Aries Compatibility with other zodiac signs

An Aries is a high spirited, frank and candid person and maintains this nature when in a relationship.

The thing that they should control is the natural aggressiveness that they have.

When forming a relationship they will have to make use of reasoning and diplomacy to build confidence in the other person.

The positive features of their characteristic such as deep affection and passion helps them to build compatibility and relationship with other zodiac signs.

What they require is to control their excessive possessiveness in order to make any relationship work.

Aries Woman – Aries Man Compatibility

Aries is the zodiac sign for people who are born in the date range of March 21 to April 19.

Aries woman are candid, frank, alive, high spirited, determined & eager to achieve the best in life. They are also amiable and easily forge rapport with people of varied social settings.

Aries woman are quite passionate and sensual beings with brevity in their nature.

They tend to show their love with actual actions rather than wordy expressions.

Aries woman are naturally aggressive and possessive in nature which works well in developing a good relationship.

When it comes to compatibility with Aries men, Aries women have to adjust to allow their partner to have the upper hand as similar to them Aries men are also have fire in the zodiac sign which makes them very aggressive.

The compatibility between them would be greater as both will be able to understand the shortcomings as well as qualities of the other.

The relationship between Aries women and Aries men will tend to a fiery one because of the dominating nature of their zodiac signs.

Aries men would always compete to become the number one in the house and same applies for Aries women.

For a successful relationship to develop one of them, either Aries women or Aries men will have to control their natural instincts and let the other partner play the lead dominating role in the house, this way they will be able to build a long term & healthy relationship.

Aries have self centered and egoistic nature and this is to be taken care of by both Aries women as well as Aries men to develop good compatibility among them and have a long successful relationship.

Aries – Taurus

An Aries will like the earthly nature that a Taurus has and similarly the outwardly nature of an Aries will be liked by the Taurus.

The calm and rational approach to things that a Taurus man takes will attract an Aries woman towards him. A Taurus man will also be able to guide her and make sure that she does not take any wrong decisions.

This nature that a Taurus has will do a lot of good to their compatibility and help build the relationship.

Aries – Gemini

The common thing between them is that both are anxious as well as restless by nature and want to attempt doing new things in life.

The need for domination that an Aries woman has will be handled properly by a Gemini man thereby resulting in development of compatibility.

Another positive thing in this relationship will be the free flowing communication which will ensure that they are able to understand each other well and that no one feels bored. Overall they have all the features that will make the relationship work.

Aries – Cancer

The match between an Aries and a Cancer will be difficult to form as an Aries is extrovert while a Cancer is known as an introvert person.

The mood swings that a Cancer woman has might become difficult for an Aries man to handle. Similarly the harsh language used by Aries can hurt a soft Cancer woman.

The qualities in an Aries man that will make a Cancer woman interested in the relationship will be his high spirited and generous nature.

Aries – Leo

A Leo will admire the aggressive nature that an Aries has and thus help in building compatibility between the two.

Both are with the nature of dominating things they do and the relationship will work well if any one of them agrees to let the other play the lead role.

An Aries man will find similar features in a Leo woman such as warm character, vibrant nature and an open & extroverted personality. Such similarities will help them in terms of their compatibility.

Aries – Virgo

The nature of an Aries is that he has a very impetuous mind, fiery and aggressive personality while a Virgo is someone with stable thoughts and very practical outlook on life.

A Virgo woman is also shy and caring person which will help to bring an Aries closer to her. The aggressive and possessive nature of an Aries man will make her feel secure in the relationship.

The independent nature that an Aries has will help build confidence in a Virgo and assure her of a good relationship.

Aries – Libra

An Aries woman will appreciate the emotions and passion that exists in a Libra man.
Similarly, he will like the fiery and aggressive nature that an Aries woman has. The other good thing between them is that they both favor a social life which will do a great amount of good in building compatibility for them.

Some differences can occur as an Aries woman takes her decisions quite quickly while a Libra man decides only after closely looking at all the aspects.

Aries – Scorpio

The qualities of an Aries are that she loves her independence and that of a Scorpio are that he is intense, determined, emotional and possessive.

The positive attitude that both of them have helps them in building their relationship and also the fact that they like to maintain freshness in the relationship.

However, a Scorpio is sensitive by nature and an Aries will have to control her fiery nature as well as how she speaks towards him so that he does not get hurt because of harsh things said to him.

Aries – Sagittarius

The compatibility between an Aries man and a Sagittarius woman is quite good as they share common features such as a positive outlook, enthusiasm and optimistic nature.

The free spirited character also matches them in addition to the good communication skills they have. The adventure loving nature they have will help to keep the relationship exciting as well as interesting for them.

The positive thing helping to increase compatibility between them is that a Sagittarius woman will easily accept the dominating nature of an Aries man.

Aries – Capricorn

This is a combination of the fire and earth signs. The main similarity between them is their determination to succeed.

But on one side an Aries woman works without properly planning it, a Capricorn man is someone who will only start a work after he has properly decided the plan of action.

There are also other differences, such as the fact that an Aries woman is expressive by nature while a Capricorn is not very good with expressing his feelings. Therefore there will be much less compatibility between them.

Aries – Aquarius

The initiative taking character of an Aries will be supported by the nature of an Aquarius who never blocks her partner from doing things which he likes.

The adventurous and positive outlook that an Aries man has will be liked by the Aquarius and help compatibility to grow between them. As an Aries will be able to keep his outgoing nature and freedom the relationship will move in a direction where it will become easier to maintain.

Passion for everything they do in life also matches and strengthens compatibility.

Aries – Pisces

An Aries will become attracted towards a Pisces as she is good at providing emotional support to her partner and also has a caring personality. However there could be problems because of the aggressive nature of an Aries which a Pisces may not be able to handle.

An Aries will also like the reflective nature that a Pisces has and similarly the nature of an Aries where he strives to reach his goals in life will inspire her to move ahead in her life with a positive attitude.