Leo and Sagittarius Compatibility

Sagittarius Woman – Leo Man

Sagittarius woman is known for their energy, vigor & enthusiasm and these qualities are also found in a Leo man, helping develop compatibility between the two.

In a relationship with a Leo man, Sagittarius woman will be able to bring laughter and humor into life with her playful nature.

The other factor which helps to improve the bonds between them is the personality trait of positive attitude in life they both have.

One point which will create problems between the two is that a Sagittarius woman has a flirtatious nature which a Leo man will not be able to accept.

A Leo man generally gets attached with his partner in a relationship and such behavior of Sagittarius woman will hurt a Leo man.

Another thing that is opposite in nature between the two is that a Sagittarius woman likes to have more freedom in her life and a Leo man is possessive & jealous by nature and will not accept her need for freedom in their relationship.

However, the characteristics such as being adventurous will keep the bonding alive and exciting with least chances that monotony will set in.

Both are also appreciative of the qualities another person has and this will also help to develop compatibility between the two.

Another advantage they have is that both like socializing & communicating with other people which will help them develop a better understanding.

Sagittarius woman will also be able to draw attention of a Leo man towards them with their fun-loving, cheerful, vivacious and passionate nature.

We can conclude to say that the relationship will be a success because of so many positive factors.

Sagittarius Man – Leo Woman

The features of a Sagittarius man are his vigor, enthusiasm & energy. These same qualities are also found in a Leo woman thereby helping to increase compatibility and chances of a good relationship.

The attractive thing in a Sagittarius man that will draw a Leo woman towards him will be his humorous & playful nature.

Both are persons with a positive attitude which will also help them in building compatibility.

One concerning factor in this relationship will be the flirtatious nature of a Sagittarius man which a Leo woman will find hard adjusting to.

A Leo woman is too attached to her partner and such flirtatious nature will hurt her a lot.

One of the characteristics of Sagittarius man is that is like his freedom whereas a Leo woman has a possessive as well as jealous nature.

She will not accept the need for freedom that exists in a Sagittarius.

The characteristic such as inclination towards adventure will help to keep the relationship exciting and they will not have monotony in their relation.

The appreciative nature both have will also help in making the relationship interesting for them.

They also like to socialize with others and are good in their communication skills which will be a plus point for them.

We can say that there is good likelihood that the relationship between a Sagittarius man and a Leo woman will succeed and whatever minor problems they have between them will be easily solved because of their cooperative nature and desire to make the relationship a success.