Astrology : What Country Do You Actually Belong In?

Those “faraway places” seem to beckon each of us from time to time. Some of us, of course, seem to have the travel itches more than others. (Do I see some guilty looking Sagittarians and Geminis milling around?)

It should come as no surprise that the vibes in some places seem to agree with us more than others. We’ve all noticed this when we’ve traveled. Conversely, there are places that just seem to make us terribly uncomfortable. There can also be places where we seem to have some terrible luck as well. One doesn’t necessarily have to travel many miles to have these feelings. It can happen in our own home town!

Many of us have had the sad experience of living in a city or town that we just hated and couldn’t wait to get away from. Perhaps the new destination was a great improvement, or it may have just put you from the frying pan into the fire! (Classic case of the grass being greener!)


Our birth (or natal or radix) chart is the basic chart that is a map for our destination in this lifetime. It travels with us through life. We can update this chart by progressing or directing or transiting it. From this we find timing of events and we are able to predict events to come. The chart carries with it the birth PLACE as a basic energy.

But there is something else to be considered…..WHERE the events might take place! Can your moving from one location to another enhance certain events and help prevent others? Certainly changing locations could change some things if for no other reason but the timing of events. Therefore, there is a probable difference to the outcome.


Ancients used locational astrology without even realizing it. For instance, the Three Wise Men, who of course were three astrologers from the East, followed a certain star to a location where an event occurred. This was, of course, the birth of the baby Jesus. That “Star in the East” was their pointer.

The fate of nations has been predicted based on these types of locational charts. It is a form of astrology that is as old as Astrology itself. However, it has only been in recent years that astrologers have developed good techniques for relocating a chart for a person. So now when you travel, you can find out if you would enjoy Jamaica or Paris better. If you get a job offer in Watusi, you can consider your options a little more carefully with the tools we have available to guide you now.


One of the most common techniques for relocating the chart is to cast the chart for the new location. You would use the same time and date, but use the new location instead of the place you were actually born. The planets will be the same for the most part. However, the Midheaven, Zenith, and other angles will all be different in the new location. This difference will certainly change the makeup of your chart.

If you were moving from the East Coast to the West Coast, it would not be uncommon to have the Ascendant change signs. In fact, it would be most uncommon if it did NOT change signs. Since the Midheaven will also change, it is quite likely that your career options or desires would also be changing.

Planets in this chart will also be changing houses as well, and this too would show a different picture for you. Events now would be timing differently because of the difference in the angles. This means you might enhance certain events or avoid difficulty by being in a different place at a different time.

This is not to suggest that you won’t continue to have difficult aspects or difficult transits. It does mean, however, that the makeup of it all would be somewhat different because of the angles changing. What once may have been devastating to your career may not even be of any importance now. The same would be true with the favorable aspects – the timing and combinations would afford you different opportunities!

We’ll have a little fun! We’ll take all the signs and “relocate” them and see what we come up with. This is all in fun and not to be taken seriously. And, you can use either your Sun, Moon or Rising Sign with the texts below:

ARIES – These guys are always ready to go somewhere – and the quicker you get them there, the better! Just tell them where the action is – where the fun and excitement is! No relaxing, no laid back laying around for these guys! Lets’ get ON with it (And by all means, take them to the MARS line of their choice!)

TAURUS – Now here is the guy that can lay out and do absolutely nothing. Well, almost nothing. Just make sure that there is plenty of gourmet food, gourmet wine and gourmet sex and you will have one happy cow…err, bull…err, friend on your hands…err, well, hanging out at your place! In other words, keep the bull on his Venus line!

GEMINI – Now you know before you ask that they are not going to be happy with just ONE selection! They gotta go to two or three places and they need to do lots of different stuff when they get there! Bring lots of books and puzzles (that they won’t have time to read or work! ) One thing never lacking when you’re with a Gemini – and that’s lots and lots of fun! And if Gemini is on his Mercury line, watch out!

CANCER – Just show them their moon lines and hear them express, “Where is the best place for some good business? And what about my family? I want the best possible location for the children! What do you mean that they’re on the other side of the continent? I don’t want to go somewhere without my family! By the way, do they serve chicken soup in this place?”

LEO – The lion yearns for someplace where his talents can be appreciated. He prefers someplace he can be the boss, and be in charge! The nice thing, of course, is that the lion is really and truly very qualified to run the show! So point him to where his Sun line is running these days and he’s off and running the show. And what’s more, you’ll be safe if you’re with him!

VIRGO – Primly propped upon her Mercury line, Miss Virgo is overheard saying, “Well, is it clean? I certainly wouldn’t want to go to one of those places where they…you know, don’t bathe regularly! So where in the world is my ‘clean line’? And may I have a look at the map please? Perhaps you need a little analysis of this situation. After all…”

LIBRA – “Where is my LOVE line? Just show me to the men! You mean you can look at that silly map and actually tell me where I might score? Why didn’t you tell me about this a long time ago! Do you realize how much time I’ve been wasting? Just imagine, a place in the world with my LOVE line going through it!” – Thus quoth Miss Libra when ensconced upon her Venus line!

SCORPIO – Naturally, the scorpions are going to look for their POWER line. Show them a map and they will go for that Pluto line every time! Interestingly, enough, they generally gravitate to it on their own. But Scorpions can smell a deal a mile away. Of course, I’ve seen a few intense looks from them when I explained that they could also find some pretty good sex as a by product. They’ll head for the Mars line every time!

SAGITTARIUS – Well, you might know that anything concerning astrolocality literally FASCINATES our Sagittarian friends! They THRIVE on travel, and you provide them with a map to show them where they might have a little fun and good times, and they are already packed and half way to the airport. Jupiter’s children love to be on his line in a map!

CAPRICORN – Cappies are not too inclined to spend money chasing dreams. They’re much too practical to waste their assets on these things. However, if you tell them they can really isolate areas where they are inclined to do very well in business and make a lot of money, you can see the glisten come to their eye! Their Saturn lines are where they work hard but usually make money as well!

AQUARIUS – “Geez, let me look at that map some more. Kewl! Look at all these wavy lines. I like the colored ones! So why don’t you put some neon on this thing and really blow it up? You know you could probably computerize this thing and do some really fantastic stuff if you put your mind to it!” Thus, the ravings of an Aquarian on his Uranus line!

PISCES – Our lovely Pisces friends get so enthusiastic when they find out that they can actually pinpoint their path of greatest spirituality. Their lovely eyes literally light up! Of course I always hate it when I have to tell them none of these lines on these maps will show them where the closets are! That’s when they up and cancel the trip. (They are probably ALREADY on their Neptune line!)