet of passion, is also doing great things, so you can follow your flirtation up with positive action. Anything you want to do now, you have a good, steady flow of energy and lots of willpower.

So if you have to work longer or stay up studying, then nothing gets in your way. Try to keep an open mind after the 14th – some past ideas, or old friends will resurface in your life, which gives you some intriguing new options.

Mercury, the planet of thought, may play tricks on you, but you can keep well ahead by refusing to commit yourself until your mind is made up for certain.


With Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, in your solar relationship zone, your love life is full of promise.

You have a confident, positive attitude and you are looking for someone with a wider view of life.

A partner who can show you something new. Be careful of giving everyone you meet the qualities of a great teacher or guru, but at the same time realise what you can learn from your other half.

Jupiter makes you the wide-eyed student of life, but applied to your proper academic program, it can also be most rewarding.

If you get the chance to travel in the course of your studies, take it. Travel may also be the route to finding a new love interest.

One challenge you face is in trying to decide between various tempting offers to put your way. There seem to be so many people with exciting opportunities, but you can spend a lot of energy trying to pursue them all.

It is better to concentrate on one road than lose your focus by being all things to all people.

When your planetary ruler goes backwards on the 14th, watch out for an old idea coming around once again, especially something to do with a future career plan.


Your relationships this month are fiery and passionate, with Mars, the planet of energy in your solar love zone.

You don’t want promises or unspoken understanding, you want a full-on demonstration of affection and nothing else will satisfy you.

Be careful, however! You may be getting on perfectly with your partner and can upset things by asking for too much.

Mars’ nature means you don’t like things to be too quiet, but always have to see something happening. This means you may provoke your friends by always asking and probing for a reaction.

Of course, you may get this sort of behaviour from the other party, in which case it is better to have something positive to do together.

Make plans. If there is some mutual project you can carry out, studying together perhaps, or going away somewhere exotic, then this will focus your energy in a constructive way.

With Venus, the planet of affection, outstandingly placed all month, then you can expect people to be very patient and supportive as well.

Around the 7th, it is good to do something completely different with your partner or to try a totally different fashion look.


Your prospects have begun to pick up, unmistakeably. For so long, you have been preoccupied with work, with your studies, or perhaps big duties put on you by heavy people and those in authority.

Saturn, the testing planet of boundaries and slowness is still in your sign in the year 2021, but it is gradually moving out of Leo.

There are a few things left to take care of and then you will be totally free, sooner than you realise.

The Full Moon in your sign on the 2nd is like your birthday outside of season and you should do something to mark the moment.

Don’t make any decisions on this day, because you may be a little emotional and excited. Instead, use it to close any personal business you have and purely to enjoy yourself.

Jupiter, the planet of growth and good fortune, is outstandingly placed for you and brings a sense of growing opportunity.

Instead of feeling like you live in a narrow world with nothing to look forward to, you go to a richer and more colourful way of being.

People see you as a proud, fiery, creative person, and you start feeling more like yourself again.

This is excellent news for everyone, as much of your old swagger and assurance returns.


You have just the right personal touch this month. You are very warm towards your friends and the feelings are returned with interest.

Sometimes you can over-analyse relationships instead of going with the flow, but you enter perfectly into the spirit now.

Venus, the planet of romance, is in your solar love zone and you have just the right understanding attitude, without judging or criticizing. Many people find this a very attractive quality.

Mars, the planet of power and passion, is also placed perfectly and gives you the practical qualities to back up your friendly words.

You are a very earthy and capable person, but you find all your efforts that much easier now.

Nothing seems to get in your way. An old relationship may return mid-way through the month as someone you thought had disappeared comes back into your world.

They may play a role in your life again, or simply have an important message to give you.

Your mind goes back to a plan or project from the past, but don’t get too wrapped up in the issue.

It may interest you for a while and good things should come from it, but don’t let it become the sole focus of your ambition.


Your romance and creativity are enhanced through April, as you are reminded how exciting life can be.

The Sun is in a dramatic and fun-loving part of your horoscope and gives you a sense that everything is to be played for.

If you have ambitions to do something creative or artistic, even if it is only to get out and see more movies or shows, then this is the time to do it.

Perhaps you want to work on something of your own or devise a striking new appearance for yourself.

Ideas that have bubbled at the back of your mind for some time now come into full focus, especially around the time of the New Moon on the 17th.

If you feel opportunities have passed you by, or you have been overlooked, then a second chance comes around in the second half of the month.

An unexpected call may bring work or extra money, so be open to the situation.

If you are prepared to wait and be patient, you find outstanding good luck by the 22nd, when Venus, your ruler, goes into a red-hot romantic place.

You always thrive on being with people and by this time, you should be in exactly the right kind of company, with offers coming your way.


Things are very nicely set for you this month, especially in the first half. Your taste is particularly sharp and people admire the way you look fantastic with the absolute minimum of effort.

Venus is the planet of attraction and appearances and sits beautifully for you until the 22nd.

You can put an artistic touch into your life during this spell and also bring interesting people close to you.

Sometimes it is a trade-off between hanging out with friends and fulfilling all your promises, but there is no such compromise now.

You handle your decisions very well, too. Mercury, the planet of thought and speech, is also perfectly poised, so when somebody from your past gets back in touch around the 18th, you know exactly how to handle them.

The news comes from a different direction and you are distracted from your usual concerns for a while.

Perhaps you have a change of ambition or think about studying a different subject. Don’t be drawn into a complete change – or at least not yet.

The time for major decisions comes next month, but for now, you can relax and charm everyone around you.


Think of a bold ambition you would like to bring about. What is your number one fantasy?

You are a great believer and always back yourself to do well, but some things you still feel are out of reach.

Occasionally you have doubts and don’t feel luck is on your side, but all this is about to change.

Jupiter, the planet of good fortune and your own guiding star, is now in your sign and set to stay there for many months to come.

This should bring you luck without your having to ask for it, but it is still worth dreaming and working extra hard at bringing about your goals.

You may be stretched beyond limits which you think yourself capable at times, but this is all for the good.

People are drawn to individuals who are happy and lucky, so you will have lots of friends.

It’s still up to you to make good choices, however, so don’t be thrown into doubt after the 14th.

Mercury, the thinking planet, goes backwards at this point and you turn your attention to unfinished plans from the past.

Something around your home, perhaps, which you started and never completed – until now.

This is a month for re-connecting and reminding yourself of what outstanding talents you really have.


Keep active this month and you will be well ahead. Mars, the most dynamic planet, is right in your sign, giving you rocket-propelled powers of energy. You are feisty and fiery and everyone is made to know it – and quickly!

As a Capricorn, you are not generally argumentative (despite your stubbornness), but this month you can’t stand by and let people say things that you don’t agree with.

Be careful, because your tongue is likely to run away with you. It is very easy to tell people exactly what you think, but make sure it is the right person and in the right situation.

Having lots to do helps keep you out of mischief. Work out, swim, make plans, go dancing – anything which burns off your excess energy.

The middle of the month sees your best day when the Moon goes through your sign on the 13th.

This is a time of reflection and you can make good decisions about what image suits you best. You often do better with a subtler, more understated look and not too many bright colours.

After the New Moon on the 17th, your spirits pick up again and you are once more on the lookout for things to do.

Make a list of goals at the start of the month and shoot them down one by one.


It’s a time to decide, but not to commit yourself this month. Mercury, the planet of the mind, goes on its backward course on the 14th April, all the way until the end of the month.

During this period, many fanciful ideas come to you, but it is always much better to wait before taking something up for sure.

Especially around the area of your money, hold back and think longer-term. Someone may have a tempting offer to make a little extra cash on the side, which you can always use, but something better is also likely to come around.

So, go along with it, but keep on the lookout. In general, this is a good time for money, with Venus, the planet of luxury, going through your solar financial zone.

This means you want a little bit of quality, and though you may have to pay extra, in most cases, it is well worth it. Treat yourself.

Piscean types are very appealing to you this month, a partner who has a great imagination and can tune into what you are thinking. They get seriously over-emotional at times and want you to rescue them as well, but you have what it takes. The New Moon on 17th is a time to spend with one perfectly-chosen person, someone who understands you very well.


You put yourself over perfectly this month, both in your appearance and in what you say. Mercury, the planet of thought and speech, is in your sign, so you seem very bright and full of ideas.

You might want someone around you to help make important decisions because the ideas are flowing so fast round your mind, you can’t keep up. A friend who understands will be a big help this month, especially after the 14th.

Mercury is going backwards after this point, and an old fashion idea may be in for a re-run. You decide that you liked the way you looked some time ago and you want to recapture that style.

Don’t go overboard, because you may change your mind again before long – so avoid chopping all your hair off or doing something utterly irrevocable. Venus, the planet of style, is also in Pisces, so you look good no matter what.

You have a kind of aura around you and there are sure to be plenty of party invitations coming your way.

This is not a time to be on your own. You are sociable and warm towards all your friends and will get an excellent reaction in return.

Expect plenty of questions about how you achieve your stunning appearance.