Aries in love: how to attract him, compatibility and best quotes

How to know if an Aries is falling in love with you

The Aries natives are born between March 21st and April 20th. Aries is very dynamic, verbose, extremely courageous, and has an uncommon strength of character. In general, people born under the Aries sign are very communicative and gentle.

It is said that every man manifests his love differently. But you want to know for sure that he is yours. How can you tell? Here are the most common signs that your partner is in love with you, depending on his zodiac sign.

Passionate and daring, the Aries man will always want to make the first step. This man wants to be the first in everything! Governed by Mars, the God of War, he often enjoys the thrill of chasing and of controlling the situation. He likes to keep the reins of the relationship – to drive the car, to order the food, or to choose the drinks, etc.

Here are some of the signs that an Aries man loves you: he will call you with no apparent reason, he will invite to see the latest movies, and you can unexpectedly receive a big bouquet of flowers and extreme love and passion declarations. You will spend days and nights of Passion with a capital P beside him!

How to Attract an Aries Man: Top Tips for Getting Him to Fall in Love

When an Aries is wooing you, he won’t give up easily, and when his advances are refused, he becomes nervous and impulsive. So, do the same: insist until he gives in. For an Aries, an affront is a great tragedy, but his sense of humor helps him overcome troubles more easily. Therefore, exploit these two of his weaknesses.

To win him over, be active, mobile, sportive, attracted to risk. His needs are very strong, although he is not great at romanticism. So, try not to hurt his sensitive side because that’s not how it works. Loyalty is not one of his major qualities.

Accept his many changes in behavior and appearance and don’t be shocked by the frequent changes in hair color, dress style or haircut.

The Aries man is impulsive in love and quite jealous. He can fall in love in a second, but he is not going to be as romantic as you would want.

He has a great imagination and you will rarely get bored next to him. Usually, he is looking for a fragile woman, who needs his protection, so he can dominate and be idolized.

On the other hand, he is vain, so he wants to be proud of his partner and he wants her to be admired by everyone.

How to Attract an Aries Women

The Aries woman will always strive to be the boss in the family. When she falls in love, she will accept to get married with no hesitation, a decision she will sometimes regret for the rest of her life if she is not happy.
But she will never accept as easily a divorce. She is a strong and intelligent woman, but she will not accept social failure. This is why a divorce for her would be a stigma beyond endurance.

What sign is the most compatible with Aries

 Aries is especially compatible with Fire signs (Sagittarius and Leo) and Air signs (Aquarius and Gemini, but less so with Libra, a sign diametrically opposed to Aries on the zodiac circle, which makes the Aries relationships with the Libra natives very contradictory, characterized by complementary rather than compatibility).

Aries is the least compatible with Cancer and Capricorn  because these signs form a quadrature aspect with  him the zodiac circle.

Aries compatibility with other signs

There is a huge attraction, but only on a physical level. If they get married, they will be rather unhappy. Both of them are too selfish and too proud to be able to cooperate.

In the beginning, their relationship seems ideal. But the calm and moderate Taurus doesn’t get along with the impulsive Aries, who is always looking for fun. These two cannot have the same life ideal and goals.

They need a lot of patience to stay together. The Aries is attracted by the flashy and adventurous Gemini, but their relationship is going to be superficial.

The Cancer native is too sensitive and emotional for the Aries. After a while, the Aries will get bored with the peaceful and calm family life of the Cancer.

The Virgo is calculated and cerebral and will not get along easily with the adventurous nature of the Aries. If they have nothing in common, they can’t even be friends.

On the zodiac circle, these two are on opposite positions. The same is true in life, especially if the Libra native will try to dominate the Aries. The Libra will not have a chance.

This is one of the most unhappy love relationships. They both love power and they can achieve extraordinary things together, but only as business partners or colleagues.

They are attracted to each other, but the Aries will soon be disappointed by the slow and pessimistic nature of the Capricorn. A marriage between these two will soon end up in divorce.

The independent Aquarius will never allow the Aries into his private life to discover his secrets and hidden desires.

It could be a long-term relationship if the Pisces native would let the Aries native lead. However, the Pisces native’s need for romance will not be understood by the Aries.

Three quotes that perfectly define Aries

“Naivety is the weakness of the mature, but the strength of the child.” – Charles Lamb.

The Aries is quite childish, but not naïve.

“In battle, you can lose everything but your honor.” – Niccolo Machiavelli.

The Aries is too proud to accept losing a battle in a trivial way.

„Honesty is the most daring form of bravery.” – William Somerset Maugham.

The Aries is brutally honest.