Mercury retrograde in Scorpio 2019 : October 31st – November 20th

This year on October 31 Mercury stations retrograde at 27° Scorpio . It will stand retrograde until November 20 when it will establish direct at 11° Scorpio.

For three weeks, Mercury retrograde allows us to see and experience certain things from a completely different perspective. However, to move forward, we first need to “go in the past and clarify things”.

We should not forget that Mercury is “the soul guide”, and the retrogradation period can show us the way to our souls.

The retrogradation starts in October, in Scorpio – a sign that represents, more than any other sign, hidden things, wishes, and passion.

Mercury retrograde in this area will determine us to be more introvert, to analyze our thoughts and feelings – and maybe to discover (or to accept) certain desires we’ve hidden or blocked until now.

The tendency to manipulate other people will be emphasized, but – in most cases – this will turn against the one who tried to do it.

This is how Mercury’s transit in Scorpio will influence the signs, starting from October 31:


Mercury retrograde in Scorpio affects the fifth house of the horoscope, the house of love, children, and personal creativity. Issues and inconveniences in communication will occur. This is a period to review the romantic relationships, to reestablish the relationship with the children, to launch creative projects, and to stimulate mental and creative energy.


This retrogradation will influence your family, past, and home, offering emotional safety and stability. This retrograde transit is ideal for making plans to redecorate the house, and for changes that you can apply after the Mercury retrograde period.


Mercury is the astral guide of Gemini, and Mercury retrograde in Scorpio brings problems related to pride and important functions, it adjusts the behavior and nuances personal actions, but it also facilitates conflicts with other people. It is possible to be more confused in communication, you might be rather unclear in discussions, and send vague messages to the people close to you, or misunderstand certain words, so be careful.


Mercury affects the financial area, the bank account, and the cash of everyone. It is the best time for certain investments because you can develop a business plan, and also think of how to invest what you’ve earned, and understand more clearly what skills you need in the future to make money. You should pay attention to all your financial decisions, and how you spend your money.


This retrograde planet will impede some of your actions. The mistakes in your private relationships become more visible now, with the role of solving them. You will understand better that excessive pride harms any type of relationship.


Mercury retrograde in October of 2020 will resume, for three weeks, a matter related to papers, official documents, or a sale, purchase, or rental contract.


This retrogradation will make you more cautious, more circumspect, and more willing to correlate the actions you take with the legal framework that regulates them. In the next three weeks, you can submit your application for selections, judging and awarding events, and you can sign up for different types of professional knowledge assessments to obtain diplomas and certificates.


Mercury in Scorpio will bring back in discussion older, unsolved issues of financial nature, or it will make you recalculate things to figure out how you can honor your promises or the ongoing projects.


Mercury will instill the healthy need to reflect more when you will need to decide or to get involved in a matter. In the following three weeks, it is advisable to review your decisions.


The retrogradation of this planet facilitates confusion regarding the direction you should follow in a matter with many secrets, enigmas, or truths that cannot be said out loud.


Mercury introduces a note of doubt or mistrust towards a friend. You will want to nuance the promises you’ve made to some acquaintances or following some information that revealed another side of their intentions.


Mercury retrograde in October of 2020 will offer you the possibility to analyze, for three weeks from now, a professional offer that you received some time ago, or to take into consideration an alternative to your current social situation, on which you postponed to take a decision.

 Things you should avoid during the Mercury retrograde periods:

  • Trips : If you have to go on a trip, you need to check all the details before leaving. Especially those related to route, tickets, hotel booking, and insurance. Moreover, pay attention to money and papers!
  • Buying electronic products and cars. However, if you have to buy them, check for hidden defects and the warranty!
  • Home relocation
  • Signing contracts
  • Launching new businesses or projects
  • Making major decisions (marriage, divorce, changing the job, etc.)

Things you should do during Mercury retrograde periods:

  • Redo, renegotiate, or remediate ongoing projects or businesses;
  • Reconcile with people you fought with;
  • Reestablish relationships and launch with former collaborators a project or a business;
  •  Fix, remodel, or remake broken things;
  • Organize your documents;
  • Make copies after important documents;
  • Backup data from your computer or phone because when Mercury is retrograde, computers and phones get damaged more often;
  • Send letters or parcels in good time because the postal or courier services are also affected by the retrograde transit of Mercury.