Cancer and Aquarius Compatibility

Cancer Woman and Aquarius Man

At the start of a relationship, the Cancer woman can appear to be indifferent to you, but once you insist and prove to her that you desire her as a partner, she will hopelessly fall in love with you.

The Cancer woman is dependent on the support of the one she loves, that is why during sentimental crisis situations, she will blackmail, chase, and manipulate. She is a vengeful woman if you play with her feelings.

The Aquarius man likes to be different from the rest of the world, that is why, if you want a relationship with this type of man, you should expect to do the craziest things in your life, especially when it comes to sex.

The ideal woman for him needs a high dose of madness to accept any proposal.

The Aquarius man falls in love intellectually, in the first place, after which he will want to start a relationship with you.

Common personality: wisdom, intelligence, deep thinking, novelty, technology, jealousy, hate, blackmail, quarrel. Cancer is a Water sign, and Aquarius is an Air sign.

Love, marriage, relationships: relationship based on passion and characterized by jealousy attacks from Cancer.

Cancer’s sensuality and romantic imagination will intrigue Aquarius, whose passions will be encouraged.

Cancer, Water sign is governed by the Moon, whilst Aquarius, Air sign, is guided by Saturn and Uranus.

Saturn is intellectual, calculated and structured, whilst the Moon is motherly, sensitive, which can generate a childish behavior.

Money, career, business: it would be advisable to keep your money separate, as Aquarius is a big spender, and the stingy Cancer will threaten him, which will lead to many quarrels.


    The Cancer man is an undecided and sensitive guy, even though he wants to project the image of a strong man that knows what he wants.

He wants a partner who will love him, and who he can count on. Unfortunately, in the relationship with the Aquarius woman, he will not achieve such a thing.

She is an idealist; her personal interests take the back seat. She sets brave goals, wanting to leave something behind, and she will not be hindered from achieving her goals.

Although at start, the words of the Aquarius woman might seem exciting to the Cancer Man, on the practical side, he will see that many of his needs will remain uncovered.

The Aquarius woman will not accept the Cancer man’s nervous breakdowns, nor his tendencies of domination.

The Aquarius woman is only responsible for the actions that interest her, while also having the bad habit of jumping from one thing to another, if while she is working on something, another more exciting or interesting project appears.

To the Cancer man, this will seem irresponsible, even if that is not true; she simply has different interests, that are not in harmony with his own.

The Cancer man is an individualist for whom details are extremely important; the Aquarius woman thinks by seeing the whole picture, for the collective good.

These are totally different perspectives, which don’t help the cohesion of the couple, at all.