Attracting an Aquarius – A Step By Step Guide

You just had a fascinating talk with an Aquarian and your head is spinning. The person is so kindhearted, broadminded, and quite a humanitarian.

You believe you have found your soul mate at last. Now how are you going to attract him past friendship? I will now give you a step-by-step guide to snagging an Aquarius.

What Attracts Aquarians

Don’t be too forward or pushy.

Aquarians are always polite, but just a wee bit elusive. They value their independence. Don’t blurt out your feelings. You will have to be slightly more subtle.

Appeal to the intellect of your Aquarian friend to start with. Looks should not be the only criteria. This will not get you the results you want. If you challenge them intellectually, in time, they will give you a physical challenge. read more

7 Things You Can Do to Attract a Capricorn

So you know this Capricorn. He’s so amusing. Has a very dry sense of humor. Sometimes he’s a little too serious. But, you believe he’s amazing. You are so into being more than merely friends. How do you get him to notice you? Here are some steps you can use to snag a Capricorn.

Don’t Be Late.

If you are the kind of person that is constantly running fifteen minutes late, you might want to set your clocks ahead so you will be right on schedule. Your Capricorn is really conscious of money. And as the saying goes, time is money. So, don’t squander any of their precious moments. They will view you as frivolous and not worth the bother. read more

What is compatibility in a relationship?

Compatible . . . (1) capable of coexisting in harmony; congruous; concordant; consistent; not repugnant.
(2) so related that both (or all) may hold or be true.

The statement above is just your regular old garden variety dictionary definition of the word “compatible”. Very straight forward. As a baseline reference in choosing a mate, one would think that “compatibility” would be uppermost in everyone’s mind.

But it isn’t, perhaps because it is too simple to think in terms of harmony in daily life. It may sound dangerously dull. I can fix that. Let me muddy the concept up a bit and give it some appeal. read more

Feng Shui for a more romantic bedroom

Have you ever thought of how we place certain items in our homes or space and have a feeling of inspiration when placing a particular item or piece of furniture in a room? We are living Feng Shui subconscious already. Feng Shui is the Chinese art and design of placement in a living space. Feng Shui encompasses all areas of our lives ranging from relationships, health, happiness and prosperity. You may also be intrerested to get some feng shui tips for year 2018 .

Relationships are a wonderful piece of Feng Shui used to enhance our lives. Recognition and placement of items in our bedrooms and homes are used to bring the love, excitement, joy, and romance we desire into fruitation. read more

For love to really work, you have to work at it sometimes

Ah, love. There’s nothing quite like it. The birds sing sweeter, the sky is bluer, and nothing can get you down. It’s the best feeling in the world, isn’t it? Makes you want to dance in the streets and sing zip-a-dee-doo-dah!

But don’t kid yourself. Loving someone doesn’t mean you like them all the time. Think about your folks for a moment. They love you, right? But they still punished you and yelled at you. Lots. Especially when you were a teenager. But they never stopped loving you, even at the times they wished you would just move out. And on the flipside, there were plenty of times you weren’t too happy with them, but you loved them too, right? read more