Mercury Retrograde in Pisces and Aquarius (February 17 – March 10)

Mercury’s first retrogradation in 2020 (February 17 – March 4)

On February 17 of 2020, Mercury enters retrograde in Pisces and exits retrograde on March 19 in Aquarius.

The water signs are emotional, sentimental, and the Pisces are full of sensibility and imagination, confusion, and feelings.

The compatibility between Mercury and Pisces is difficult, and it will become even more challenging once Mercury enters retrograde.

With Mercury retrograde in water signs (Pisces and Aquarius), we can expect revisions of unconscious emotional patterns of thinking.

Consider this – Mercury is intellectual, analytic, and precise, while Pisces is vague, reflective, and sensible – so Mercury feels challenged here.

Luckily, despite this difficult host for Mercury, there are many ways we can take advantage of this combination!

With Mercury in Pisces, you are also more sensitive and emotionally affected. The feelings tend to take control of each of your aspects, and what you feel can represent a stronger motivation for your actions.

Logic and judgment are not at home, and the verbal communication doesn’t always work clearly – similar to Mercury in Sagittarius (another sign where Mercury is detrimental) but, instead of being loud, flaunty, and brutally honest, here in Pisces you can be vague, and you can have a hard time choosing the right words.

Just think a bit more before you say what you are thinking, so you can avoid some stressful situations or misunderstandings.

Depending on the situation, Mercury can swim in murky waters in Pisces and can lead to emotional outbursts or conflicts, or it can offer an excellent opportunity to get in touch with your inner self, and to start deep and healthy discussions about your feelings.

The good news: Pisces is a reflective water sign, full of creativity and emotion, so if you are the artistic, creative, free spirit type, you are very lucky!

Mercury in Pisces does wonders for your imagination, and you can now create the most beautiful, colorful, and brilliant masterpieces!

Your thinking process is more romantic, prone to daydreaming, and even more spiritual, which means that you can activate your intuitive and mental skills.

If you are interested in supernatural or metaphysical things, such as tarot, reiki, or astrology, Mercury in Pisces can be the boost you need to start learning!

Pisces is also the most compassionate zodiac sign, and with Mercury here for such a long time, you can also be more connected to this energy and mood to show, give, and receive more love, empathy, and support.

Altogether, we should use this great opportunity to get in touch with our emotions and to improve the way we express them.

When Mercury exits Pisces, on March 4 of 2020, you will surely have a new perspective about your spiritual side and the way you can flex your creative muscles. Everything works in our favor in Cosmos!

Mercury retrograde in Aquarius (March 4 – 10)

During this period, it is very important to remember that you need more time for yourself to relax. 

Because it resides in Aquarius, a sign that governs technology, friendship, and the exchange of ideas, Mercury will have a stronger impact on these aspects. 

Mercury retrograde, although it puts us in less pleasant situations, finally has a noble, paramount purpose in the evolution of each of us: it forces us to reevaluate our plans for the future, especially the long-term ones.

Aquarius represents the wishes and dreams for the future, but also the group of people – relatives, friends, colleagues, collaborators, etc. 

Rest gives you peace, and it helps you approach differently any interactions with those around you.

This way, you can avoid any tensions that could occur in the communication and negotiation sectors during the following period.

You will probably feel a lot of frustration during the Mercury retrograde period. You will have less optimistic days, which will dim your mental competency and the desire to act. Don’t let the wave carry you away. 

Always remember that there are solutions. You need to be ambitious so that you can see everything that is happening from different angles and perspectives.

How the zodiac signs will be affected by the first Mercury retrograde of 2020:


Mercury retrograde will make the people born in the Aries sign weight what they give and what they receive in exchange. This brief analysis will determine a change in attitude towards certain people. If until now, they ignored everything related to debts, payments, and loans, they will not be able to do the same from now on.


Taurus needs to pay attention to details when it comes to signing some important contracts, and if they want to make a profit, the people born under this zodiac sign need to play up their negotiation skills. They might witness some truths that will come out, and things will become more exciting.


It is time for the Gemini to reorganize their lives, and Mercury retrograde will help them in this regard. It is the best period to reflect on certain things and to make small changes, which means that, for Gemini, Mercury’s influence will be positive, although it could slightly turn their lives upside down.


For Cancer, Mercury’s apparent retrograde motion in Pisces means a return in the past to those hobbies they no longer paid attention lately.


A series of childhood problems will come back in the life of Leos during this period. Although it will not be easy for them, this situation will help them get rid of those emotions they fought for a long time. They will learn how to leave everything behind and move on, no matter what.


The Virgos need to be very careful at what they say, at the little gossip and mean remarks. All these can turn against them because of Mercury’s retrograde motion. If they treat everything with maximum responsibility, they can avoid any tense situations.


Mercury retrograde affects the financial sector of Libras. The people born in this zodiac sign must make more calculations to see if it’s worth or not wasting great amounts of money on certain things. What they can and cannot afford? What do they spend money on each month? These are just two of the questions Libras will seek an answer.


Scorpios will have a moment of honesty when they want the people around them to know them as they truly are. Mercury retrograde offers them the necessary courage to quit wearing any masks.


For Sagittarius, the influence of Mercury retrograde will have, in particular, a spiritual impact. They will be more sensitive, they will learn how to forgive, and they will be forgiven in turn.


Mercury retrograde can affect Capricorn’s friendship relationships. They can discover less pleasant things, and no matter what they do, they cannot control the situation. The best thing they can do is to let things happen on their own.


Until March 10th, Aquarius will go through a very hectic period. It is time to finish what they started, and if they have not decided what professional path to take, now they can receive a sign that will help them make an inspired choice.


All kinds of changes will appear in the life of Pisces. Some of these changes they will make on their own, while other changes they will need to accept.