Cancer Compatibility with zodiac signs

The main characteristic of Cancer is that she has a sentimental nature. The other features of her nature include being quite friendly, compassionate and having a caring attitude towards other people.

The compatibility will be better with someone who will take care of her and together they will be able to spend some time.

For a Cancer the most important thing is being simple in life, having a close friends circle and happy family life.

The compassionate nature that a Cancer has gels well with people of similar personality.

Cancer – Aries

On one hand, we have a Cancer man who is very sentimental by nature and on the other, we have an Aries woman who is quite extrovert and expressive.

A Cancer man will also have to adjust to the fiery nature that an Aries woman has.

The good things about an Aries that a Cancer man will like are her high spirited and generous nature. The leading, as well as powerful character, will also help to draw the Cancer towards her.

Cancer – Taurus

Both Cancer as well as Taurus wants to have someone in their life who will look after them, spend all their time with them and will be of an affectionate nature.

They will be able to attract each other because of the sensitive personalities they have.

The friendly and affectionate nature that a Cancer man has will help to get the attention of a Taurus.

The other matching characteristics between them are that they both like simple things and are satisfied to have the company of select friends only.

Cancer – Gemini

The qualities in a Gemini man which will make a Cancer woman feel interested will be his vivacious nature, energy, enthusiasm, and sensitivity.

A Cancer woman is more inclined towards having a settled lifestyle while a Gemini man likes change in his life.

Such opposite natures can affect compatibility but can also help in building the relationship as quite often people with dissimilar characteristics complement each other very well.

By adjusting and making the effort to understand their partner they will be able to develop good compatibility.

Cancer – Leo

The nature of a Cancer man is such that he gets hurt by harsh language and is also a soft person.

Both search for appreciation, care and concerning partner which helps to increase compatibility for them.

A Cancer man will not have any problems adjusting to the dominating personality of a Leo woman.

The care and love that a Cancer man shows towards his partner will be the main reason why a Leo woman will like a Cancer man and agree to build a relationship with him.

Cancer – Virgo

The patience a Cancer woman has will help her to adjust to the fussy nature that a Virgo man has.

Being affectionate is common between them and will help them to develop greater bonding.

There will be something for the other to know from his or her partner in this relationship.

Cancer woman will let her partner know how to express himself and similarly he would be able to show her how to become more rational in her life and become mentally stronger.

Cancer – Libra

The common personality traits between a Cancer and a Libra are that they both are the kind of people who like to live a peaceful life and can not tolerate discord in their lives.

They have this quality by which they can easily understand the feelings of their partner which will be a very strong point in helping to build compatibility.

The balanced, open-minded, rational and practical nature of a Libra woman will easily draw a Cancer man towards her.

Cancer – Scorpio

The emotional nature that both these zodiac signs have will help them to build compatibility.

Due to their nature Scorpio men are able to provide lot of love and loyalty to their partner which will work as a positive factor in this relationship.

The nature of these zodiac signs is such that they will have plenty of passion and romance in the relationship and compatibility will strengthen between them.

The Scorpio mans desire for security and comfort in the relationship will be met by a Cancer woman helping to grow the relationship.

Cancer – Sagittarius

The personality of a Cancer man is such that he likes stability in his life and enjoys a smaller happiness of life.

A secure relationship is what he desires to have and will be happy to develop a family of his own.

By recognizing the positive qualities their partner has and appreciating them it would become possible for them to develop their compatibility and build a relationship.

The desire to have more freedom in her life that a Sagittarius woman has will have to be overcome at by the Cancer man so that they do not have problems in future.

Cancer – Capricorn

It is common for opposite natured people to attract each other and the same also applies in case of the relationship between a Cancer woman and a Capricorn man.

On one side a Cancer woman is a very emotional person who always takes her decision using her heart while on the other we have a Capricorn man who is practical by nature and thinks before making decisions.

The nature of these two zodiac signs is such that they both like loyalty and faithful behavior from their partner which will increase compatibility.

Cancer – Aquarius

The common thing between these zodiac signs is that they both are of a friendly nature.

There are things that both can learn from each other such as how an Aquarius woman can become more compassionate and how a Cancer man can utilize his intelligence to solve any issue.

The nature of a Cancer man is such that he looks for depth in a relationship and thus after he is in a relationship it is one which he has looked into very closely.

Cancer – Pisces

The good thing about this relationship is that they have very similar natures and are compassionate, emotional and sympathetic.

These similar characteristics will help a lot in building compatibility as well as making the relationship last. The broader outlook of a Pisces man will be helpful in drawing the attention of a Cancer woman.

Additionally, the romantic nature that the Pisces has will do a lot of good for the relationship. The warmth in the nature of a Cancer woman will be enough to get the attention of a Pisces man and attract him.