May 2018 Love Horoscope


The future is an important area to focus on when considering romance, love and all of the action it brings into your world this May 2018, Aries. Consider what you long for…and what you need. It might be time to consider making a deeper commitment…or initiating a connection with someone who shares your spirituality, your life philosophies or your ideals. Look at someone from a different vantage point. Get to know someone through conversations that center on the possibilities that lie ahead….and the realities that exist around you. Encourage camaraderie and friendship.


The opportunity to capture passion is heading in to your life at the end of this forecast period. It’s a raw and driving need to change, to experience, to explore and to feel alive, empowered and captivated. Knowing this ahead of time allows you to fine tune what you really want from love, from sensuality, from passion, from commitments. It gives you the chance to chase away old insecurities, to work out and heal old wounds to be assured that you are operating with your highest ideals and dreams and desires in your focus.


Don’t gravitate between what can be in your dreams and what you see in your reality when it comes to romance, passion and partnership this May 2018, Gemini. Find a way to stand directly in the middle and learn to alter your perceptions and create new fantasies that more truly fit the possibilities that exist. Give someone the benefit of the doubt. Let someone know you care. Worry less…enjoy more. Stay flexible and be willing to look into the corners that some powerful cosmic lightning brings into your view this week. They hide the sweetest and most unexpected forms of magic.


Not one thing has to change in your outer partnerships or romances, Cancer, yet everything can change…none the less. The key is in how you perceive situations, how you embrace possibilities in the realm of your dreams and how daring you are in believing that the impossible…might be very, very probable. Nothing has to change and everything can change…if you let go of fears and doubts…worries and old wounds. The universe has a powerful and magical way of bringing passion into your life this week…don’t lock the door to your heart.


It pays to know what you most desire this week, Leo. It pays to know what makes you feel passionate, alive, driven and inspired. Likewise it pays to know your truths and who you are and from those things you discover to create and invent an ideal, a purpose, a dream, a vision. There is some powerful, driven, compelling and exciting energy heading in at the end of this forecast period and it enhances your ability to create your romantic world from your passions, from your truths, from your desires in ways that you can live it, experience and walk into the world with it. Know yourself…inside and out.


It’s been about home, ultimately, Virgo. It’s been around what constitutes security and safety and fidelity and trust. You’ve reworked expectations and dreams. You’ve sorted through passions and desires and this May sees some much needed outer movement that rewards you for all the efforts you’ve invested in self knowing..and inner clarity. Passion comes home…enjoy the fires it creates in your dreams.


Spend some time reconnecting with your passions early this May 2018, Libra. Look through what they are attached to, how you nurture and protect them. Understanding those truths that are part of love and romance and all your expectations of around helps you define where you can bring change in healthy and self empowering ways into this important realm of your world. The end of this month brings a push to explore, transform and live those things that capture your aware first, of what they are.


The universe has been compelling and urging and sometimes forcing you to let go and to trust and to worry a little less about your feelings and your heart and keeping them forever safe, Scorpio. If you haven’t felt some wounds around love…you’re missing important experiences your soul needs to grow. This week wonderful things happen and you’ll want those barriers and self defenses down.



There is no such thing as perfection, particularly not in something so intimate and important as love, Sagittarius, yet still..we strive for it. In many ways, however, you are far closer to understanding what your own ideals for romance are and, more importantly, you are more realistic, more confident, more at peace with those ideals. Something you’ve been wanting to go after becomes possible later in this May 2018…be gentle with that need for perfection.


The exploration of love and possibilities attached to love still resides within the realm of thoughts and words during the week ahead, Aquarius. There is something divine about this period that allows you to bring some of your most favorite things (words, ideas, ideals and visions) into the same place as love and romance reside. Connections are spontaneous and exciting.Be a little bolder, make the first move and engage an interesting someone in a heart centered conversation.


Be just a little bolder this May 2018, Pisces, even if you don’t feel particularly bold inside. Be just a little more self expressive and clear with your dreams. In some way, small or large, you have a new way to go after your romantic and passionate desires, you have more empowering ways to express yourself and…more compelling ways to create passion and fulfillment. Exciting things are underway by the end of this month.