Mercury Retrograde June 2021 – How will affect your zodiac sign

When does mercury go retrograde in 2021?

In 2021, Mercury will be in retrograde 3 times :

These periods are great for writers, who can now go back and polish off written material. It is now easier improve the material with detachment when proofing, rewriting and revamping. This typically leads to a better result.

Fun things to do during july is to watch newscasters on TV make fun blunders, clip out news items where the typos give the story a hilarious, new tone.

Overall, these three week periods are great for getting caught up with paperwork, and mundane, routine chores. Return phone calls from months ago, etc.

Chances are that you get to leave a message rather than communicate in person. Should you opt to buy something with wiring then keep the receipts handy or buy adequate replacement insurance.

What does mercury in retrograde mean?

Mercury is the busy-body planet of the zodiac, patience and caution are not his strong-suit, that really comes to the forefront during these three week periods that occur at 4-month intervals, during a typical year we experience three periods.

Unless we take the time to plan and consider with care or even postpone things until a more opportune time, we invariably find ourselves re-doing, revising and revamping

The retrograde periods are good for any action that is preceded with the prefix re. That is to redo, rethink, revise, rewrite, realign, revamp, renovate, and my personal favourite repair (not a prefix word) especially things like cars, wiring and computer equipment.

These are not good times for buying cars, computers or anything else with wiring.

Neither are these good times for signing on the dotted line, as errors in thoughts, writing or plans will likely emerge. These are, however, excellent times for perfecting projects already in motion.

The day of the retrograde station (the first one) and the day preceding it are good for sending out promotional material, notices of sales to be launched with the direct station (the last day on the list).

The day of the direct station is also good for mailing out advertising for increased results.

The worry is that if material is prepared during the retrograde period, then it may come out with delightful typos, just make sure the monetary amounts at least are correct or you may be looking at a costly mistake.

How to use the June 2021 Mercury retrograde period for positive things

Mercury goes Retrograde in Gemini on May 31 and ends on 21 june .

Gemini is about our values and assets, the hard work of this zodiac sign now has to yield monetary or alike rewards. Not status but something that will feed us and our sense of self. Gemini deals with material, such as money, food, and the good things in life.

Gemini is about growing things, providing nourishment so that what has been sown can flourish. Gemini is steady progress whatever is cultivated with this energy needs to be rewarding, satisfying and worthwhile.

The June 2021 Mercury retrograde period involves the element of fire. Fire, of course, is associated with inspiration, taking action and getting excited about new opportunities.

Patience is required to navigate through these small hindrances that truly only have nuisance value. We need to speak and listen with more care, so we don’t allow misunderstanding to enter the equation.

How Mercury Retrograde Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

From May 31 to june 2021 , Mercury turns retrograde in Gemini.
This retrograde motion will affect the following zodiac signs: Leo, Cancer, Gemini and Sagittarius.

Also, Mercury rules the Gemini and Virgo signs and we know these two sun signs will be affected.


During June 2021  the issues pertaining to the 6th house, which is associated with work, chores and health, as well as acquiring and honing practical skills and learning to cope with the practical side of life, are the issues that need to be addressed.

In order to survive we need to have a set of skills, to cook in order to feed ourselves or at least know how to provide nourishment to ourselves.

We need to know how to pay our bills, secure services we need and all kinds of practical mundane skills – common sense can go a long way, but in order to cultivate that sensibility we need to have learned basic coping skills.

Co-workers are defined by this house, and while the influence is in this area of our lives it may be the time to learn to understand your co-workers and accept the things that cannot be changed and learn to take practical steps in order to work toward solutions with these relationships that can be improved.


The affairs of the 5th astrological house come into focus now. This place in the chart houses our children, whose affairs can become of concern for you, both positive and negative. The duality of life does extend beyond black and white.

Your role may be to dole out practical sound advise for them in order to teach them lovingly to handle life’s ups and downs in a more matter of fact fashion, rather than simply allow events to control their lives.

Creativity lives here as well, it is the off spring of our mind – whether you have always desired to paint, write or create ‘masterpieces’ with your hands out of wood, metal or cultivate that perfect garden or even a scrap book – now is the time to apply the skills of your hands and mind to make something creative that gives you a sense of satisfaction.

This is also the area of life where we need and desire to have fun and to PLAY. We need to balance all facets of our lives in order to feel content. This is the time to create contentment in your life.


The 4th house is our home, family and our roots. It represents our need for security in terms other than money – what is it you need in order to feel safe?

The people of your home are those with whom you share an emotional bond, where your love is as close to unconditional as we can get.

On a mundane level this can be a period of renovations, moving or big shifts and changes within family. Children may leave the nest or move back in.

This is the area of life where we look after those we consider family. Now it is time to stand on your own two feet and make practical choices in order to move forward in life.

At this time you may find yourself contemplating your view of yourself as opposed to how you think others see you.

At the minimal this is the time when you spend more time in family-type activities than normal, maybe even the time you think of starting one.


The third house is our neighbourhood, siblings, cousins and our daily life. This is where we collect information, data and perceptions about our environment. This describes a naturally busy environment, and it now became even busier.

Going to school is a third house activity as is shooting the breeze with the neighbour, or chatting on the phone or these days on-line. This house represents how we communicate and get from A to B.

So now the issues that need to be addressed with a no-nonsense hands-on approach could be as simple as sprucing up the car or as complex as starting in a new educational institution. Before we can start anything we do need to analyze it, research the pros and cons and then make an informed decision.

A good time to mend any broken or strained relationships with sisters, brothers or similar individuals who used to be part of your daily life.


The issues of the 2nd house, which is about our money and possessions as well as our ability to look after ourselves and others under our care, is under careful consideration.
On an issue level we have to tend to our perceived worth both on the material and emotional level.

Time belongs to this segment of the chart, and with the earth emphasis we can no longer afford to fritter our time away, but we need to make the days and months count in order to produce emotional and financial sense of security.


It is about you, your attitude and physical body now as the 1st house and your Sun are influenced. The Sun, astrologically speaking, defines your life force, ego, energy, who you are becoming and defines the process of becoming self-aware in the course of this life time.

The earth signs, are all connected the material world through the five senses – you are sensual and the importance of enjoying good food, satisfying hobbies and pursuits, nature’s visual and nourishing bounty is part of your innate make-up.

Time to get that physical body in shape, put yourself first for a change and revamp your attitude and appearance.

This is an excellent time to start a healthier regimen. You know exercise, diet and relaxation time. A healthier you becomes a more vibrant you. This is one of those vibrant areas of life, the fire that fuels your entire being.


The 12th house is a private, and intimately personal area of life. This is the house where our baggage from the past has relatively free reign. This is where we face or ignore our fears, become intimately acquainted with our insecurities and often fail to recognize our innate strengths.

This is the astrological area that represents isolation, solace and respite from the hectic pace of our lives. The subconscious mind and our dream world belongs here, and when the cycles activate this area of our lives we need to address some of these issues.

It is also the segment in the annual cycle that defines the process of ending a period so we can launch a new year starting with our birthday about a month away.

Our collective set of symbols varies little between cultures, but the essence of symbols remains about the same. When we dream of cooking we are creating sustenance, and a nurturing atmosphere. When we dream of the Ocean it is to do with emotions. Learn about your own nature and coping mechanisms by paying attention to your dreams.


You get to tackle groups and friends second in the course of this cycle. Now it is time to enter the big world, re-start networking, make connections with people who share your interests and passion for making a difference. It is time to meet new people, and to form long-lasting bonds.

This represents the area of life where we address our long-term goals, our deepest desires and aspirations – those five-year plans or in this instance 7 year ones. Time to roll up the sleeves and bring some of these into reality by giving ideas form and a chance to mature into something worth owning or taking pride in.


The issues belonging to the10th house come under both internal and external impetus for improvement. The 10th house is where we deal with authority figures starting with the parents, and continuing through bosses and governmental bodies.

It is also the house of career and status. This astrologically speaking, represents the best we can be in terms of contribution to our family, community, country or the world.

This is the house that astrologers view with care to determine our worldly success, our climb on the corporate ladder or the ladder of life experiences.

During this time frame we need to learn how to improve what we have accomplished, work solidly toward attaining new rewards and goals, and putting our best foot forward.

Naturally enough this can also be a time frame where the dissatisfaction that has built up over time demands that we instigate changes so that we can have a career/status or avocation that feeds our inner goals.


The affairs and issues of the 9th house become focal. This is the house of higher knowledge, foreign travel and our views on life.

This house represents the area of our lives where we philosophize about life and life’s mysteries. Religion is the domain of this house, the intent is to learn about comparative religion in order to grow our own convictions and ideas.

This is the house where expand our horizons venture out there to learn something new about the part of life that does not exist in the familiar neighbourhood of our daily existence. In this house we question our existence and seek knowledge.

This is not faith for the sake of faith, or because that is what the doctrine states; this is where we develop our belief system. Politics are firmly held opinions thus belong to this area of our lives.

This is where make our initial connection with the world at large, the stage where we share that connection is the 10th house.

So many inter-weaving cycles, and now is the time to learn to connect some of those dots, remove those proverbial ‘blinders’ and review and revise our views.


The 8th house is the area of life where we encounter commitment to others, inevitable issues of life – death, taxes and elimination. We change dramatically in the course of our lives in this area.

The shifting cycles periodically bring this portion of our life into the fore-front. This is the house of joint resources and property, inheritance and insurance.

Let’s look at the elimination process as an example. If your septic field has ceased to function, calling the tanker guys in each monthly is a band aid solution, the existing field needs to be removed and a new one put in its place.

The human body is the same, we can only apply band aids for so long. When something has ceased to be of value or importance, it is no longer mutually inclusive – then it needs to be gutted and redone.

Committed relationships fall here as well, time to renovate, rejuvenate and to stay completely honest and open. House of secrets perhaps, but some of these we cannot afford to keep.

It is also the time to ensure that financial matters are in order, wills and insurance is up to snuff and that you continue to grow your shared assets and resources.


The all-encompassing word OTHERS is what astrology actually assigns to this 7th house of relationships. It is about partnerships at all levels not just about a marriage partner, but who we might choose to pick as our lawyer, accountant, grocer or business partner.

What is interesting about our relationships is that from a metaphysical or philosophical point of view – people we encounter and associate with are a reflection of both our strengths and weaknesses.

When we vehemently hate a characteristic in someone else, it is ultimately about ourselves and we have yet to own that trait, or have failed to let that part of our nature go.

Conversely when we idolize a trait in someone else we have yet to claim that characteristic as our own.

Others are a mirror which reflects our own image back to us. That is a difficult concept to own, your short comings are my short comings.

So now is the time to address these issues and your relationships with others in general. Easy to put into words, sometimes tougher to live through.