Gemini and Pisces Compatibility

Gemini Woman – Pisces Man

Gemini woman is always open to new opinions and notions which is also found in Pisces man.

Gemini woman like to think in practical terms about everything while this is not the same with Pisces man.

Gemini women have very less emotional bonding to anything which will work against compatibility between these two zodiac signs as Pisces man are more emotional and want someone in their life who will care for them.

Communication might also be a problem in this relationship as Gemini woman love to talk and are able to easily express their thoughts which a Pisces man finds difficult to do.

Gemini woman will not be able to provide the emotional stability that Pisces man looks for in a relationship because of their outgoing nature and desire for freedom and this will create a sense of insecurity in a Pisces man.

Gemini women are also very rational in their approach to everything in life whereas Pisces man lives in a world of dreams where everything is set correctly. Such a nature will be hard for Gemini woman to understand and adapt to.

The positive factors in Pisces man that will draw Gemini woman towards them will be their wisdom and how to be more sensitive.

Gemini woman like more freedom in life and on the other side Pisces man likes someone to create a long term bonding and companionship.

Such opposite features in personality are going to make it difficult to develop compatibility between them.

As we can see there is not great amount of compatibility between these two signs and would need a lot of conscious effort to continue the relationship.

Gemini Man – Pisces Woman

A Gemini man accepts new opinions and suggestion which is the same for a Pisces woman also.

Gemini man has a practical outlook when he interacts with other people but this is not found in a Pisces woman.

The other contrasting thing about them is that a Gemini man has fewer emotions as compared to a Pisces woman who is a lot more emotional and looks for someone who will look after her.

There will be problems in proper communication between them as a Gemini man is good in communication skills which cannot be said about a Pisces woman who finds it difficult to express her thoughts.

Gemini man has outgoing nature and like freedom in life which will affect their compatibility.

Such nature will not give the emotional stability desired by a Pisces woman and she will start to feel insecure in their relationship. The rational and dreamy nature of Gemini man and Pisces woman will also clash often.

The encouraging about this relationship is that a Gemini man will get attracted towards wisdom and sensitivity that a Pisces woman possesses.

The completely opposite natures that these two have will, however, make it very difficult for them to form any long-lasting relationship.

As it might be clear from the points mentioned above, it is going to be a difficult task for a Gemini man and a Pisces woman to build compatibility and a relationship that will continue for a long time.

If they are really interested in the other person then they will have to adapt to new situations and work accordingly.