Gemini and Cancer Compatibility

Gemini Woman – Cancer Man

Gemini woman do not share too many similarities with Cancer man. Due to these dissimilarities they can complement each other and nurture good compatibility.

Gemini woman is also flirtatious by nature which will make a Cancer man feel insecure & jealous.

Gemini woman will be able to impress Cancer man with their energy, enthusiasm and vivaciousness nature & also by their sensitive manners and unassuming charm.

However there are also a lot many differences in character which will create problems in building up compatibility between them.

Gemini woman will not be able to meet the expectations of care, love & attention desired by a Cancer man as these traits are not part of her character.

A Gemini woman has different interests which completely differ from those of Cancer man and if they have to succeed in a relationship then a lot of adjustments and compromises will be required from both ends.

Gemini woman is more mentally oriented and on the other hand Cancer, man is more emotional in nature. For Gemini woman variety in life is the most important thing but this very nature would make the Cancer man feel unsettled.

The other opposite factor between these two zodiac signs is that Gemini woman believes in reasoning & rational while Cancer man is more inclined towards sensitivity in life.

As we can see there is not much to create good compatibility between a Gemini woman and a Cancer man & if they will like to have a long term relationship then a lot many adjustments would have to be made by both of them to develop proper understanding and compatibility.

Gemini Man – Cancer Woman

Gemini man and Cancer woman have dissimilarities between them but these very dissimilarities could well result in developing compatibility for them.

What a Cancer woman will not like about a Gemini man will be his flirtatious nature and this will create a feeling of insecurity in her.

It is not that all is lost between a Gemini man and Cancer woman. A Gemini man will be successful in impressing a Cancer woman with his enthusiasm, his energy, vivacious nature & unassuming charm.

But it is a fact that they have quite a few opposite features which will create obstruction in their relationship.

One such problem they will face is that a Gemini man is not very caring and will not be able to give the amount of attention a Cancer woman desires in a relationship.

If they are successful in creating good compatibility and long-lasting relationship then it would only be possible by making adjustments in their behavior and adapting to a new situation that is likely to arise in their relationship.

Gemini man use more of their brain while a Taurus woman takes decisions from her heart which can also create conflicts between them.

Gemini man favors variety in things he does but a Cancer woman is not of the same nature and would start to feel insecure because of it.

Their way of thinking is also different where rational and reasoning is what a Gemini man believes in and a Cancer woman is more interested in sensitivity in her life.