Libra and Capricorn Compatibility

Libra Woman – Capricorn Man

There are few things that match between Libra woman & Capricorn man and few that do not.

Libra woman is the kind of people who like interacting with people and are of extrovert nature.

They start to feel bored if not among people or do not have someone to communicate with.

On the opposite side, a Capricorn man is a bit self-centred by nature and of serious nature.

With a little amount of effort, they would be able to complement the other, build good compatibility & have harmonious relation.

A Libra woman will be able to handle the social obligations and a Capricorn man will take care of security in the relationship.

If they show perseverance & patience then they would be able to develop compatibility which will result in a good relationship.

Libra woman is good at expressing their feelings which they do not find in a Capricorn man and this will lead to differences between them.

If they are able to form mutual bonds then they will be assured of having their partner with them at all times to help them and guide them.

Libra woman will like the stability in his attitude but there would be problems if he tries to overdo it.

The compatibility will be affected by the fact that they have more characteristics which are opposing in nature instead of being complementary.

Libra woman wants to explore new things, enjoy life & know other people while a Capricorn woman is of sombre nature which will likely create problems for them.

Libra Man – Capricorn Woman

The characteristic of a Libra man and Capricorn woman is such that many qualities of their personality match and many also exist which do not.

A Libra man is known to be extrovert and also a person who loves to interact with people.

Boredom creeps in into their life if they stop talking with people or do not have anyone to talk to.

Now if we look at a Capricorn woman we will find that she is a serious and self centered person.

It will be possible for them to build compatibility, form a harmonious relationship and complement each other if they try and put some efforts to understand the other person.

A good example of how they would be able to complement each other will be illustrated by the fact that their social obligations will be taken care of Libra man and maintaining security in their relationship will be the job of a Capricorn woman.

With patience and perseverance, compatibility will form between them and the consequent relationship will be successful.

The thing that a Libra man will not like about Capricorn woman is that she is not as expressive as he himself is and this can create some problems between them.

The stability in the attitude of a Capricorn woman will be liked by a Libra man but would create problems in case she tries overdoing it.

The excitement loving nature and eagerness to enjoy a life that a Libra man has will conflict with the somber nature of a Capricorn woman.