How Tarot Can Help You Learn More About Love Life

It is normal for a person in love to ignore good advice. For this reason, love tarot card readings are supposed to be approached with caution.

Most of the time, when you are learning to use these tarot love cards, you are either heartbroken or traumatized from a failed relationship.

When you don’t get an outcome that is favorable to your situation, you will pull more and more, leading to a confusing message.

This is why it’s important to read up about tarot card readings or trust a professional. You can even try freeastrology123’s 3 card tarot reading, if you are looking for an online reading.

1.   What kind of relationship reading you are interested in?

You should ask yourself whether you want to know about the past, the present, or the future of your relationship. The same number of cards is required in both readings.

Couple’s reading will be helpful to you if you want to know how each of you is feeling about the relationship, connection bringing you closer or forces separating you.

The first card represents you in the relationship; the second card shows the state of your relationship, while the third card will represent your partner.

What about if you want to know where your current relationship will take you if you stay?

The first card will represent your future; the second card will stand for the present while the third card will project your future.

 2. Clear Your Head

 Are you worried about the state of your relationship? You should first clear your head before attempting tarot reading.

In most cases, when you pull the cards without first clearing your head, chances are your worst fear will be projected on the deck.

Once you have cleared your head, pay attention to how you are shuffling the cards.

You can empty the old energy by first clearing the deck. For instance, you can toss the cards on the ground and try to mix them like a child playing with sand.

3.   Avoid Pulling More Than Three Cards For Yourself

Spirits do not always send you clear messages. They want the coded message to be unfolded to you with time.

By pulling more and more cards, it will make you clutter the message, thus the message becoming more harder for you to understand. 

Remember asking your parents that annoying question, “Are we there yet?” over and over again.

In the same case with spirits, you will irritate them by pestering and not giving an adequate offering.

Avoid shuffling the cards and pulling another reading for you to answer a second question concerning your love life.

Even if you don’t understand the answer you are given, stick with it no matter how complicated it may be.

With time, your third eye might open, and full wisdom will be unfolded to you.

Using Tarot to Shed Light on Your Love Life

By using tarot cards, it becomes possible to provide luminous insight into many aspects of your life, for instance, your relationship.

Card reading can’t manifest a perfect partner for you but they will guide you in the right direction.

1. Do you know who you are?

Using tarot cards, you can be revealed about your unique relationship styles by highlighting where your energy is now, and where you have been in the best relationship.

For you to become the person you are meant to be, you need to have relationships with different people at different junctures in your life.

2. Find Your Footing

Most people assume that just because you are alone or single, you are ready to bud a new romance.

It is best for you before entering into a new relationship; you work on your emotional frizz.

  You should consult the cards to know what you need to prepare for another fulfilling relationship. You know you are not over the previous relationship if you are continually thinking about them and the memories you had together.

Chances are you will take the aggression and the negativities to your new partner.

Ground yourself and study the card, reading about what you need to heal emotionally before committing yourself to another relationship.

3. Focusing On Your Desires

A unique and magical relationship will unfold between you and the deck when you learn to communicate with the cards.

Sometimes, you might not be seeking a romantic relationship, but a connection that will carry when you are going through the darkest times.

When you open your heart, cards will access your inner well of wisdom. But be careful as you might know what you never wanted to know, but tarot will guide you in the right direction.