Gemini and Scorpio Compatibility

Gemini Woman – Scorpio Man

Gemini woman and Scorpio man are quite opposite in nature and their personal characteristics.

Gemini woman has flirtatious nature while a Scorpio man is more committed in a relationship.

A Scorpio man is quite possessive & will feel jealous because of this nature of Gemini woman.

Gemini woman likes to be part of a social setting while Scorpio man likes privacy.

To develop compatibility between them they will have to really work very hard as Gemini woman are careless by nature, self-centered & impatient while a Scorpio man is dominant, possessive & jealous by nature.

Gemini woman will not like the jealous & suspicious nature of Scorpio man and he will not look positively at her carefree & reckless behavior. They will have to make a lot of compromises and adjustments if they want to make this relationship continue.

Gemini woman has a dual nature and appears fickle & prone to whims which will create problems in a relationship with Scorpio man.

The positive aspect about Scorpio man that will attract Gemini woman is that they are very loyal by nature and you will find them by your side whenever you will need them.

Gemini woman likes talking while on the other hand, a Scorpio man avoids conversations as much as possible.

Some of the positives between the two are that they both like to explore the mysteries of life and like sharing their intelligence with each other.

In this relationship, you can expect a lot many intelligent conversations between Gemini woman & Scorpio man.

But to have good compatibility they surely will have to work a lot as many of their personality traits are quite opposing in nature and can easily create conflicts in a relationship.

Gemini Man – Scorpio Woman

It is worth mentioning in the beginning that the nature of a Gemini man and that of a Scorpio woman are very much the opposite.

Gemini man has a flirtatious nature and on the opposite, a Scorpio woman likes commitment in every relationship.

The flirtatious nature of a Gemini man will heighten the possessive nature of a Scorpio woman and make her feel jealous.

Gemini man is quite sociable while a Scorpio woman likes to have a more private life.

The other points about their nature are that a Gemini man has a careless nature and is very impatient.

A Scorpio woman is possessive, jealous & has a dominant personality. Both will have problems with the personality of the other person.

A Gemini man will feel annoyed because of the jealous nature of a Scorpio woman and she will dislike the reckless & carefree nature of a Gemini man.

The other difference between them is that a Gemini man wants to communicate with others while a Scorpio woman tries to avoid conversations.

To make the relationship a success they will need to make changes in their behavior.

One favorable thing about this relationship is that a Scorpio woman is very loyal and this is the quality which a Gemini man will like in her. A Gemini man will see her by his side whenever he will need her and this will be a great factor that will improve compatibility.

The other positive thing in this relationship is that they are the type of people who want to share their intelligence with others and explore new things.

But surely they will have to work and correct the problems they have in their nature to build a good relationship.