July 2019 Love Horoscope


When it comes to love, emotional Venus and Mars enhance your need for roots, and loving desire is strong on the domestic front. You’d better cancel the plans you made for a party on Juy Julyl 6th 2019. You and your mate will want to be alone. Privacy is a necessity, in fact.

If you’re looking for love, it’s because you need someone to love. Right now, you don’t care if it is a good union, just one that offers togetherness. July 12, 23 and 26 are your best days to find someone who can calm you.


When it comes to love, Taureans are feeling rather than thinking this month, as your ruling planet, Venus, and passionate Mars enter the third house of communication. A major challenge may unsettle you on July 20. You could find that something that sounded exciting isn’t. You and your mate agree, “That’s what we get for placing too much importance on tangibles.”

If you are looking for love this month, you are using timeworn lines that may no longer work. Update your repertoire before the weekend. This could be special.


When it comes to love, caring Venus and unsubtle Mars enter your second house of personal resources. If you haven’t been looking too deeply at your union, they won’t let you continue that posture. Make contact. If you can’t motivate yourself to do it, your mate will urge you to action. Tuesday could be enlightening, and Sunday downright confusing.

Geminis who are looking for love are wired, and searching with a short attention span. It’s going to take someone who radiates excitement to get you to land. Your best days are July 10 and 22. That’s a time when opposites attract.


This is a beautiful and romantic time for Moon Children. A caring Venus and a passionate Mars put a sexy aura around your first house of self-image. The first weekend could be exciting. You’ll find time for affectionate closeness, but still get the yard work done.

If you’re looking for love, you’re somewhat impressionable this month. The good news is that you radiate sensuality because Mars puts you in an excitable mood. Friday’s Full Moon creates chaotic conditions. You could be drawn to someone who ordinarily wouldn’t attract you.


Pleasure loving Venus and passionate Mars enter your twelfth house this week. When it comes to love, your unconscious fights the desire to hide sensitivity and hurt feelings, while your ego wonders if love is really there. This is a dramatic house, Leo. This is the house where you get your desire for security fulfilled. Before the weekend, you’ll want to build your ego with easy loving.

If you’re looking for love this month, you feel playful and are attracted to someone’s off beat wit. This is a fun connection, not one that is attached to the emotions — that is unless you meet over the weekend. On Wednesday through Friday dust-off your dancing shoes.


When it comes to love, Virgo is anxious this week, though your partner wouldn’t know it. If your house is in order, nerves shouldn’t be an ordeal, but it if isn’t — look out. Take a break before tackling organization. You’ll probably need it.

If you’re looking for love, the finer things in life appeal now. Good connections could be made at an art gallery, an expensive department stores, the gourmet isle of the supermarket, or an online chat concerning succulent truffles.


When it comes to love, Libras are highly sensitive to vibes this week. You’ll react to emotion strongly, something that’s usually not your style. This is a temporary insecurity. Know that the feelings are mutual. Perhaps it is time for the passive partner to be assertive, and vice versa — at least until issues are settled.

If you’re looking for love, glitz and glamour aren’t your bag. You’re into the stable and sedate and you could find it Wednesday through Friday. When romantic Venus and emotional love-seeking Mars enter Cancer on Sunday 15th, however, surging sensations sweep you and that special someone off your practical feet.


Loving Venus and passionate Mars enter your ninth house of the higher mind this month, marking a time when silent Scorpios are more open than usual. Deep bonds help heal rifts, clear confusion, and build bridges where emotional isolation once ruled. You both feel loving — not to mention lovable.

If you’re looking for love, a highly emotional meeting has you sure that you’ve found a soulmate. Take a deep breath, center yourself, and remember that this is a human being, subject to flaws. If you aren’t careful, you could be disappointed later.


Expend your passion early in the month. In fact the first 2 days of the month could be memorable. When Venus and Mars enter the emotional sign of Cancer, normally free Centaurs cling like boa constrictors. This will probably surprise your lover. He or she is used to your standard request for more freedom.

Sexy Sagittarians who are looking for love could overindulge this week. The attraction may be toward as many as four different people. If you move too fast, you are apt to give expansive promises. Be careful. You’re risking breach of contract here. You should keep those lips tightly zipped this weekend.


When it comes to love, Capricorns are magnetic and sensitive now. Relaxed unions can handle both practicality and passion. If it seems that your mate is devoted to making you smile, you are right. You’ve been pretty stuffy lately. The weekend could be quite special.

Eager Sea Goats just received a dose of sensitivity and heightened sexuality. This could be useful if you are looking for love. The first of the week should be good, but avoid the search around midweek. The weekend Moon in your sign says, “Who can say no to such charm!”


You might as well take advantage of the good vibes before the weekend, Aquarius. Fall in step with Venus’ love rhythms and heightened passions before the goddess of love and Mars, the entrepreneur of passion, move into emotional Cancer. That passage may leave you in a defensive mode, fighting for space.

It’s an excitable Water Bearer who looks for love this week. You are likely to experience a sudden turn-on after an intense attraction. On Wednesday through Friday 13th look for new stimulation. Friday’s Full Moon suggests an exciting time as the Universe finally conjures up a kindred spirit.


When it comes to love, Fish are in nesting mode, and tuned in to their mates’ feelings. Past tension is erased, and you no longer feel that you’ve been rudely pulled down to earth with mundane matters. Dreams make music. Friday’s 13th Full Moon inspires yearning, but neither of you have any idea what the guiding vision is. Instead, you hug in the glow of the Moon, and try to figure out the message.

If you’re looking for love, you’re devoted to the search. Being without a partner isn’t your preferred lifestyle. Your romantic intuition works best on Monday and Tuesday. Over end og the month, others pour out their feelings because they trust you to understand, and of course you do.