May 2021 Monthly Horoscope


You may have had some recent changes of heart, or at least of mind in terms of your image and general appearance, but you are back on a steady track now.

Mercury has re-diverted itself from last month, so your old ideas and resolutions are coming back, probably for the better. So if your health kick or fitness program had gone off the rails, now is the time to call the engineers in and whip yourself into proper shape once again.

You don’t do well left sitting around doing anything, so console yourself with the thought that despite the effort, you’d only be bored with your previous lazy habits. The best approach to your fitness, as always, is one step at a time.

Nothing remarkable about this of course, except achieving a suitable schedule takes a bit of adjustment before you understand your own needs. By the 28th, however, you should have found the right balance, where on the one hand you don’t sit and fester, nor burst a blood vessel by overstraining on the other.


This is a good month for your fitness and wellbeing, with the Spring Sun going through your sign giving you a special lift.

This gives you energy and a desire to take center stage, so you better look to your fashion laurels and make sure you have all the necessary accessories for the season. Mid-month is the best time to go shopping for something suitably striking, and you should be able to come to good decisions about what clothes set you off best.

Naturally, you like the very best, or at least the feel of fine quality, and the good news is that you have the green light to spend big.

There is no point in cutting corners, only to be left with also-ran clothes hanging unworn in the wardrobe for the moths to eat. The false economy should be avoided at all costs, especially around the favourable New Moon in your sign on the 8th.


Venus going through your sign from the 10th onwards is a cosmic beauty enhancement that just happens to be shining on you at the moment.

The effect is very subtle but noticeable to everyone around you, who appreciates the extra effort you put into your appearance, along with the special sparkle in your eye. Use this asset to your utmost advantage by dressing to the max and perhaps trying out something more daring than you normally think you can get away with.

There is a fine line to be trodden here, however, and perhaps it is better to get a second opinion from someone whose taste you trust. Impulsively going for the day-glow shirt or polka-dot miniskirt may prove an unforgivable fashion faux-pass at a time when the right impression is imperative.

This is a worst-case scenario, however, for in fact, your instincts are pretty acute this May, at a time when you strike the right balance all around.


Finding the right therapeutic approach this month is important to get the most from your time. On one hand, you have abundant energy and the right amount of getting up and go, but you are also delicately balanced, and an injection of imagination is vital if your ideal shape is to be realized.

This means that mindless miles slogged on the ski machine could be counter-productive if they simply make you breathlessly bored.

A strategic choice of music on the iPod, therefore, is a priceless mood enhancer that ensures you set the best possible lap times. It doesn’t all have to be physical, however. Retail therapy, especially at the boutique end of the market doesn’t just ensure you look your best but makes you feel better about the world at large and your influence within it.

You can also combine different kinds of clothes to excellent effect, making even the most incongruous mixture look somehow right.


Taking a more introspective approach to your routine could pay off in style this month. Finding something compelling to occupy your downtime fills the gaps that are otherwise left in your hectic schedule and makes you feel better about your world.

Plus, something like a massage or the steam room may work even better than meditation in helping you get in touch with your inner puppy. You have the energy and aptitude to get the most from any of these approaches this May 2021, leaving you happy and with a very wet shiny nose.

You can transform yourself completely with a new hairdo or a major makeover, though you manage to strike a harmonious balance. A change of diet could also have some dramatic results, especially if you wish to lose weight quickly.

Don’t go overboard, of course, but you should feel justifiably proud of yourself by the shape you are in at the end of the month.


With important planets placed in your relationship zone this month, it’s probably as well for you to get in shape with other people.

Using Mars to add a little competitive edge to the proceedings should work well for both of you, as long as the edge doesn’t become too sharp and you end up in an argument. You have to separate good advice from bad and make a judgment call for yourself on what looks is best.

You are well up to any challenges, however, and having someone alongside you may give you the courage to try a course of action, diet, or therapy you hadn’t thought of before.

As it happens, you are feeling pretty idealistic about what you are eating, and if you hadn’t already considered some kind of ethical regime, or at least going all-out organic before, then this could be the month to take the plunge.


You are taking a more imaginative approach to your fitness this month, so perhaps a change may prove as good as extra vitamins or clocking miles around the block.

Something relaxing to release the stress could prove a potent tonic, even if it is only an extra walk from work to take the air and shake the cobwebs.

Swimming is also something that combines excellent aerobic exercise with a relaxing feel, so a new subscription to the local baths could prove a perfect solution on several fronts. Jupiter is currently moving backward through your sign, leaving you feeling pretty good about the world and its ways, though also rather lazy perhaps.

So while you may take a laid-back view of piling on the pounds, bear in mind that you may not always feel so philosophical and you will thank yourself for keeping on top of your shape, even in such enjoyable times.


You can introduce a more interesting look this month, surprising those around you in a gentle way they find irresistibly endearing.

If your old image is becoming rather tired or outdated, or you simply feel it’s time for a makeover, then you have exactly the right attitude.

Between the presence of Mars and Uranus in your chart’s creative zone, and the more classic and conservative Saturn keeping watch, you combine the best of the old and new. So rather than going out to the hairdressers and having them let rip with the razor, you snip here and adjust there and come up with something fresh looking that’s totally up to date.

You don’t have to throw everything overboard to introduce a new style that gets you noticed, both at home and at outside, and the New Moon in your opposite sign on the 8th is the perfect time to start work.


Take plenty of advice this month on how to look your best. You are a very strong individual most of the time, valuing your own counsel and own opinions, and may feel you don’t need anyone telling you what not to wear.

However, if there’s someone around you with whom you can share a creative meeting of minds, it would be sheer perversity not to at least touch base.

Venus going through your opposite sign is a signal that this person is well disposed towards you, and through your ideas on health, fitness, and fashion may be widely diverging, this makes the exchange all the more stimulating.

The Full Moon in your sign on the 23rd, however, is at a time when you pull it all together – other people’s advice and your own opinions – to create a stunning look that leaves no possible room for discussion or argument.


It is hard sometimes to concentrate on the slightly superficial business of looking stunning when you have so much work to do.

But it is precisely for this reason that you should put extra effort into your outfit and general presentation this month, all the better to forget yourself.

Although you have the overbearing presence of Saturn sitting over you in judgment, there are always outlets for your energy if you look hard enough. Far from being a frivolous waste of time, going out and spending money on your image is an important statement of intent that things are about to get a whole lot better.

The New Moon on the 8th sits happily with you and should be the time when your attention turns from mundane matters, on to the more important subject of how to make heads turn and tongues hanging out.


Venus sitting at a friendly angle to you this month gives you much to think about. This is not the time to try too hard or to go overboard with your efforts to look right and be thin, but just to take your time.

There is a great deal going well for you and nothing is to be gained by hurrying. You won’t enhance your look one iota by appearing flustered, or by caking your makeup on, or by spending too long under the sunlamp.

The way to take advantage of the times is by looking as natural as possible and allowing a certain nonchalant effect into your appearance. This may be hard to achieve, so just remember to be yourself and allow your own charm to shine through.

The 28th is a particularly good time to chime with the rhythm of the day, to sit back and allow compliments to come your way.


You need to have a project on the go this May 2021, for you will simply go crazy with nothing to do. Mars making its presence felt in your sign demands that you sit up and get things done, starting perhaps with a fitness program that hits you in the hips, thighs and middle.

Even if you are not going for the burn, it is as well to take yourself out for walks or swims, or something deeply active that tires you out by the end of the day.

You might try a more unusual activity, like paint-balling perhaps, or to change your diet to fit more protein in, but you have to shake yourself up. A startling change in look and style comes at exactly the right time, in case you had forgotten what it is like to get out of bed with a smile, and the set intention of making a splash.