Cancer and Leo Compatibility

Cancer man – Leo Woman

The Leo woman spends her youth in the lookout for a man who’s passion for life will challenge that of her own, but it might be possible that she will realize she is the strongest specimen of the zodiac, being better than men on her own ground – finally, realizing that those so-called charismatic type of guys, who she generally fell in love with, were full of empty words, or purely hotheads one must avoid.

Cancer, relaxed and cool as a cucumber, offers her the welcomed change.

He doesn’t want to dominate her, but rather be her consort, like a mythical prince married to a female monarch, coming from a matriarchal line.

She finds herself being protective of him, whilst also managing the daily life of their home.

However, in extreme situations, he will exercise his masculine authority, having the last word.

This only arouses her imagination even more, not to mention the thrill she is feeling in other parts of her anatomy.

The Leo woman owns Cancer’s second house, his material house, that of his money, possessions, properties as well as his personal goods.

Thus, he sees her as a person with substance, who, due to his loving support, will reach great achievements.

The lioness is a creative being, with an ambition to match, and with the help, he gives her, especially emotionally, her achievements will know no bounds. In turn, the native Cancer owns the 12th house of the native Leo, house of the soul.

He thus represents for her an invisible force, a guiding spirit in the flesh, and as he will finally admit, her soul-mate – indisputable.

Cancer is the least misogynistic of men, being extremely confident about his masculinity. This man is such a family guy, and he can manifest a kind of male fertility, being very open to procreate.

For the Leo woman, who never thought about sacrificing her career or her creative impulses in order to raise a child, the native Cancer looks like a messenger sent from heaven.

And if he will not play the role of the stay-at-home dad, he will still take care of all the problems, for the benefit of his children, because for the health and longevity of this connection it is essential for them to have children.

Cancer woman and Leo man

There can be a successful combination between the Cancer woman and the Leo man.

He manages to energize her, instilling her the energy needed to act, and she in turn will ensure the stability and calm he needs.

She is a fragile and submissive being, and he is happy to be able to protect and love her, because he feels admired and strong.

Her femininity and sensitivity enchant him and give him a sense of protection and generosity, he trusts her, and offers himself to her.

The native Cancer sees her partner as a knight in shiny armor, mature and energetic, wanting to find comfort at his chest, and true happiness in his arms.

The only problem that can arise, is the tentation of the Cancer woman to sometimes dominate the situation , and to pay her most attention to the children.

She must know to let him have the throne, acting out of the shadows, and constantly show him how much she appreciates him.

They are both romantics, sharing a taste for beauty, they are warm and feel the need to fully give their hearts.

As long as the native Cancer turns him into her personal hero, things will work out well.

She must believe in him enough to give up on the melancholy states she is so accustomed to.

The Leo man feels attracted by optimistic and happy people, who know how to fight in life, not by grumpy people who only see the half-empty glass.

In addition, with him around, she shouldn’t be anything other than happy and fulfilled.

They are a successful couple because they complement each other very well.