Love Horoscope 2022

Love is the one that maintains our existential balance, love is the one that gives new and deep meanings to life.

Interpersonal relationships and love are the essential coordinates of human existence, around them revolving most of our actions, hopes and thoughts.

The astrological year 2022 is announced to be a more exciting and prosperous year than 2021: improved career prospects, a visibly better health, financial situations that are starting to improve, interpersonal relationships that will change, transformations and evaluations.

If you want to know how will your love will go in 2022, we invite you to read the predictions of your love horoscope:


February is a great month for receiving offers of love and romance. You are used to approaching others, but during this time, others will approach you.

For those who are in a relationship, this is a period when your partner will take the initiative more often than usual. Midyear (May/June) is a time of romantic exploration, either with a new partner, or an existing one.

You will learn more about yourself, the likes and dislikes, but most importantly, you’ll about your own romantic side. Romance is easier at this time.

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Love is a little more difficult than usual during the early part of 2022. Relationships that are basically good, but need a little work, will strengthen and be renewed.

Relationships that are unhappy, and force you to compromise too heavily, or give too much of yourself, may end and release you into freedom.

Don’t struggle with love at this time. You may feel an urge to do too much, or to improve on every aspect of your relationships. Fight this feeling, and instead, focus on what is truly important.

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It’s quite a steamy year for you, Gemini. You’re willing to take new risks and see the deeper, more passionate side of love.

It won’t be easy, but it will be rewarding. While it may not be everything you’ve hoped for, it will teach you something vitally important about yourself, and your relationships (both past, present and future).

Midyear is particularly steamy. October and November will be very flirtatious months.

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2022 is quite an exciting time for you, Cancer. Many of you are in relationships, and many of you are searching for a relationship.

This is a pivotal time in your romantic life. The universe is trying to show you that you are now ready take your relationship to a new level of love, understanding, and equality.

Relationships are not stagnant. They are forever changing and evolving. For some of you, your relationships have been stuck in 3rd gear, and you’ve never really tried to force it into 4th.

Now is the time. Your birthday, January, and December are the key times for this change to occur. If you’re unhappy, don’t settle for the second-best.

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It’s a passionate year for you, Leo, with your physical love life being even more energetic than usual. However, you are also concerned about your relationship in a more traditional sense.

You want to strengthen your emotional security and your relationship. You tend not to worry about this sort of thing, mainly because you generally feel secure and independent.

Create the kind of relationship that comforts both you and your partner. There is plenty of love and happiness in your life this year, so why not work on it and make it even more rewarding?

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It’s a rather exciting year, full of possibilities, for you, Leo. You are more dominant than ever this year, and want to take the initiate.

You are tired of waiting for others to make up their mind, and you want to take matters into your own hands. If things don’t go as planned, you don’t seem too concerned.

New lessons in love will be rewarding, and you’ll be surprised with what you learn! You want fun in your love life, and this is the year to have it.

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Some of you are searching for truth and honesty in relationships. You’re the type of person who finds it easy to fall in love, but you’re not always sure what you want.

This is an important year for you, Libra. You have been searching for clarification and understanding. You have been searching for a way to silence the critical voice in your head which often conflicts with the language of your heart.

Is this what love feels like? Am I happy? Is this person “the one”? You may even decide to be alone for a while, just to get your head together, and think about what you NEED from a relationship, rather than what you believe you should EXPECT.

Once you realize that you can be perfectly happy not being in a relationship, you’ll free yourself from tiring emotional questions. Then you’ll be able to appreciate people for who they are — not what you think they should be. June and July mark a new beginning in your relationships — a time of new understanding and deeper love.

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2022 is a year of new understanding and excitement. However, this new understanding comes with a price. March to April signals a time of emotional upheaval.

However, from these difficult moments, you will learn powerful new lessons in love and relationships. Embrace them, learn from them, use them. Midyear to October is a hot and steamy time for you.

The new lessons you have learned during the early part of 2001 will help add even more excitement! Overall, it’s a positive year.

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Generally speaking, you have a casual-about-love attitude. You enjoy your personal freedom and are usually happy to let your partner do their own thing, but 2022 is likely to be a year when you desire something more: more commitment, more affection, more honesty.

Some of you feel as if you’re on the verge of missing out on an important love opportunity, while others are hoping to strengthen a current relationship.

Midyear is a great time for passionate, highly-physical attractions, with plenty of sizzle and spice. Keep your moods in balance, though, or you might scare off a prospective partner who doesn’t understand your hot and cold flashes.

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This is a year of change and growth in your relationships — a positive year when some of your dreams manifest in special ways. You have not been completely happy with your love life lately, and you hold many resentments about a past, or current, relationship.

It’s not easy to let history fade away into your past, especially when it seems like only yesterday that you were hurt or disappointed. However, don’t despair, as this will all be old news, come midyear. You will feel rejuvenated, and see your relationships from a new angle.

This will help you to create the kind of love you are searching for. Start from within. Clean out the cobwebs on your heart, and absorb the warmth of a bright new day. The latter part of the year also signals an increased sexual appetite.

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A terrific year awaits you, Aquarius. Jupiter is powerful in your sign, followed closely by Saturn.

This combination allows you to have your cake and eat it too. Your wants and desires are going to be given to you on a silver platter. Deeper love, new love, stronger commitment — all these possibilities are within your grasp.

Remember, though, to make decisions based on your true desires. In other words, while it’s nice to have your cake and eat it too, make sure you choose one that pleases you, and fulfills your needs. Stay positive, and true to yourself, and you should be fine.

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A year of good grace and gifts awaits you, Pisces. It’s not always easy to attain the thing our heart desires most. For you, however, the cosmos is planning to fulfill your desires — a blessing of sorts.

You might not be keen to explore this wonderful gift from the Gods, but if you trust it, it will not lead you astray. Mid-2022 onwards is the time when these changes will begin to manifest themselves and should continue on into the early stages of 2023. This is a time of happiness and pleasure. Enjoy it!

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