Feng Shui for a more romantic bedroom

Have you ever thought of how we place certain items in our homes or space and have a feeling of inspiration when placing a particular item or piece of furniture in a room? We are living Feng Shui subconscious already. Feng Shui is the Chinese art and design of placement in a living space. Feng Shui encompasses all areas of our lives ranging from relationships, health, happiness and prosperity. You may also be intrerested to get some feng shui tips for year 2018 .

Relationships are a wonderful piece of Feng Shui used to enhance our lives. Recognition and placement of items in our bedrooms and homes are used to bring the love, excitement, joy, and romance we desire into fruitation.

Beginning with placement of furniture and items in the bedroom can be a wonderful place to start incorporating Feng shui into your life. As you enter your bedroom look to the rear right hand corner of your bedroom.

This is the relationship corner of your bedroom. What is in this area, a picture of a single person? An unhealthy plant? Dirty Laundry? When we begin to recognize these chi blocks we can start to change and bring the love, joy and happiness we desire into are lives. After cleaning this corner, think of what you are wanting in your relationship.

Do you want a relationship with yourself? Single items will encourage a relationship with you. Possibly needing some time to regroup after a prior relationship. (Truly when you love yourself you are able to love someone else more deeply) Our ability to love ourselves enhances our chi and attracts loving people to us. Do you want to enhance your current marriage or partnership, or do you want to attract an enriching, romantic, loving, new Relationship?

When placing your personal icons, two of any items together will reflect Partnerships. Two swans, two geese (mate for life), two mandarin ducks, two tigers (excitement) A romantic art picture or statue of two loving partners is an excellent choice. When placing your Icons please remember to tell the universe what you want to bring into your life. This is called setting your intention. Example, Universe I am wanting a loving, romantic, exciting, supportive partnership. Expressing your desires is a great way to set the energy into motion.

When looking to attract someone new or rejuvenate your existing partnership look to see if your bedroom is feeling over crowded, too much furniture for the amount of Space. Is their room for a new partner to fit into your life? Closet space for two? Clearing out the old items that seem to keep us in the past can be very beneficial in helping us to allow something new into our life. When we simplify and make room on the physical level are emotional level will follow.

When placing your bed it is important to have a solid wall behind your headboard. This will encourage confidence and feeling supported in life and in your relationships. If you are unable to have a solid wall behind your bed make sure to have a headboard on your bed.
Check to see if your door is in direct line with your bed, this can cause sleep disturbances and imbalance. Place the bed as far away from the door as possible, but allowing visibility of the door from the bed. This is called the power or command position. When placing your furniture around the bed, make sure to have two nightstands with a light for each stand. This will give a healthy balance and enhance equal partnerships.

Feng Shui is truly a wonderful way to enhance, balance and rejuvenate relationships. These are just a few suggestions that may help you along your journey with Feng Shui.