Reach Out To Those You Love

General overview for September 2018.

This month of September is probably going to be a tricky one to say the least. There are only 10 positive alignments compared to only 11 negative ones. We may find ourselves pulled in various directions due to there being 5 oppositions occurring this month. There is so much planetary activity that we may become dizzy by the minute. Some of may be confronted with reality checks or pushed to our limits. It depends on our level of maturity and the ability to stand tall despite the chaos going on around us.

This month starts with a hard angle between Mars and Saturn which is not the best start, however 2 days later the Sun shines on mighty Jupiter and all looks well again with the world. Venus also stands out in the crowd, despite being retrograde, and makes a total of 6 planetary alignments. The most notable one is the close conjunction with the life-giving Sun, which is just beautiful. For those who have never fallen in love, if you meet someone around Saturday 18 September, the person will prove to be the love of your life. It is a special time and my specific recommendation this month is to reach out to those you love. It doesn’t matter if you wear your heart on your sleeve, just go for it.

Moving right along……………………….

In chronological order there are various changes in the heavens this month and they are: Mercury will enter Leo on Sunday 5 September and remain in that sign up until 19 September; Jupiter turns direct on Tuesday 7 September at 9 degrees and 55 minutes of Sagittarius; Mars will enter Gemini on 7 September and remain in this sign up until 29 September; Venus retrogrades back into Leo on Thursday 9 September and remains in this sign up until 8 October; there will be a New Moon on Monday 13 September at 19 degrees of Leo; Mercury will enter Virgo on Sunday 19 September and remain in this sign up until 5 September; the life-giving Sun will enter Virgo on Thursday 23 September and remain in this sign up until 22 September; and lastly there will be a Full Moon on Tuesday 28 September, with the Sun at 4 degrees Virgo and the Moon at 4 degrees Pisces.

Mercury will enter Leo on Sunday 5 September and remain in that sign up until 19 September. This could focus lots of newsy items connected to the television and movie industry or perhaps focussing on matters to do with children and their welfare. An orphanage or children’s hospital may receive more focus or notoriety than usual. A young person from a royal background or who is the child of a famous celebrity or other VIP may also be in the news.

Jupiter turns direct on Tuesday 7 September at 9 degrees and 55 minutes of Sagittarius. After having been in retrograde phase for the last several months, this will bring a renewed opportunity to restore our faith in ourselves and in the world. Those who feel they have been tested by the adversities going on around them will start to realise that the bigger picture is what is important and that mostly, we are mere mortals, and therefore do not have access to the mysteries that the Gods have in store for us. Those however, who are gifted on the psychic level will know that some of these mysteries and plans can be tapped from the Universal database of information.

Mars will enter Gemini on 7 September and remain in this sign up until 29 September. During this time some people may enjoy debating and or even arguing, just for arguments sake. There may be some distress associated with twin births during this time. News generally will be relayed in a hurry and for those who rush headlong into battle, the throng will be vicious, especially verbally. Avoid noisy crowds or people bragging or making trouble for themselves. News items will focus on people in groups, demonstrators and those who wish to be heard, despite how aggravating it may be for the audience.

Venus retrogrades back into Leo on Thursday 9 September and remains in this sign up until 8 October. If you want to impress someone, perhaps by throwing a huge and lavish party, do it during the next few weeks, and it will be hugely successful. Those who focus on glamour, beauty, fashion, art, music and theatre will be able to harmonise with this transit of Venus in this sign. There may also be some love unions that hit the headlines because of the spectacular entrance they make at a grand occasion. Someone in royalty may declare their love for someone. Those in the entertainment industry will be busy and productive during this time and we may see a focus on romantic movies more than any other style. Some people may tend to wear their hearts on their sleeves.

There will be a New Moon on Monday 13 September at 19 degrees of Leo. This can put the spotlight on fun, entertainment and royalty. We can also be more ego orientated and those seeking the limelight will be more noticed if their attire is colourful, and this will set them aside from all the other people dressed in shades of grey.

Mercury will enter Virgo on Sunday 19 September and remain in this sign up until 5 September. There will tend to be more focus on health care issues, the hospital system and matters associated with hygiene and cleanliness. There could be some contamination in the water system or air conditioning systems come to light or to do with plumbing and drainage systems.

The life-giving Sun will enter Virgo on Thursday 23 September and remain in this sign up until 22 September. This puts the focus on services and health issues and people in the public service. There could be a focus of news related to these matters that bring one particular item into the spotlight. This is a good time to spring clean, get tidy, get more organised and perhaps even focus on a new health regime. Someone currently working in any of these related fields may receive a promotion or other assistance up the ladder of success.

There will be a Full Moon on Tuesday 28 September, with the Sun at 4 degrees Virgo and the Moon at 4 degrees Pisces. If you have personal points at this degree you can anticipate that something you have been seeking the answer to will suddenly come to light, though in a very mysterious way. It is a time to look past the apparent facade and see what magic and clarity of vision we can experience.

Uranus is still retrograde and remains in this phase up until 24 November. Uranus is the inventor and the discoverer of places beyond our imagination. We may try to re-discover how we can tap into our own unique imagination and realise our true potential and capabilities. We may have denied some of the things that could be and now we may investigate and discover what really is possible.

Neptune is still retrograde and remains in this phase up until 31 October this year. Neptune is the planet of high ideals and elusion. It is also the planet that dissolves situations including ice, icebergs, snow and hail. It can also produce mud slides. This planet was the pivotal planet in the event chart of the landslide in Thredbo. Whilst Jupiter retrograde may have seen many of us go through of period of questioning whether we have enough faith to sustain us, Neptune retrograde may lead some of us to question our ideals and our views on reality. This is also the planet related to drugs and alcohol. There may be far more people finding secret places to hide their trade, and this will make it harder to track those bringing illegal substances in and out of the various countries.

Pluto is still retrograde and will remain in this phase up until 6 September. Pluto is the transformer of the zodiac, and will literally turn your life around when making alignments to your own personal planets. However, when in retrograde phase it allows you the opportunity, once again to re-assess your current motives, your passions, your intimate relationships and your attitude towards life, death, and even sex, to decide if what you have chosen in recent times is for your overall good and development. Personally I prefer it when Pluto is in direct motion, but as I have said before, we can’t always have the planets where we want them or going in the direction we may prefer. Utilise this time to delve into your subconscious, explore your deepest psyche and uncover elements that you thought were hidden, even from yourself, and analyse them as if your life depended on it. The revelations you may experience may literally wipe your current slate clean and allow you to pursue your goals with absolute freedom when Pluto resumes direct motion in September 2018. Pluto will remain in Sagittarius until 27 November 2008. Pluto will retrograde back into Sagittarius for five months starting in June 2008 and then re-enter Capricorn in late November 2008.

For horary enthusiasts, continuing all month we still observe Neptune in Aquarius and Uranus in Pisces indicating that they are still in mutual reception.

Now down to the specifics of daily planetary activity.

The favourable days in September 2018 are:

Friday 3 September: Sun trine Jupiter. This is a beautiful alignment that can provide us with the inspiration and faith to get any new endeavour under way with enthusiasm and sincerity of purpose. Open an entertainment centre or have a huge banquet or festival today and it will go off like a rocket to the Moon. This is also a good day to get married, start new friendships and any project involved with gold, glamour or places of amusement or the publishing industry. It is also one of the better kind of planetary times to commence just about anything that is important to you. A new store or business opening today would do well if focussed on books, publishing, the travel industry or to do with the law. If you strive for success on a day like this you are likely to achieve your goal. This is also a good time to start an overseas holiday.

Also today, Mercury sextile Mars. This is a high energy day on a mental level so people will want to voice their opinions or be vocal about what they consider important. A good day to start a new business that requires huge doses of both intellect and muscle. Also a good time to take a hike, enter a marathon run, or join up with a group of young people to swap ideas on how to get fit and stay healthy. This is also a time to become organised with your filing system, conquer the mountain of paperwork and then let off steam later in the gym for some muscle flexing.

Monday 6 September: Saturn trine Pluto. Saturn is all about the established order and responsibilities, whilst Pluto is about transformation and elimination to start anew. We may see some interesting developments, probably in government areas, that affect the masses that incorporate new ideologies and ways to make long term productive changes to our lifestyle. This would be a good time to enhance what is already established, but with new concepts and ideas for improvement. Blending the old with the new is one way of putting it. Those seeking to purchase large properties will need to be in it for the long haul to gain success. On a personal level we can look at how we may improve on what we have and make solid and long range efforts to bring this about.

Friday 10 September: Mercury trine Jupiter. This angle promises those who strive to see the bigger picture will do so and teach those who listen how to find it themselves. A great day to start a holiday or travel to places previously unseen. This could prove to be a great day to start writing a new book, open a book store or one associated with the travel industry. People will generally tend to be liberal and broad-minded in their thinking and approach to life. Also a favourable day to start teaching, lecturing or writing a lengthy project. The area of communications and information will be busy and any business started today that connects with these will fare well. This is a good time for negotiations and for getting your message across. The advertising and news media areas will be highly productive. There could be a merger between two large organisations, companies or countries, that can benefit everyone involved. Expansion is the key-word for the day, so plan to make this as positive a time as possible. A busy day for the travel industry and the Internet.

Wednesday 15 September: Venus trine Pluto. This is a magnificent combination and can produce a great day for those seeking true love. I adore this kind of planetary formation. If you should happen to meet a new lover under this influence you will be radically changed overnight. This new person will seem magnetic and passionate. You may feel you have been put under a spell, and in a way you are right. This influence is deep, hypnotic and highly sexual, so expect to go into a relationship and become totally and intimately involved, and very quickly too. Also a good day to get married, start a new business enterprise especially if it involves regeneration themes, getting fit or to do with women’s products and services.

Thursday 16 September: Sun conjunct Mercury. This aspect makes some people get really focussed mentally while others just get flustered or frazzled by too much grey matter being stimulated. For those who like a fast pace in their daily routine they will sail ahead smoothly and swiftly. The others will have to do it again probably, and then they will get it right. This is called a combust situation, where a planet is so close to the Sun and the Sun can literally burn up the other planet. This can cause a congestion of information on telephone lines, faxes, e-mails and even face to face communications, where one person is just not hearing the other or cannot seem to reach an agreement or get their heads together on the same issue. Postpone any really important negotiations until a better day. Some people will enjoy a day like this and they will not be agitated by the influx of interruptions or extra communications because they will literally thrive on it. At least they will not have a boring day. The rest of us will be somewhat confused and exhausted by the end of the day and be seeking some quiet time away from the demands of this modern world.

Friday 17 September: Mercury conjunct Venus. This tends to incline people towards thoughts of love, harmony and peace. Some will write lengthy declarations of their feelings for the one they adore. Peaceful negotiations are highly likely for those who have the best interests of everyone at heart. A good day to have a celebration, throw a party, go on a special date, get engaged or married. Businesses that focus on communications and the elements of romance will fare well, such as greeting cards offering words of love and friendship. A day of love and poetry and light hearted fun and frivolity. Take time out today to enjoy some lovely music or pleasant scenery and you will be aligning your actions in accord with the romantic and peaceful vibrations of the heavens. Romantic attachments and friendships formed today will be free of jealousy or binding commitments. People will want to be carefree and concerned only with happiness and pleasure.

Saturday 18 September: Mercury trine Pluto. This would be a good day for private investigators or the Police to go digging for information to shed some light on a previously hidden problem. Archaeologists too could have a field day and uncover treasures they had been searching for, for years. Egypt may suddenly seem a great place to be. Any type of exploratory works or projects now will reveal something previously out of view. Writers can get focussed and produce good works.

Also today Sun conjunct Venus. This lovely alignment is great for getting married, engaged, starting a new romance, going on a first date, opening or investing in a florist shop, or anything associated with music, art, women’s products or decoration of any type. A big party held tonight will go down especially well. This is perhaps one of the better days of the whole year, so go out socialising and see what develops.

Monday 20 September: Sun trine Pluto. This can prove to be a great time to try to remake yourself or change your spots, if you need to. A day to spring clean, get rid of the old and outworn and be refreshed by the newness of starting out on a different path. Someone in power may take a gigantic leap forward or be presented with an offer that seems almost too good to be true, but it will ultimately change the course of their destiny. A wonderful day to get married or start a new enterprise that involves reform or renovation in some way. If you wish to pull down the walls and rebuild them, this is the best time to do it. New relationships formed today, whether friendship or intimate, will literally put your life into a different perspective and possibly change your own personal world forever.

The not so favourable days in September 2018 are:

Wednesday 1 September: Mars square Saturn. Not a day to start a new business or new friendship or romantic involvement, nor get married or buy a car or other important machinery for your business. Not the day either to invest money or get involved in foreign affairs or overseas interests. Bide your time in all important matters and do not buy a new home today.

Wednesday 8 September. Venus square Mars. This is a contentious aspect between Venus, the planet of love and harmony, and Mars, the God of War. This can be highly problematic when it comes to relationships. Men and women will generally speaking not see eye to eye, or they both have a totally different agenda. This is not a good day to have a first date, get engaged or married. There is too much potential discord and people only seeing the physical or exterior of each other rather than the true personality. Physical attraction will be the name of the game so if you are the sensitive, emotional and romantic kind, do not get involved with a new partner around this time as this is definitely not the roses and candlelight aspect. This is more than likely going to bring about hot and steamy encounters that often are not long lasting, though they can be if each person is highly evolved and mature. Advertising aimed at seductive techniques though could be highly rewarding and capture the necessary sexual fantasies of those who are vulnerable to such luring promises.

Tuesday 14 September: Sun opposition Neptune. Not the day to trust strangers, get involved in any project you know little about or to be trusting even with those whom you thought would never deceive you. Con artists will flourish today so make sure you know all the facts about someone before you even dare hand over a dollar of your hard earned income to them. There could be a big drug haul occur today and they may even get away with it, unless of course an insider wants to get them busted for a previous indiscretion involving a matter of trust that went badly wrong. Don’t get married today or start any new business for there will be hidden traps for the unwary or the gullible. This alignment is potentially very secretive and people are prone to be susceptible to major confusion. Some who are into swindling and scams will pull the wool over the eyes of those who are gullible and take everything at face value. There will be wolves hiding beneath sheep’s clothing. There will be many who will camouflage their true colours, so for those who are wearing blinkers, you may suffer at their hands. To put it simply, as I have said before, trust everyone, but cut the cake yourself. Drugs may be found in unlikely places or hidden by people whom you would not suspect. Just remember, no-one should be above reproach. Beware of danger or problems near the ocean, gas, oil wells, and take care that there is nothing contaminating your food or drinks. Poisoning can occur for the unwary. Friendships formed today need to pass the test of time before people are considered trustworthy. Someone in power may be on an ego trip, or trying to call someone’s bluff on a major issue. Do not trust strangers or any new kids on the block.

Also today, Retrograde Venus conjunct Saturn. (repeated from last month due to being retrograde). Not a good day to get married, start a new relationship or go on a first date. Any one of these will be productive of delays, limitations or burdens and other difficulties that will be hard to overcome. People will tend to be hard to reach or fathom or understand. Barriers that tend to divide will be more noticeable than usual. Do not start a new business today, especially if it involves women’s products, beauty, music or the arts. Not a good day to try to reach amicable agreements, especially with those near and dear to you. Some will tend to become disappointed in a big way. The air is filled with distance and coldness so don’t attempt to make up with your lover if you have had a fight, as they will not want to hear your plight and may just turn their back and walk the other way. Friendships and new romances will not get off to a good start and may involve heavy responsibilities later on or you find out you have to look after them more than is healthy. Not a good day to start a new business as the setbacks and delays may curtail your freedom and not be worth the effort applied.

Wednesday 15 September: Mercury opposition Neptune. This is one of those potentially deceitful days when people can easily colour over their mistakes and present a picture that is marred inside and out, if you would only lift the veil of elusion to view the ugly and distorted truth. It is wise not to sign any important documents on a day like this as there will be more loopholes than found in a fish-net. Those who generally tend to give people the benefit of the doubt will prove to be the most vulnerable. Do not believe all you read or hear today as there will be lies and deception running rampant.

Saturday 18 September. Mercury conjunct Saturn. This is not the day to make agreements as they may involve regulations and obligations that tie you up in knots. There could be some serious decisions made that affect people long after the present. The Mercurial influence could be darkened by sombre Saturn’s habit of making it difficult to see eye to eye and reach amicable agreements about any of these matters. However, those who are wise can instruct those who are not. Those who refuse to take a wider view will only alienate themselves from a comfortable position and find themselves on the other side of the wall. This though can be a good day for serious study. It is not good for purchasing land or other real estate. If you do, then make sure there are no potential problems to do with dampness or rising water levels in the area.

Wednesday 22 September. Sun conjunct Saturn. There are potential limitations imposed by this angle. This influence is not conducive for getting married, taking on a new job, starting a new business or even going for an interview. Chances are there will be problems, delays, restrictions or other depressing conditions to cope with if you try to tackle difficult problems on a day like this. No new ventures should be decided upon or started to avoid problems that could last for many years to come. This can be a disappointing day if you plan to make any significant personal decision that affects your well being and your future plans. This can have long-term ramifications so choose wisely. Not the day to approach the boss for a raise, as people in power are prone to be unreachable. There can be barriers or walls to challenge those who try to make peaceful negotiations, so refrain from these today where possible. An elderly person or a VIP may be in the news and showing concern for their safety or position. Someone in power or politics or royalty may lose their status or standing in the community.

Friday 24 September: Mars opposition Jupiter. This alignment can stir things up in the world. Don’t challenge the law courts today or take on a big project where you are expecting a favourable outcome. Chances are your energies will be wasted or misused or you will be incorrectly guided about a very serious and important matter. Avoid large groups of people or situations where things can be blown out of all proportion to the matter at hand. Not a good day to travel, so plan another day if possible. A judge or magistrate may have a contentious issue to deal with that will be difficult to dissolve and cause embarrassment to someone in a high position, perhaps even to themselves. Some people may go out of their way to make a big splash and could overdo in more ways than one. Unfortunately this can also bring some fracas within the legal system and those who uphold it, so stay away from those doing things to excess, lest you get caught up in their enthusiasm and get led astray and into the arms of the law. Some people who manifest the negative energies of this placement may feel that might makes right and clashes of muscles versus the law can erupt. Not the day to get married or form any other legally binding relationship. Not a day to buy a car or test your strength. Those who speed down the highway, may bring about untold misery for themselves and others.

Saturday 25 September: Mercury square Jupiter. Big plans made today may not fulfil your initial requirements, further down the road. If you order one hundred of something, it may turn out that you only needed five. The emphasis will be on expansion and learning, but the effort and enthusiasm will be just as big an ask. Commit only to what you are suited to, or else you could find yourself out on a limb in less time that you can say your name. It would be wise not to commit yourself to anything today that could bring you possible legal difficulties further down the road. People will over-commit or take on more than is wise and choke on it all at a later time. People cannot be trusted to do as they say or follow through on obligations.

Sunday 26 September: Retrograde Venus opposition Neptune (repeated from last month due to retrograde). This unhelpful alignment may lure some people who are planning to mix business with pleasure and this brings about disappointment, loss or other confusion due to outright deception or serious camouflage. It is not the time to commit to a relationship or even a friendship, for there is likely to be something glossed over that hides the real truth or some elementary ugliness. An apparent secure relationship may come unstuck and reveal a trail of dishonesty, treachery and lies. Those who live life on the surface and pretend to be happy will be faced with having to show their dirty washing and there may still be something lurking in their pockets. Check all facts and any new faces you meet today.