Cancer and Sagittarius Compatibility

Cancer Woman – Sagittarius Man

There are a few differences in the personality of Cancer woman and a Sagittarius man.

The Sagittarius is not known to be that attached to his home & family as is a Cancer woman and can become the main reason for misunderstanding between them.

Cancer woman wants to remain at home & take pleasure in family life while Sagittarius man likes to explore things around them and see the world.

The compatibility between them is affected by the fact that Cancer woman look for security and stability in a relationship while a Sagittarius man desires freedom in a relationship and have detached feeling which is very much opposed to the nature of Cancer woman.

The desire for independence will make Cancer woman feel insecure while a Sagittarius man will feel smothered because of excessive attachment from Cancer woman.

Clashes are bound to occur but they can still develop a relationship if they both make concerned efforts to understand the other person, accept if they do anything wrong and appreciate the positive qualities in the other person.

To make this relationship a success Sagittarius man will have to become more responsible towards life and create bonding with his home & family members.

Cancer woman will also have to change a bit and try to become more adventurous at times to make his partner feel better.

She will also have to control her suspicious nature and allow her Sagittarius partner to have more freedom in the relationship so that they build a long term relationship.

Cancer Man – Sagittarius Woman

We would like to start by pointing out the differences in their character which can be points for concern in a relationship between a Cancer man and a Sagittarius woman.

Misunderstandings are possible between them as a Sagittarius is less attached to her family & home in comparison to a Cancer man.

A Cancer man is more inclined towards family life whereas a Sagittarius woman is of outgoing nature and desire to explore new things and go to different places.

The compatibility will get affected because of the fact that a Cancer man wants to have more stability and security in a relationship while a Sagittarius woman looks for freedom in her life and is somewhat detached from her family.

The attachment a Cancer man tries to have with a Sagittarius woman will make her feel tied down.

Likewise, the desire for freedom present in a Sagittarius woman will make a Cancer man feel insecure.

As we can easily figure it out, clashes are likely in this relationship and to make it a success they will have to put in a lot of effort.

If both of them try to understand their partner and appreciate the good qualities he or she has then they can form a relationship.

Change is always a good thing and if a Cancer man changes himself and become more adventurous then his partner will start feeling better.

He will also have to give his partner more freedom in things she does. Similarly, if a Sagittarius woman shows more responsibility in her life and interest in her family then compatibility will develop.