July 2021 Monthly Horoscope


Old opportunities return this month, in case you didn’t cash in the first time. Jupiter is the planet of good luck, though he works in such a spectacular style that you may not quite believe what is being offered.

Things seem too good to be true, but while you shouldn’t gamble too much, they are more likely to be exactly as they appear. Saturn, the planet of limits and discipline is also perfectly poised, so you are unlikely to get yourself into trouble.

If you have always harbored secret dreams about expressing yourself in startling ways, in art, music, dance, or design, then now is the time to start working on it. Things don’t always work out the way you plan, but you will never know until you try.

By the 16th, Mars, your ruler is in your own sign. This puts a rocket underneath you and nothing is out of reach. If you have passed up some offers this year, then Mars ensures you don’t miss out for lack of effort.

You are a leader and inspiration this month, and if some people find you a little overpowering, then you are only doing what it takes to succeed.


With the all-powerful Sun going through your sign until the 21st, this is a month for you to shine. You want and need to be noticed, but don’t worry about being seen as a grand-stander or show off. Having something about your appearance, or even better some special skill, is absolutely in order and makes you feel and look great.

The Full Moon on the 2nd highlights your relationships, though be careful of letting your feelings build up around this time.

This particular Moon is emotionally intense and your sensations are passionate to the point of being positively overwhelming. If you have someone special to share the time with, this becomes a perfect exercise, though it should be someone who understands you well.

This is probably not a good time for a first date, because you are so wrapped up in your feelings that you say things on the spur of the moment that you later wish to take back. Wait until the New Moon in your own sign on the 16th for starting any new plans and projects.


You are bright and sparkling this month, with Mercury, the planet of the mind, going through your sign from the 11th onward.

Mercury is also your planetary ruler and you always respond outstandingly to its movements. If you have studied or need to come up with new ideas, then you can step up to the mark. Make sure you include friends in your plans because you can be a little bit wrapped up in your own thoughts and find it hard to communicate.

But if you have someone sympathetic to bounce off, then all things are possible. You open your eyes to new possibilities in love and look for someone who expands your world.

Anyone who has been around the block and has specialist knowledge becomes irresistibly attractive, but at the very least you want them to makes you laugh.

Perhaps you are moving back towards a person who you were unsure of in the past. The time may not have been right before, but you feel bolder, more open and adventurous now, and ready for a new romantic escapade.

Someone you can learn or study with would be the perfect solution, of course, and perhaps a journey or foreign escape is also on the horizon.


Your relationship fortunes are looking good this month, with Venus, the planet of love in your sign from the 9th onwards.

This is a special space to be in, when you feel more warmly towards everyone and get the same back in return.

If you feel like going out and enjoying yourself, then propose an idea and you are sure to get people onside.

The conditions favour having fun, with no qualifying factors. Venus is also the planet of looks and luxury – all the enjoyable stuff – so you can create a fantastic image with the minimum of effort.

You don’t have to spend a fortune either – the aura that surrounds you makes everything look ‘meant’ and people can’t understand how you do it. By the 16th, you have to work a little harder at keeping your relationships together.

Mars, the strident planet of energy, challenges you and you are looking for more than one thing in a partner. Someone sweet and romantic for sure, but you also want them to be more assertive.

This phase coincides with the New Moon in your friendship zone, so get out and put yourself in the way of whatever luck your friends bring to you.


You feel under pressure to perform academically, work-wise, and every other way, but your horizons are getting easier. In 2021 so far, you have been rather stuck and all-around progress has been very slow.

Saturn is the planet of ultimate success, which until recently has been going backward, holding things up and forcing you to take your time.

There has been a heavy load on your shoulders and you haven’t felt like doing anything new or making an effort in your usual way. But you see the results of all your hard work now and things are starting to speed up.

When you are in the middle of studies or any long-term plan, the purpose can get lost among all the words, but your path ahead is becoming clearer. Maybe you have reached the stage where you can think about something apart from book-learning and you want to start enjoying yourself again.

Your energy is returning and Jupiter, the planet of good luck, brings new opportunities. By the 16th, you are full of ideas and doors open spontaneously when you knock.

You are dressing up again and perhaps a new gym subscription summons up the old zest and energy. Gloom and tiredness are replaced by progress and optimism.


You have lots to look forward to this month, with sure and steady growth. The romantic potential is all there and you are rewarded by making the first move.

You have a good instinctive understanding of what your friends are thinking and feeling and should go with this sense.

It makes you popular. Venus, the planet of affection is well placed from the 8th onwards and you find people responding to a sympathetic touch. Try doing some entertaining and you will be surprised at the positive feedback.

Mars, the turbulent planet of action, is in your opposite sign until the 16th, so you are bold and up-front, needing a definite show of affection. Possibly you are in a provocative mood, looking for a big reaction, even if it means having an occasional argument.

The New Moon, also on the 16th, signals a turning point and a time when your relationships calm down and you see eye to eye without crosswords. You start looking forward and cooperating with people, instead of insisting that they notice you.


According to your horoscope, you put yourself across very smartly this July 2021, and people are impressed by your intelligence. As a Libran, you are the sociable type and like nothing better than gathering people around you – preferably with you at the center.

With Mercury, the messenger planet sitting perfectly from the 11th onwards, you bring this mission off perfectly and people like you for your all-inclusive attitude.

It’s also a great time to study when you can balance all your various duties. Sometimes, you work too hard academically and get overloaded with information – you are under pressure with deadlines and can’t always think clearly.

Now, you are patient and balanced and subjects that you had trouble understanding shift gradually into focus. This feeling grows after the 21st, when the Sun moves into your study zone and you are driven to excel.

Keep to what is demanded of you, however. You are so wrapped up in your special subject and so in love with the idea of investigating, that you may retreat into your own space.

Use your rich imagination by all means, but store up your own private thoughts for your own special time.


This is a month of two halves, the first half quieter and the second more lively. Even the quiet first fortnight gets off to a bubbly start, with the Full Moon in your sign on the 2nd.

This is a time of completion, of closure, like a high tide. Any plans that you have followed through for a long time come to a conclusion and you feel plenty satisfied.

The Full Moon is like your second birthday, so if you want to celebrate, then you look good with a minimum of effort and attract lots of attention.

By the 16th, your ruling planet Mars changes signs and you are more forward and up-front in your attitude. You stand up for what you believe, but you will do it in a subtle way.

In the final two weeks of this  July 2021, you are much more energetic and look around positively for things to do. Perhaps you are looking for a different kind of relationship, something with more daring and adventure.


This is a great time of year where you show your true qualities. Your world has expanded recently, doing more things, with a wider group of people, over a much bigger area. Jupiter, your benevolent ruler, is in your sign, bringing a sweeping sense of infinite possibilities.

It is exciting just to sit back and contemplate everything you can do: study, travel, explore and get a feeling of real purpose in your world. Don’t waste it! Better to focus on one particular area, studying, traveling, getting rich, rather than get smaller effects in a number of ways.

Maybe you want a change of image and a fashion from one special country or period has an irresistible appeal.

From the 16th onwards, you have extra help and good fortune, when Mars, the planet of energy hits a sweet spot. Mars can be an overpowering influence, but now you get just the right blend of action, attitude and assertiveness. Instead of waiting for things to happen, you make them happen.

Great opportunities you missed out on earlier in the year come around again and you have a second chance. Perhaps you couldn’t believe your luck back then – so don’t make the same mistake again.


Anything you do this July, you are better off doing in company. Venus, the people-planet, is in your relationship zone, so you have a great interest in everyone and want your friends along to share the experience.

So you make yourself popular, plus if you have had any crosswords lately, you can play diplomat and skilfully clear things up. You don’t mind making the first move and are not shy about breaking the ice with strangers.

Don’t give too much attention to other people and neglect your own self! Venus is a sweet influence, but sometimes you can become very dependent on your friends’ opinions. If nobody is around to go out with, then you can always have a good time in your own company, where there is no-one to criticize.

The New Moon on the 16th happens in your fun and flirtation zone, so you know exactly what to do. By this point, you are more lively, energetic and enthused and any creative pursuit benefits from an injection of inspiration.

This could be a special talent you have, or just you making a stunning appearance with the absolute minimum of effort.


Big choices recently mean you’ve had to keep faith in yourself. Perhaps you have one goal in mind but other people stick their two pence worth in and say you can’t. You have a dream subject you want to study but are told constantly that it is impractical.

This feeling has been around for some time but soon comes to a climax. It is vital that you do what is real and achievable, but at the same time, keep a hold of your dreams. Mercury, the planet of communication, is doing fantastic things between the 12th and 29th, so use this as a period of persuasion.

Make people see that you understand what you are doing, but at the same time, you have to be yourself. You must also make choices in your relationships. There are people who give you big promises, but don’t always deliver.

They seem very attractive and have all sorts of wonderful qualities, but you are starting to ask questions – rightly so. You get to the point where you prefer a company that is less charismatic, but also more reliable.

Use your gift of listening to this month, and friends flock to you. Neptune gives you a great sympathetic touch and many people find this highly attractive.


The first two weeks of July 2021 sees you in an excited and agitated mood. Lively and ultra-competitive, the planet Mars gives you an edge and you want to prove what you can do.

This inspires you to do more than you think you can, but at the same time, to make your actions purposeful. You are not happy just sitting around doing nothing, so make plans and get a sense of achievement.

If you make a list of essential tasks, you feel great crossing them off one by one. This crazy spell lasts until the New Moon on the 16th, which is a big turning point. After this, instead of being very wrapped up in your own plans, you become the business freak and focus on how to spend your money. Don’t spend just for the sake of it.

Focus on one special thing you want above all and make sure you get the best. Venus, the planet of luxury is in a good space, so your taste is good and you also handle people very well.

Use your sure touch to follow up any new introductions and create definite openings, rather than letting things slide. People like your offbeat approach this July, so make it pay.