Lucky Colors 2021 for Attracting Love

No matter how much we try to deny it, colors have very powerful impact în people’s lives.

Some can attract negative energy, while others create a pleasant state and bring you luck in your love life!

For those born in the Sign of Aries, strong temperament by nature, the best 2021 colors are red, yellow and orange.

Taurus will have luck finding their love if they wear pink, green or blue, while Gemini should wear bright yellow, shades of light blue and silver!

Cancerians are emotional by nature and will manage to find love in their life if they always wear something white, blue or green.

For Leos, the most suitable colors to bring them good luck are shades of golden, yellow and orange.

Virgos are melancholic by nature, which is why only certain colors bring them good luck in their love life. These are silver and blue in light shades.

For people born in the sign of Libra, colors such as dark pink, green and blue bring positive energy, good luck and prosperity.

Scorpios must wear something with orange, red or yellow colors. Sagittarians will have good luck if they wear purple, red and blue, while Capricorns will find love if they wear black and dark blue.

Aquarians are sentimental and emotional, this is why black, blue, green and orange fits them, because it will make them feel better about themselves.

For luck, Pisces must wear more often colors like blue and purple.

Other tips to attacting true love:

• have a crystal that helps you find love based on your sign (you can wear the crystal under the form of jewelry, you can keep it your purse or have on your nightstand)

• make sure you’re wearing as often as possible clothes that increase your seduction powers tenfold based on your sign (go for a garment that has that color when going on a date with them).

These seemingly simple things can help you a lot when finding love because they have been proven to work by thousands of years of esotericism.

It won’t cost you anything to try them out and you might be surprised by the results. Bring love in your life to have a romantic and passionate spring!

The meaning of the colors

Even today, based on the colors we see, our mood can change, from sorrow to joy or the other way around, from hope to despair, from pain to peace.

Every colors says something, it sends us a message and it can catch our attention. Only certain colors fit every individual person and this is because every color magnifies a type of personality.

Deep Red: the color of energy and passion

This color’s spectrum has many meanings, generally they are linked to passion, courage, energy and love. When it comes to love, the red flower indicates desire.

For women, luck in finding a suitor for marriage is brought by pink and peach colored clothes. On the first romantic date, both women and men can wear read, which sends a clear message.

White: the color of innocence

Chastity and innocence are expressed through the color white. Nothing sends a clearer message of purity than the bride’s white dress.

When it comes to love, the white flower symbolizes the lover’s respect and admiration for his fiancee.


Purple sits close to violet and represents something else compared to red. If the former is the color of rebellion, purple symbolizes wealth, nobility and the elite.

When it comes to love, nobody distinguishes between the red flower and the purple flower. It also represents desire and passion.

Blue: truth, but also melancholy

Blue is associated with truth and justice. But blue is also the color of melancholy, of dreaming and the creative spirit, attributes that originate from the vastness of the sky or sea, capable of making us contemplate.

On the other hand, blue is recognized as the color of honesty. Even in love, the blue flower represents the sincerity of the feeling.

Yellow: jealousy, but also happiness

It may seem strange how this color, linked to light and the abundance of harvest, has become known as a symbol for jealousy.

It’s a distortion of its meaning from antiquity, where yellow represented happiness, well-being and even the link to divinity, who were depicted in golden garbs.

Sometimes we are tempted to give symbols an inverse meaning. In this way, the color that represented happiness has come to represent cowardice and lie, and, finally, jealousy.

A less known secret: lovers should never give each other yellow flowers.


It is the color that expresses a strong maternal feeling, the need to protect, and the color of happiness.

At the same time, this color has a stimulating effect on emotions, it gives the feeling of being close to somebody. It is a sociable color, more active than yellow, that gives the impression of optimism, joy, however over large surfaces can be irritating.

Colors and Character Traits

Honesty, faithtrust in others or in a higher power is represented by the earthly element, that being yellow, orange and brown. We wear these colors to avoid paranoia, hypersensitivity or lack of sincerity.

Care, politeness if we want to be more caring for those around us and care more for them, we should complement our wardrobe with red clothes.

Wisdomblack can be combined with green or blue to calm down temperamental people and to give a dash of humanity. If we have to make important decisions, we should wear white clothes.