Gemini and Capricorn Compatibility

Gemini Woman – Capricorn Man

Gemini woman and Capricorn man look at life differently from each other and most often move in different directions.

Gemini woman is normally impulsive by nature & cannot work according to predefined strategies while a Capricorn man works as per pre-determined goals & in a systematic manner.

Gemini woman finds it difficult to work under set rules while Capricorn man likes to follow rules and is quite careful in all the work he does.

Gemini woman is not comfortable working on something for a long time and this becomes truer if something is very dreary & dull.

This is opposite of the nature of Capricorn man who will continue working on a particular task even if it is very monotonous work.

So as we can see there are problems in the way of having the desired compatibility between Gemini woman and Capricorn man.

Now if we look at the positive aspects of this relationship, Gemini woman can teach him a thing or two on how to enjoy life and a Capricorn man can help bring some amount of seriousness & consistency in the life for Gemini woman.

Gemini woman will be impressed by dedication & determination a Capricorn man has towards their aims in life & will be able to make an impact on Capricorn man with their passion & enthusiasm towards life.

If they are serious about developing compatibility between them and make it a successful relationship then they will have to work hard as many of the personality traits are very opposite in nature and are bound to clash.

Gemini Man – Capricorn Woman

Gemini man and Capricorn woman have different ways of looking at life and are kind of people who generally walk in opposite directions in life.

The difference in their nature is reflected in the fact that a Gemini man is impulsive and does not work with a pre-planned strategy but on the opposite, a Capricorn woman has a systematic way of doing things and also likes to follow predetermined steps.

Gemini man is not the kind of person who works according to rules while a Capricorn woman adheres to defined rules and works very carefully to get to her goals in life.

Due to their nature, Gemini man cannot continue to work on something at a stretch and stop working on it even faster when it is something very dull.

On this point also Capricorn woman is quite different as she will continue her work until it finishes even when it is monotonous work.

So we can easily figure out that there are very clear and visible problems between these zodiac signs and compatibility will be difficult between them.

Before we conclude let us also look at some positive factors of their character.

In this relationship, both persons get the scope of learning something from their partner such as a Gemini man can show his Capricorn partner how life is to be enjoyed and she, in turn, can teach him to be more serious and consistent in things he does.

Gemini woman will get attracted by the determination & dedication a Capricorn woman puts into her work.

Similarly, a Capricorn woman will like the enthusiasm & passion a Gemini man has for life.

Overall there are many differences in their character which are bound to clash and make it difficult for them to form a relationship.