Cancer and Pisces Compatibility

It is a relationship that can begin in an extremely pleasant manner for both partners because they are willing to support their partner and to express their love; they each understand their needs, in this sense, because they are similar.

Partners identify each other immediately, their feelings for one another being intense; both present emotional receptiveness and availability, however, they must take care to, at some point, not become a relationship based on complacency.

Pisces are more naive, fanciful, less objective than Cancer, who is more pragmatic, who knows what they want; in exchange for the permanent reinforcement of their feelings, of which Cancer has a great need, Pisces secures a home which Cancer will care for even if sacrifices must be made. In this relationship, Cancer is the most pragmatic, they must assume leadership.


The Cancer man enjoys posing as a strong, determined and hardworking individual in this sense, however, unfortunately, in reality, he is very unsure of himself, needing, without a doubt, positive reinforcement to express himself the way he wants; from the Pisces woman receives love and support, however, she too is quite naive and, most often, has her own view of reality which she refers to.

The Cancer male will succeed in attracting his Pisces partner by using the image he had created of himself, however, she could be disappointed the moment she realizes that he isn’t who she thought he was. She too needs a someone with a strong personality to support her in her moments of weakness, mental or physical.

Both the Cancer man and the Pisces woman have their low moments in which they can easily be knocked down. If these moments do not happen at the same time, then they will help each other get back on their feet.

They are not the type to socialize; if they can make the choice, they opt to spend their time together, withdrawn, loving each other.

When they socialize, they attract attention because both are charming and have that special something.

They are relatively adaptable, so they both compromise for one another. If the Cancer man looks after the household or, more often than not, the Pisces woman is a very good mother, the domestic responsibilities are very well distributed in this couple.

They have to pay special attention to the material side of their lives, it is an area in which they have many shortcomings, both can, however, learn together while cautiously measure each step they intend to make.


The Cancer woman is a great partner because she is interested in everything on the domestic side of life; she is not interested, more than most, in travelling, in flirts, even though she doesn’t dislike cacti. She enjoys taking care of her home and her family.

This is exactly what the Pisces male needs, a loyal woman, to build a stable life together. He is the kind to completely devote himself to a couple-type relationship, and because of that, it’s a disaster if his partner doesn’t share his need for stability in the relationship.

He is not the type to gossip, he isn’t even interested in what happens around him as long as it doesn’t affect him.

He enjoys the silence and he surrounds his partner with his love which makes him ideal for the Cancer woman, that needs to constantly be emotionally validated.

Due to fact that both are capable of accepting each other the way they are, trying, together, to adapt to one another, it may be said that it’s a pretty wholesome couple; they may encounter problems when it comes to the material side of life.

The Pisces man is fanciful, thus the Cancer woman must assume the pragmatic side of the couple.

The Pisces man completes a successful relationship; both are emotionally strong, act at an intuitive level and empathize with one another, their union establishing itself not only on a physical level, but at a spiritual level as well.