August 2021 Monthly Horoscope


With Jupiter, the planet of excess racing through your opposite sign, it’s very important for you not to sit still.

Given the choice between a vigorous workout or receiving a relaxing massage, the chances are you do neither and stay in front of the TV with a family-sized box of biscuits.

A way out of this conundrum is to share the experience of exercise and find someone to come with you and provide some company and a sense of competition. This rarely fails to inspire the best in you.

There is also a great temptation to shop through August 2021, but gently resist the urge to reach into your purse for every trifling thing you see.

You don’t need money, just a sharp eye, and an honest opinion that on a carefully balanced budget can make you look as astounding as any high street fashion boutique.


With Mars motoring through your sign, you feel you have a thousand things to do before the end of every day, and can’t rest up until you have achieved them all.

Still, remember not to be too impatient with others who try to keep up with your speed-of-light pace and urgency.

Take a deep breath before going shopping, for you may take your frustrations out on innocent sales staff who are only trying to help.

A handy investment with this in mind may be a new set of training shoes or even a pair of boxing gloves to work out your frustration. It’s all about finding a balance, but by the 16th, you should have it all in order.

You’ve made a progression, which starts off with making a snap decision about your image, and the transformation gets easier as the month moves on.


According to your horoscope, you may be preoccupied with achieving a certain look this month of August 2021, without a great idea of how to bring it off.

Your imagination is on fire, with the ethereal planet Neptune working wonderful things for you, but the real feat is to bring this inspiration down to earth. Perhaps the best policy at this time is to forget yourself and let your instincts guide you.

An intuitive sense of what to wear won’t lead you far astray, so you can put aside the high street magazines who are invariably behind the times anyway.

Your general health and vitality should be in excellent shape, though the present conditions also incline you to take it overly easy. An occasional workout to keep your system ticking over isn’t a bad idea, and some extra exercise can only top up your present inner confidence and assurance.


With the strict influence of Saturn now well and truly out of your sphere, life takes on a lighter and more enjoyable tone.

Instead of having a thousand things to attend to before you find time to attend to your image, you can relax into your routine and find fun things to do and distract you.

There has been so much else to occupy you that your wardrobe and sense of style may have suffered, but now you can get back in the catwalk mode with a vengeance.

With Mercury, the communication planet back-pedaling, be prepared for an offer to come around again that you decided did not match up to your measurements before.

This could involve a chance to splash out on your wardrobe, or a particularly special pair of shoes, so don’t give up on your desires simply because you can’t afford it just yet.


Now that Saturn, the planet of gradual progress, is into your sign, slow and steady steps are called for.

Even if your desires and the ideal image seem far away and impossible to reach, you will get there if you step up to the mark and accept the challenge.

It feels like there is a great deal to do, and your exercise program and proper eating may go by the board, so full is your day with other duties and distractions.

But now above all is the time to take care of yourself and to make sure you are doing all the right things by your diet.

A more serious image may make you seem somewhat severe, so try not to weigh yourself down with an overly mature appearance. After the 17th, you are more decided and forward-looking in yourself and know which is the next fashion triumph to chase after.


This is a great month for you, whether you decide to dress up and look your best, or get into shape and burn through all of your work.

The fun planets, Venus and Mars are sitting happily, so not only do you want to dress to attract attention, but you also have the energy to do something about it. Hanging out at the health club has a more sociable purpose than simply waiting for the next sunbed or squash court to be free. You have a great deal of willpower too, so if you have to slim down to squeeze into a new outfit, then nothing is going to tempt you otherwise.

Take care not to diet too drastically, however, for there is a slight feeling of fanaticism to your regime this month. Pounds shed in haste often come back at leisure, so a slower and more sensible approach is likely to see better long-term results.


With Venus entering your sign on the 17th, all the social graces are yours. Sometimes your instincts are to stay at work and keep your eye on all the necessaries, but not now.

Venus makes you wish to make an impression and there should be plenty of people around you to provide an audience for your latest look.

This is an excellent time to get noticed and for general good times and escapism, but the only thing to watch out for is overdoing it and ending up with almighty hangovers or some extra pounds on the scales.

So make sure you don’t overeat or stay out every night because while there don’t appear to be enough hours in the day, you also have to get your beauty sleep.

After Mercury the communicator goes forward once again on the 16th, you may have new inspiration and a clearer idea of how you want to appear and how you wish to achieve it.


With important planetary activity in the top half of your chart through August 2021, you may be looking for a more professional image and to impress someone at work.

Appearing suitably sober is an important point, but don’t be drawn too far into superficial exercises, because it is the real you that matters. You can also try a new twist on an old, acceptable look, even though you introduce it very subtly.

Take care not to go overboard and spoil your carefully constructed air of competence, but being a fashion leader at the office is a role you can assume this month.

To this end, it is important that you don’t work too hard either, for stressful and thankless tasks can have an influence on your health and vitality if taken too far. Try to take some time out and make sure you grab all the available breaks in your day.


Now you are quite able to stick to a long-term diet plan without always looking over your shoulder. With Saturn, the planet of steady progress sitting at a helpful angle, your willpower and discipline have never been more sound and you start to see the sense of what you are doing.

The effort required to push down to your target weight no longer feels like you are a slave driver to yourself and you can take everything one step at a time. Signing up for a new diet or exercise scheme should wait until after the 16th, however, when second thoughts leave you crucially better informed than before.

If you change your mind about an item of clothing you purchased on an impulse, then also leave it until after this date before deciding definitively that it isn’t what you want. The second half of the month is a better time by far for long-range choices.


Your health should not be in question this month, as you have such a realistic appraisal of the steps necessary to keep in shape.

With Mars, the motivating planet sitting at a friendly angle throughout August, you can fit exercise into your daily routine, without having to make a fuss or set any extra time aside. Walking or cycling to work is a perfect example of this, or taking time out in your lunch break for a stroll around the park.

This combines a sensible awareness of the need to stretch yourself, while not exhausting your energy before you have even started. Your fashion sense won’t let you down, either, where the best policy is to go with your gut feel.

Intuitively understanding the shapes and colors that suit you best, allows your natural instinct free rein, rather than second-guessing yourself with a contrived look that ends up appearing stiff and starchy.


Someone comes into your world in the first fortnight of August  2021 to provide stimulation for a new look. With Mercury, the Messenger turning back on its orbit, an unexpected encounter may not be meaningful in itself, but it sends a special signal that you pick up on quite clearly.

This may be simply someone brushing past you in a supermarket queue, but something about them sets your imagination alight with a determination to emulate their appearance. It is as if they have been brought to your attention for the specific purpose of making you sense new image possibilities.

You take your inspiration where you find it, so you needn’t be worried about seeming like a fashion follower in this case. Having sufficient spark and an instant awareness is something special that sets you aside, so you can take pride in being alive to the situation.


Your mind is like a butterfly this month, as you wish to explore the impact that various outfits have upon you, and generally become better informed about how you present yourself.

By all means, experiment with a different look or hairstyle, but once you have made a decision, better to stick to it.

Changing your image every second day sends out the wrong signals when you want to project the impression of someone who knows who they are and what they want.

Tiny adjustments in many areas may have more impact than a massive effort in one direction, so rather than having a total clearout of your clothes drawer, a few new accessories could lighten up the outfits you already have.

With Venus in your opposite sign through the first half of the month, don’t be afraid to run your fashion ideas by your friends before you give them a public airing.