Libra and Aquarius Compatibility

Libra Woman – Aquarius Man

The Libra woman is charming, she likes to work in the world of men, she knows that she can seduce anyone and everything she sets out to do can lead to success.

 You can seduce this type of woman relatively easily only if you have good manners at a high level .

She likes to go out in society so we recommend you not to be stingy if you want her to appreciate you more, plus she has extensive knowledge about all. 

The man born in Aquarius is a friendly, sociable man, open to the new,but he’s the kind of person who thinks he’s always right.

 Aquarius likes to be different from the rest of the world, so if you want a relationship with such a man, expect to do the craziest things in your life, especially from a sexual point of view.

Aquarius is involved in many volunteer activities, he likes to help the world with what he does.

Common personality: trust, wisdom, intelligence, intuition, imagination, nonconformism, with inclinations to talk about other people. 

 Love, marriage and relationships are based on feelings of loyalty and characterized by respect, which will make this relationship last.

 Your first date is intense and exciting. Aquarius likes to be the center of attention, and Libra is established as withdrawn. 

Therefore, this astrological combination is under the sign of communication, of entertainment and will make the two partners give up principles and borrow from each other traits.

 Libra is a cardinal sign, so he will seek to take control, and Aquarius, being a fixed sign, will channel all his energy to complete what Libra will begin.

 Jealousy, if it appears between you, will be a real test. If you get over the possessive attitude, everything can work well.

Aquarius Woman – Libra Man

The relationship with a Libra man is under the sign of perpetual negotiation, but above all, it is a perfect match.

 When you meet, you instantly feel that you are destined to stay together.

However, from this solid relationship based around you, you can not escape, you have to sit and fight for every little detail.

. It could be said, without much exaggeration, that between you, the struggle for power does not end, although it is never an open one.

 To outsiders, you are the couple like in the movies, the couple who do not quarrel… but no one surpasses the Libra man when it comes to emotional terrorism.

However, there is nothing between the two of you that cannot be resolved at the psychological level – that is, talking until you get upset or you make peace.

Negative aspects:

 Extremely few, there is full compatibility between you and Libra. Possible roughness may arise from the different way he looks at your relationship and his expectations about it.

 As a big fan of individual freedom and a hippie attitude towards relationships and feelings, the Libra man is not so determined to keep his freedom above everything else.

 Believe it or not, he is the one who wants your relationship to work the most, while you are not afraid of a possible failure. 

More worrying for you is Libra’s habit of flirting left and right. He doesn’t do it seriously, he just wants to test his power of attraction, but that annoys you.

Positive aspects:

 There is a huge emotional potential between you, from which you will benefit both individually and as a couple. 

You are both ruled by the Air element, which means you have common views on most things. 

When you connect your minds, in your endless discussions, magical moments take place, 

Conflicts, inherent in any relationship, are naturally resolved, and no matter how much you argue, you always come to terms because nothing is more beneficial to your relationship than the fact that you are both extremely willing to talk.