January 2021 Monthly Horoscope


If you are thinking of ringing the changes now a new year begins, this is a very good time to take a break but to do it gracefully.

According to your January 2021 horoscope, gradual alteration of your attitude is an excellent way to work with the energy of the time, which could be a complete reappraisal, or something as simple as a sort out of your wardrobe.

You are getting to grips with your personal power, realising that you have more clout than you ever knew and that you don’t have to make an unseemly splash to attract attention to yourself.


Venus making a handy pattern with you in the first part of January allows you to stretch out socially and widen your circle.

All too often it’s a compromise, having to fit the good times in around your work, but you are in a happy position now where you can combine the two.

Don’t wait for others to get in first. While you may be tempted to lay back and remain in lazy mode, never losing an opportunity to do nothing, if there’s a working situation you’ve always wanted to enjoy, this is the time to move toward it.


There’s nothing wrong with spectacular ambition, like the way you are feeling at the moment, as long as your plans don’t outstrip your capabilities. You have an underlying sense that there are things outstanding and much to get on with, but shoring up your social life is a very good place to start.

The Full Moon in your sign on the 8th is a definite occasion you can think of as your winter birthday – a date to circle in red. Altogether one of the best times in your whole year for a party, so best to let pleasure be its own therapy.

Times of transition can be tiring, but the position you are in now also offers scope for future freedom.

While you may not feel like tripping the light or in the mood for a mad social whirl, you can sit back soberly and appraise your prospects and decide what to do next. You have the potential to shape events now and by putting all your energies into the fight, you could prove a great deal, if only to yourself.

It’s only afterwards that you appreciate the effect and this postponed pleasure may still be enough to have you punching the air.


If it feels like your January 2021 is limping to a close, take heart, as an injection of vigour arrives mid-month to sustain and propel you into next year.

Mars making a helpful alliance is a time when otherwise irksome duties don’t seem so dolorous as you skim across the surface, taking everything in your stride.

This is perhaps not unusual for you, but the special space you occupy allows you to achieve long-term lightness. This present mood proves to be no three-day wonder, so start your imagination spinning now and get a ringside seat to watch it all come true.


This is a time to put some distance between you and the downs, looking up and appreciating what you have.

Everyone occasionally has hurts and regrets that take a while to recover from, and things that you wished had worked out some other way.

There is no excuse to nurse these knocks, however, with friendly Jupiter going through your sign bringing a glass-half-full feeling, and inner insulation that sustains you even when nothing much outwardly is occurring.

The only word of warning is to remember to exercise – you can always add inches in the wrong places.


Your artistic eye is in good shape, as usual, though you may be having more trouble grounding your plans and getting something concrete for your efforts.

Maybe in best Libran tradition, you should enter into collaboration with someone close, with you as creative director and let them take the lead when it comes to business.

Like no other sign, you have the power to become more with another person than you ever could be on your own. Working compromises are tested in the last week of January as Mars goes through your sign, but this should just give you extra impetus.


Whether you are after making a quick splash with your work or have a more extended game plan in mind, this is a time full of potential.

You have both the drive and the staying power to do something truly outstanding with your work and sooner or later your single-minded skill is going to get you noticed.

It’s also a great month for mixing, finding yourself a new social scene to get involved in, which could result in an unexpected introduction. These things are rarely planned, so cover all your bases and make sure you are ready for adventure at the least possible notice.


You rarely think ahead too carefully, preferring to take life as it comes and the suggestion that you should plan your life better is always good for a giggle

But, you seem to be setting some store by your savings and the possibility of future protection has suddenly taken your attention.

Could this be because you have found something, or someone, worth investing in and you realise that some serious security is a pulling point in any potential partner wish-list? You have as much business flair as anyone, and your intuitive nose gives you an edge where others least expect.


While things may be tough and you feel the ground shifting under your feet, you are simplifying your world without realising it.

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you feel you haven’t lived up to past unrealistic expectations, this is no time to add to your burdens by browbeating yourself.

You have a guiding star, which you are right to follow, regardless of what others without your virtuoso vision may tell you. All the current climate is doing is to ask whether you are serious about your intentions and how far are you prepared to go to see them through.


This January 2021, you have to do things your own way and people have to know it. You feel that if you can’t change now, you will be confined to a world of mundane mediocrity, so it is imperative that you make that break.

Some people may disapprove of your new revolutionary vibe, but they probably don’t realise how deep-seated is your desire to escape at the moment.

This is the culmination of a simmering phase of reluctant acceptance that should break out in a tidal wave of self-expression. Freedom can be hard work too, but you are willing to meet the cost.


The most crucial time of this month comes at the very end when the whirlwind planet Uranus re-enters your sign on the 30th.

This is the signal that at last, you are able to do things your own way, or not at all, and that people around you had better know it is time for a change. You are feeling pretty assertive all round and having a pet project planned to pour your precious powers into will boost your cause no end.

Take it to the max, for the climate is such that you can ground your new-found rebellion in the most practical and positive ways.