How to Make Predictions About Love and Relationships Using Your Horoscope

Without a doubt, one of the most common questions in the world of astrology (as well as psychics) is “Will I ever find love?” The fact is, most people in the world are driven by love.

They either want to find new love, wish to work on their current one or want to understand what went wrong in a past relationship. 

It should come as no surprise then, that astrologers are inundated with questions about relationships, love, and romance.

Astrology is all about understanding the various nuances of the universe, and how those nuances can apply to the lives of people.

While astrologers might use different methods, the end goal is always the same, and that is providing their clients with the guidance they’re looking for. 

Most astrologers review birth charts and other types of astrological data and then determine a reading for their client.

You can think of it as reading a weather forecast. Astrologers are able to read charts, and then determine how specific planetary alignments/changes can have an impact on their client’s life. 

Obviously, when it comes to finding love, there are certain times that are more optimal than others.

This is where using an astrologer comes in handy. Astrologers will be able to tell you exactly when would be the best time for you to search for love (or work on your current relationship). Whatever your specific love-related problem is, you can be rest assured that an astrologer can help.

An example would be Kasamba’s love predictions, which can provide excellent predictions in regards to your future love interest(s).

Understanding the 7th House 

There are a few houses that directly correlate to love (in terms of astrological significance), and the 7th house is one of them (along with the 5th house).

The 7th house is where matters regarding serious love interests/relationships are found. This is in direct contrast to the 5th house, which is more about fleeting love (e.g. dating, flings, etc.).

On the other hand, the 7th house is all about serious relationships (i.e. marriage).

One of the most common ways that astrologers use the 7th house to conduct readings is by seeing where Saturn is in the chart.

If it turns out that Saturn is indeed in the 7th house, there’s a good chance that the client is focused more on finding a serious relationship/marriage than anything fleeting. 

Other forms of symbolism that can appear in the 7th house include the new moon and the planet Jupiter.

If you have a new moon in the 7th house, it means that you’re about to start a new period in your life (which could correlate with marriage).

Having Jupiter within the 7th house means that you will have good luck in the future. 

The 5th House: All About Love

Many people conflate the 5th and 7th houses into one shared house, but this couldn’t be anything further than what’s true.

The 5th house is more about fun, whereas the 7th house is more about marriage and long-term relationships. So, it should stand to reason that if you have a lot of planetary activity in your 5th house, the universe is most likely hinting that you should be enjoying yourself!

There are many different planets and systems that can interact with the 5th house, and cause all sorts of fun to happen. The 7th house can also have a direct effect on the 5th as well, with certain planets having inter-house effects on each other.

The dynamics are complicated (to say the least), which is why you should consult with an experienced astrologer (otherwise you’ll probably end up more confused than enlightened). 

Moons and the 7th House

There are quite a few different moon cycles that can impact one’s 7th house, but one of the more important ones is that of the “progressed” moon.

This type of moon is incredibly slow, taking upwards of 30 years to complete just one cycle. This means that when a change does occur (involving a progressed moon), it brings very significant changes into one’s life. 

For example, if a chart displays a progressed moon in someone’s 7th house, that’s a very sure sign that something major is about to happen in their romantic life.

In fact, it’s very, very common to have clients become engaged (or enter into a very serious long-term relationship) shortly after having their charts read (and noticing a progressed moon in the 7th house).