Leo in love: how to attract him, compatibility and best quotes

Leo is the fifth astrological sign of the classical European zodiac (comprising 12 signs), starting on July 23rd and ending on August 22nd.

This is a masculine, Fire element sign, governed by Sun, a planet that increases authority, will, determination, vitality, affection, chance and luck in life, enthusiasm and generosity, but also ego, vanity, pride, fury, selfishness, and extravagance.

Signs that a Leo native loves you

Governed by Sun, this native is self-confident and full of energy, and he loves with the same passion every time, intensifying each feeling. In a romantic relationship, he is extremely devoted, very loyal and a fierce protector.

Here are other signs that he loves you: he gives you the finest things, he opens the door when you get out of the car, and he is constantly willing to please you and puts himself on second place (although he is a first-class narcissist).

Leo Woman

In her house and family, this native will love her husband and will take pride in manipulating him as she pleases. If the man is born under a more inert zodiac sign, we can be sure that she will succeed one hundred percent and, under these circumstances, she will be the one leading the family, which she usually does skillfully and firmly.

Few are the men who have reasons to reproach a Leo woman and who don’t feel fulfilled by her side, on one condition – to let her apply her initiatives and projects, even when some seem weird at the first sight.

This situation can only lead to the well-being of the entire family, the Leo woman managing to bring not only comfort and prosperity to her home and family but also to a rare level of harmony. This is her ambition and she will make a lot of sacrifices with countless ups and downs.

How to win the heart of a Leo man

Because he likes to be in the limelight, this native is always surrounded by many people who have an interest in him, something that will only boost his ego. For this exact reason, the woman who decides to win his heart needs to think twice before she acts because this is not an easy task.

To approach him, you need to use his weaknesses – praises, luxury, games, fun, and children. You can win his heart by engaging him in discussions about his own person, continuously praising and never criticizing him, discussions about jewelry, vacations, children, fun, fashion, theater, hairstyle. Go together to the theater, in vacations, play lotto or bingo together or go to parties, amusement parks or fashions shows.

He likes to spend the holidays together, and he would also like you to devise other reasons to celebrate.

He likes to receive gifts such as scratch tickets, bingo ticket, or to participate in raffles, where he might win something. He likes games, so spend time playing canasta, bridge or, simply, sensual games.

Pay attention to your appearance and be ready for success. The Leo man is not impressed by an untidy and messy look. Pay attention to details: your eyebrows need to be plucked, your makeup fresh and your perfume high quality. Any effort that improves your physical appearance will be rewarded.

Leo Compatibility with all the other zodiac signs

If these signs unite in a love relationship, sparks will inevitably burst. Both signs are represented by Fire, so they are passionate and dynamic.

There is a lot of action in this relationship. Both signs have respect and admiration for each other, but what they need to learn is to alternate the leader role, even if it’s about choosing a movie in a video store.

Their partnership is about fiery passion, domination and the capacity to decide who is on top and when. Both of them can be impatient and proud. The Leo natives love to be adored, something the easily-bored Aries might not be willing to provide.

Also, the Aries natives can be bothered by the frequent flirting of Leo. Despite their dissensions, the Aries views Leo as a guide or adviser.

These natives can form an excellent couple because they know how to appease each other’s egos. They have similar needs: the Taurus native needs a lot of affection, love, and care, while the Leo native loves compliments and wants to be admired and adored. Both of them are extremely loyal and possessive. Since their desires are so similar, both of them are able to satisfy rather well each other’s wishes.

Both signs appreciate high status and possessions. They treasure physical comfort and luxury; Leo often has vividly colored ideas in showing small signs of affection and this is something that pleasantly surprises the Taurus native, who loves all forms of courtesy.

Although they are able to collaborate wonderfully, their relationship is not always pink because both signs are very stubborn and they need to work hard to understand and accept each other.

This is a very jolly and happy relationship, characterized by optimism. The Gemini native wants intellectual stimulation, thus being attracted by the creative Leo.

Problems can also occur between the two natives if the Leo native can’t get used to the sarcastic way the Gemini partner treats everything around or if the Gemini think the Leo native wants to have control of the situation and to dominate in this relationship, arguments will surely appear.

Although their approach is different – Gemini analyses all the aspects of an intellectual discussion, while Leo prefers to not talk, but to directly act – they match rather well.

In this relationship, both partners know how to satisfy the emotional needs of each other. Both signs need attention from others and a lot of devotion and love; the only difference is that, while Cancer needs emotional balance and harmony, Leo wants praises and sincere admiration.

Both of them are loyal and, in many cases, even possessive (the Cancer for safety reasons, while the Leo native because he doesn’t want to lose his self-confidence). They will get involved in a long-term relationship, hoping that, this way, they can gain a lot of satisfaction on a personal level. Because they want similar things, the two natives will manage to fill some important gaps in their lives.

They both prefer comfort and safety; they will enjoy a happy home and a united family. The Leo native provides passion and adventure, while the Cancer brings sensibility. Leo is the one who dominates in this relationship, which is the embodiment of his higher status. Both signs are stubborn, so they constantly need to try to understand and accept each other.

A pair of two Leo natives can easily attract attention. They fully deserve each other. This union is characterized by their energy and enthusiasm, both partners being natural leaders.

These qualities can become threats for the couple if they are not used carefully. Sun is the governing planet of this sign, thus their perception of themselves: situated in the center of all the planets. Sun emits a lot of light and power.

Sun can enlighten the natives, but can also have a negative influence, making them selfish, prone to drama and exaggeration when issues occur. This is a Fire element sign. The two partners bring a lot of passion in the relationship.

The Fire also makes the partners dynamic. This intense energy can have two effects: it can make the relationships wonderful or, on the contrary, it can influence the couple’s breakup.


At first, the two natives will not notice their common interests, thinking they have nothing to gain out of this relationship. This will gradually evolve, each partner getting to know and appreciate the other.

The Leo native is extroverted, dominant, and charismatic. Virgo is bookish and introverted. Although there are differences between the two natives, they manage to form a wonderful pair.

At the beginning of the relationship, they seem to only notice the shortcomings of the partner. Leo can seem a tyrant, while Virgo too rational. When they stop looking for each other’s shortcomings and they try to discover the qualities of their partner, they will feel attracted to each other.


Situated at a distance of two astrological signs, Leo and Libra understand each other very well. Because it combines the energy of Leo with Libra’s specific sense of harmony, this pair is balanced.

Using charm and great manners, Libra will manage to tame the direct and incisive style of Leo. Leo can help their partner to take decisions and to act accordingly, also teaching them the art of spontaneity.

Leo is governed by Sun, while Libra by Venus. The combination between Sun and Venus has a positive influence.

There is a balance in energy in this relationship because the Sun brings masculine energy, while Venus brings feminine energy. The partners will support each other for a long time.


The Leo-Scorpio pair is extremely dynamic. They adapt very well to each other’s needs. Scorpio demands respect, while Leo wants to be adored and to constantly receive compliments. Both are loyal, sometimes becoming even possessive.

Leo adores comfort and luxury and also to stand out. In turn, Scorpio is more withdrawn; the Scorpio natives need to be able to control what might happen to them.

Because both natives show signs of unwavering determination, they need to strive to understand and accept each other.


The representatives of both signs are extremely dynamic and they like to live life to its fullest. They both value mutual respect. They are a pleasant company, being warm and charming. In this couple, there is no moment of boredom. Both of them are sociable, and it is important for the Leo natives to feel they are always in control. They are also respected by others.

Leo is governed by Sun, while the Sagittarius is under the influence of Jupiter. These planets bring masculine energy, which creates a successful combination. They understand each other because they are alike. They are compatible, proving they are a wonderful couple in any situation.


When these two native form a couple, they support each other in any situation. Capricorn is more conservative. Leo natives strongly believe that through work they can obtain everything they want, but they solve their problems using their charm.

They are very devoted to each other. Although it seems they don’t match, in time they will notice they have a lot in common.

The two signs adore luxury and they like to be in the center of attention. Leo is extravagant, while Capricorn prefers the classic style. They are aware of the fact that they have a lot to learn from each other.

These partners are full of energy and they almost never get bored. They both tend to be idealistic. Many such relationships flourish because of their mutual admiration for each other. Leo admires the individualism and creativity of the Aquarius native. In turn, the Aquarius native admires the eagerness, charm, and dignity of Leo.

The Aquarius natives have a lot of ideas, but they encounter issues when trying to put them in practice. Both signs want independence, but conflicts may arise if Leo asks for too much or if Aquarius is too distant.

The two natives should respect their partner’s different opinion. Leo is sometimes too dramatic, while Aquarius is too unstable.


Both natives are able to appreciate the other’s different perspective on life. Leo natives are strong and they feel free to do what they want, always in control of everything happening in their life. Pisces natives are more silent, withdrawn, and introspective. In many ways, the two natives are different. However, both of them are dreamers.

Leo is a natural leader and, in this relationship, will often become the protector of his/her weaker partner.

Pisces, in turn, will offer support to their partner, who will need it in order to accomplish his/her goals. Being emphatic gives Pisces the opportunity to get to know their partners very well.