Leo and Capricorn Compatibility

Leo Woman – Capricorn Man

Leo woman is emotional & warm by nature and like to live life with sophistication and class.

On the other hand, a Capricorn man is quite opposite in nature where he favors a reserved & detached life with very fewer emotions.

He is also a person who has a simple down to earth attitude but hardly trusts anybody.

There are other opposite factors in their nature where a Leo woman wants to spend money as she desires and a Capricorn man likes saving for the uncertainties of life.

However, they have many matching positive factors also which help in developing compatibility such as loyalty & commitment which exists in people of both zodiac signs.

They will have to adapt to give more breathing space to the other person to create a stronger bonding in their relationship.

Since there are a lot of opposite personality traits in the characters of both signs, a lot of adjustment will be required from both ends to make this relationship a success.

Leo woman will have to learn to control their extravagant as well as aggressive nature.

A Capricorn man has to learn that his Leo partner wants to be the center of attraction in whatever she does & let her be so which is not the same with him where he lives a simple life & is not bothered about the limelight.

If they can understand other partner’s viewpoints and adjust then a good relationship can develop.

They will have to utilize their positive points to build the relationship.

Leo Man – Capricorn Woman

A Leo man by character is an emotional and warm natured person who likes to live and enjoy life.

On the opposite side, a Capricorn woman likes to have a reserved life style and shows very fewer emotions.

Capricorn woman also has a simple attitude but rarely trust anyone. One of the opposite characteristics of their nature is that a Leo man is more inclined towards spending the money he has whereas a Capricorn woman wants to save as much as she can.

There is a good number of similarities also present between them such as commitment and loyalty which will improve compatibility between them.

They would be able to strengthen their relationship if they are able to provide the other person more freedom to do things their own way.

Since the relationship between a Leo man and a Capricorn woman has a lot of dissimilar factors, they will need to make a lot of adjustment to make the relationship work.

On his part, a Leo man will have to control his aggressive and also extravagant nature.

A Leo man likes attention and becomes the main person while doing any work, Capricorn woman will have to accept this fact and adjust accordingly so that problems do not arise in their relationship.

This kind of nature is also opposite to the kind of life she desires which is relatively simpler to that of a Leo man.

Both will have to concentrate on the positive points of the other person and develop the compatibility and relationship around those positive factors & put in efforts to rectify the common problems they have between them.