Cancer and Libra Compatibility

Cancer Woman – Libra Man

Cancer woman wants to attain harmony in life and remains as far as possible from discord.

Cancer woman has many similarities as well as dissimilarities with Libra man.

Both are good at understanding the feelings of the other partner and are aware of their needs. Cancer woman wants a peaceful life so does Libra man.

However, a Libra man is much more rational, practical, balanced as well as open-minded as compared to Cancer woman.

They can develop good compatibility by develop an understanding of what the other person wants and accommodating a few changes in their behavior also.

Cancer woman generally decides on something on the basis of their emotions and what they like about Libra man is their communication skills, in which a Libra man is very good.

Cancer woman wants their partner to be someone they can depend & rely on which is somewhat lacking in Libra man.

One negative aspect of their nature that can affect compatibility between them is that fact that Cancer woman likes to save while a Libra man is fond of shopping and spending his money on various things.

The other difference in their character is that Cancer woman is more sensible & practical as compared to a Libra man who is of carefree nature & lives by each day as it unfolds.

At time Cancer woman might not be able to express her feelings which can cause frustration in a Libra man and create problems in the long run.

The solution to this problem will be to increase the amount of communication they have.

Cancer Man – Libra Woman

The essence of a Cancer man is that he enjoys creating peace in things he accomplishes and chooses to stay away from harshness.

We find several similarities and also dissimilarities in the nature of a Cancer man and a Libra woman.

Both will be able to understand the feelings of their partner and needs they have thus successfully forming good compatibility with their partner.

In comparison to a Cancer man a Libra woman is lot more balanced, practical, open-minded & rational.

To develop compatibility what they will require will be knowledge of the requirements of the other person in their relationship and making some modifications in their own behavior.

Cancer man has the habit of taking his decisions based on emotions. They will like the communication power which is present in a Libra woman.

But Cancer man searches for someone on whom they can rely & depend which is not present in a Libra woman.

Another concerning thing is that a Cancer man likes to control his expenditures and save money but a Libra woman is quite different in this regard and likes shopping as much as she can without giving a thought to the expenditure involved.

We can see there are a lot of dissimilarities between them and another such opposite personality feature is that a Cancer man is practical and sensible by nature while a Libra woman has a carefree lifestyle.

Sometimes it can happen that a Cancer man finds it difficult to show or express his feelings and this can frustrate a Libra woman a lot and have a negative effect on their compatibility and relationship.

To solve what they will have to do is increase communication between each other so that they are able to better understand their partner.