June 2021 Monthly Horoscope


You may be feeling territorial this June 2021, with a strong domestic agenda to pursue. Your ruling planet is placed in a sensitive position, putting emotional energy in the place of your usual physical drive, so don’t be surprised if your feelings overwhelm you at a crucial time.

Not normally shy of making a stand, you have come over all touchy-feely, so be careful that when you want to shout, only a sob emerges. This is all to the good, as an emotional spring-clean gets things off your chest, and makes people see what an excellent heart you have.


There is a tantalizing temptation to imagine great vistas opening up before you this month, picturing yourself in a perfect position, with everything poised for-profit – and then doing nothing about it.

Though you have the view and optimism to talk a good game, and things appear to be moving along quite steadily, nothing actually sticks unless you get out and make it happen.

Staying away would be a terrible waste, of course, for while there’s a big difference between seeing success and securing it, what a wonderful thing to have the vision at all.


This is time to forget your cares for a while and get into something lighter, brighter and less stressful. If you have made careful plans for your social life, it’s only now you find them coming to fruition, though you may be getting out and seeing more life anyway.

Offers and opportunities for flirting come your way and the positive vibe you put out places you in demand, without any special effort on your part.

Frivolous stuff is no waste of time if it makes you feel better and you return to business later on with a new sense of purpose and perspective.


You have been a slave to other’s expectations for a while time now, but this is a masterclass in playing a long game.

Certainly, you are frustrated with the slow pace of proceedings at work, and though you feel like launching a counter-offensive, with a little hindsight you will realize how far you have come.

Part of the reason you are so tired is that now you are putting ideas into action that before you only used to talk about.

So keep this in mind if you feel like blowing up at someone anytime soon and weigh up whether it is worth it.


At times when gold seems to fall out of the sky at you, it’s a better idea to focus on a particular thing you want than to try and have everything.

This is a lucky time, and your instincts for deals and bargains are good, no matter that it seems you pay over the odds at first. There are definite lessons of cost versus value here, and what you are searching for does not have to be measured in money.

Trust your inner voice and if being overly generous is the price you pay for putting yourself into a winning position, then this could be your best entry.


According to your horoscope, life seems good and lazy this June 2021, and part of the fun is sitting back and contemplating what you would like to do next.

It’s as though you are carrying around an invisible life jacket, with a buoyed up, inflated feeling that makes you feel good, regardless of what is actually happening. Just take care that in going for life full tilt, you don’t make this pumped-up feeling manifest, and take away the extra poundage as a physical souvenir

. Good living comes at a cost, but the cons are that it’s harder to take away than to put on in the first place.


You may be subjected to some scrutiny in your workplace this June, with other people asking questions about your abilities.

This reflects doubts that have gone through your own mind as to whether you are good enough, and if you are on the right path. The chances are that you are doing fine and wholesale change is not what is called for – so no need to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Despite a temptation to become defensive, therefore, or even to strike back at the doubters, just keep your head down and concentrate on what you know you do best.


If you have held a yearning to get away, then this could be the time when travel comes to find you.

Certainly, you have wanted to feel the wind in your face for a while, and though the prospect may unnerve you, you are in the right place to feel the fear but do it anyway.

Properly pursued, you can put distance between yourself and oppressive, ordinary issues, and also put petty problems in perspective.

Though you may be alarmed at the rate at which change is happening, admit that it’s an exciting time and you love the extra freedom it brings.


You may prefer to walk away from a problem than face it head-on, but this doesn’t seem to be an option open to you this month.

A challenge affecting your world indirectly brings you in touch with charismatic characters who have an important influence on the way you get things done.

Coming into close contact with such powers is a useful learning curve, though don’t be tempted into a concerted campaign against them. You may not be able to walk away unaffected, but knowing when to stop is the hallmark of every great artist.


Don’t strain too hard this month, no matter how strong the temptation. Your energy reserves are low, so to cooperate with the prevailing winds probably serves you better to simplify your life.

You have reached a staging post that demands a different discipline and knowing when to withdraw determines the desirability of your future.

Hanging on to what you have because you are worried about letting go is only natural, but this is no time to get nervous in the service. Have faith – change doesn’t have to be for the worse and you have lots yet to look forward to.


It’s hard to see your way ahead of this month or plot any kind of course, but people are drawn to your unusually empathic understanding.

So while this may not be a good time for pushing your own agenda unchecked, you find helping other people an excellent use of your time.

If you already have someone who has become your pet project, keep your confidence in the mission, because the benefits are subtle and not easy to see.

Don’t ignore your own needs, either – you still have to take care and make sure you aren’t used up in your new-found humanitarian humour.


You have an inescapable sense that something is stirring in your world this month that threatens to break all the old bonds.

An exciting feeling that your doors and windows are opened and a fresh breeze is blowing through. Busting out of old habits can be hard, but you also have the enviable ability to ground your changes and grow into a new person that people around you can barely grasp.

Though part of you likes to shock and confound stuffy expectations, you are cuter than that at present, being prepared to land your catch with a creative compromise.