Cancer in love: how to attract him, compatibility and best quotes

Cancer is the fourth astrological sign of the classical European zodiac (comprising 12 signs), starting on June 22nd and ending on July 22nd.
This is a feminine and predominantly emotional Water element sign, governed by the Moon, an astronomical body that increases romance, diplomacy, adaptability, sensibility, memory, imagination, artistic skills, but also instability, inconstancy, and capriciousness.

How the Cancer native loves

The Cancer native is a sensible partner, who wants a good life and a balanced home. They need a lot of affection and recognition from their partners.

They can meet their partners through family during a reunion or a celebration. They can get married thanks to their family. In marriage, they are looking for intimacy and peace. Sometimes, there is a very strong connection between partner and parents, the partner replacing the parents. The natives lack maturity during the marriage.

In some cases, they don’t get married or they get married later in life at the insistence of their families. The natives manifest a great sensuality since adolescence, utmost affection, and an outstanding imagination and sensibility, all used to express their feelings. They need a lot of love.

How to know if a Cancer man likes you

Governed by Moon, the Cancer man is melancholic, shy, and mysterious. When he finds the partner of his dreams (a lengthy process because they are picky), he will plunge head first because his romantic side has no limits.

If necessary, he will climb on a white horse for you or he will sly dragons, metaphorically speaking. When in love, he will frequently bring you flowers and gifts, he will take you to the best restaurants and he will try to fulfill any of your wishes.

Other signs that he loves you: will take the trash out on his own, without you asking, he will fix the roof or the creaking door, or he will kill the flies that disturb your peace. This man is the best partner out of all zodiac signs because he treats his lover with loyalty and attention.

Because this native is often associated with the stereotypical family man, people believe that they are too docile to make the first step, but nothing could be further from the truth. These natives love conquering; in this regards, they are simply not as direct as the Aries men.

They are not materialistic, but they are very attached to objects with sentimental value. If they make you a present that is valuable for them, you can be assured of their great trust and admiration. If they have friendly feelings for you, they will bake cookies for your friends and relatives, but if they like you in a romantic way, these gentle natives will express their feelings by sending you a photo or a sweet message.

How to win the heart of a Cancer man?

Go together on small trips near water areas (seas, lakes), take the subway together or find an intimate, hidden place (they are attracted by secret and secluded places, in cellars, underground places, caves). However, a romantic setting with a fine drink is not to be neglected because they will always be impressed by romance.

Pathetic declarations of love and love notes, dedicated poems and even old-fashioned serenades are perfect ways to win his heart.

Attracted by the past, he is fascinated by places with great historical meaning and by places that remind him of childhood.

Toys, innocent games can spark his imagination and, although he likes to act like a child, his need of love will transform him into a perfect lover. He enjoys imagination games, including those on sensual topics.

How to know he doesn’t love you anymore?

You will find out he stopped loving you when his family is distancing from you. He shares everything with his family and depends on their support.

His parents will be aware of the fact that he doesn’t love you before you even get a hint and will try to isolate you as subtle as possible.

Cancer Man

He gets mentally mature later on in life and remains marked by his mother figure. He needs the protection and stability ensured by family life. Betrayal has the power to hurt him terribly and even if he consciously forgives, he will never emotionally forget. He is a great father and he will always be proud of his children, for which he is both a mentor and a friend.

Cancer Woman

She is the most feminine native from the entire zodiac, in the classical sense of the word. She is maternal, passionate, and gentle. The Cancer woman is charismatic and sensitive to any compliment. She prefers to be appreciated, treated with gentleness and always accepted. She rarely takes initiative openly, so others need to make the first move.

One of her greatest desires is to be loved. A great quality of this native is her loyalty. The devotion for her children (often exaggerated) also includes the need to give them what she appreciates the most – stability. And she is way too wise not to understand that money is an absolutely necessary element in ensuring it.

Cancer Compatibility with all the other zodiac signs

The relationship between these two signs can be described as “opposites attract”. Aries is impulsive and insolent, while the Cancer is sensitive and emotive. Of course, the Aries can also be emotive, but in an impetuous manner, overwhelming the Cancer. Although the Cancer native is more reticent about getting involved in a relationship, the hasty nature of the Aries can act as a booster.

In general, this is a successful union. They both have a lot of things in common: they appreciate safety more than anything in a relationship; also, they get attached to their home where they want to spend as much time as possible next to their loved ones.

This relationship is a bit weird. The sensitive and emotive Cancer will have issues in communicating clearly; in turn, logical and simple communication is defining for the Gemini sign. Gemini’s irony will determine the Cancer to get out of their shell faster than they want; the Cancer, on the other hand, can teach the Gemini native to be more cautious when evaluating things, something the frantic Gemini doesn’t usually do.

A relationship between two people born under this sign is based on fidelity and sincere love. They will get to know the most intimate details about their partner, the best method to “tempt” or, on the contrary, to moderate their partner. This couple is honest and caring about the individual needs of each partner; the main goal is to ensure a comfortable home for all the family. If they can find a method to control their moods, this relationship will flourish.

In this relationship, both partners know how to satisfy the emotional needs of each other. Both signs need attention from others and a lot of devotion and love; the only difference is that, while Cancer needs emotional balance and harmony, Leo wants compliments and honest admiration. Both of them are loyal and even possessive in many cases . They will get involved in a long-term relationship, hoping that they will get plenty of gratification on a personal level.

They make a strong, pragmatic couple with a positive outcome. This relationship has a huge potential for permanent improvement over the years. The natives are ambitious and disciplined. They are honest, devoted, and responsible in the relationship. They admire each other: the Virgo native respects the power, the calm, and the devotion of the Cancer, while the latter appreciates Virgo’s adaptability and intelligence.

In this relationship, the natives perfectly compensate for each other’s shortcomings. They both look for a balanced relationship; they are delighted by their common passion for beauty and luxury, especially when it comes to their own home. They can harmoniously unite their energies if they aim for a common goal. Although this relationship evolves slower than others because they think they have too little in common at the beginning, the better they get to know each other, the more they will recognize and respect the qualities of the other.

These natives form a pair with very intense feelings. This union of signs creates a good balance between the weaknesses and strengths of both partners. There is a very strong sexual attraction between these two natives. Both signs have a lot of things in common and they can enjoy a solid and passionate relationship.
They like to spend a lot of time together. Cancer represents security, while Scorpio represents the power in this relationship. They view life as an exercise of interpersonal relationships, full of passion and feelings.

When these two natives form a pair, a lot of patience is needed in order for the relationship to evolve. In time, the two partners will discover that they have a lot to offer each other. The first impression is that the Sagittarius is the one who wants a life full of adventure and adrenaline, while the Cancer is satisfied with emotional safety. At the beginning of the relationship, the Cancer native might want more than the Sagittarius has to offer. But, in time, the Sagittarius native will learn to appreciate the emotional support of the Cancer.

This pair is characterized by tenacity and determination. The Capricorn native is realistic and “down to earth”, while the Cancer is the one who brings emotional intensity in this couple. Between these two partners, there is permanent mutual respect.
These two opposite astrological sign can establish a very strong connection. Their relationship is developed based on material and emotional security. The decisions taken by the natives of both signs are usually moderate. The Cancer native can help the Capricorn to relax after a hard day of work.

The Cancer – Aquarius pair is often formed by people with opposite personalities. The Cancer native views life based on feelings, while the Aquarius is rather nonconformist. While the Cancer native is introverted, the Aquarius is most often extroverted, being the soul of any party. They both like to be surrounded by friends. If they will find a way to mix these qualities in a positive manner, the natives will get along very well.

They form a happy couple. Both signs are tolerant and understanding. The Pisces sign can instill creativity and spirituality in the Cancer native. The practical spirit of the Cancer natives can help their partners to materialize their utopian ideas.
The Cancer appreciates material things. They love comfort and luxury and sometimes they don’t understand the minimalistic lifestyle of their partner. Although they have different goals and lifestyles, the relationship between the two natives can withstand in time due to their profound feelings for each other.