Aries and Cancer compatibility

Aries Woman – Cancer Man

A Cancer man is sentimental and moody while an Aries woman is extrovert, aggressive and with an outgoing nature.

A Cancer man is very sensitive and will not be able to forget any bad things that someone says about them while this is not the same for an Aries woman who easily forgets things said to her in an argument.

An Aries woman has a fiery nature and arguments are likely to occur to which a Cancer man will have to learn to accommodate.

The things in an Aries woman that a Cancer man will like are her generous nature & high spirited character.

Her strong will and leading attitude will also make the Cancer feel attracted towards her.

A Cancer man will not be able to adjust to the fact that an Aries woman does not pay any attention to minute details in her life.

The nature of an Aries woman also wants to have more freedom in the relationship and if they do not get it then they can also decide to leave the relationship.

Cancer man will like to have a relationship with an Aries woman as she has a forceful nature and would be able to make him feel secure in the relationship.

By adjusting to the fact that an Aries woman will require more freedom in the relationship, he will be able to make the relationship a success.

Thus we can see that there is not very good compatibility between them but they can still form good bonding by putting in concerted efforts to rectify the deficiency they themselves have.

Aries Man – Cancer Woman

Cancer woman are normally of secretive, moody and sentimental nature whereas Aries man have an outgoing extrovert nature with more expressiveness as well as aggressiveness.

Cancer woman also find it hard to forget the harsh things that someone says to them in an argument while this is not the case with Aries man as they tend to forget whatever they or the other person says while in argument.

To develop compatibility both of them have to look into these aspects. Cancer woman might have to adjust her nature to accommodate these frequent arguments because of the fiery character of Aries man.

What Cancer woman will like about Aries man is the generous and high spirited personality.

The other positive thing about Aries man is that they are of powerful character & have the tendency to lead in tasks they do.

But Cancer woman will find it difficult to adjust to the fact that Aries man pays very less importance to minor things in life which are important for Cancer woman.

To develop compatibility Cancer woman will also have to understand that Aries man dislikes losing their freedom and will no remain in a relationship in which they would lose their freedom.

Cancer woman will like the forceful nature of Aries man and will feel secure in a relationship with them but on the other hand, they will also have to adjust to the fact Aries man will require more rights and freedom to remain interested in any relationship and continue with it.