September 2022 Monthly Horoscope

The first month of autumn 2022 is full of astral aspects and most of them are, without a doubt, dynamic. For the natives (they) who are trying to turn their luck in their favor in the second half of this year, there will be many opportunities in this regard, but there will also be people for whom these astral configurations can be overwhelming.

September is a challenging, dynamic month, both personally and socially.
We will be more tense and agitated and conflicts in the street are not excluded, due to the socio-political measures, aspects that stand out, especially towards the end of the month.


The first half of September 2022 sees you charm everyone with your silky personal skills. Venus, the planet of diplomacy, gives you an assured touch and you don’t have to think about your responses. Just act the way you like.

Reach out to people and be proactive in your affairs – your luck is in and you get value for your efforts. Mercury, the planet of communication, backtracks and reminds you of past business to attend to.

Look into your back archives, but resist the temptation to take a new approach entirely. You see things differently now, but your views will change again by the end of the month.

The Sun entering your relationship zone on Wednesday 22nd sees you focusing on people you have neglected, and working your way back into their good books. Pay attention to your group goals and hang out with people who share your special vision.


As a Taurus, you don’t like changing your mind or being interrupted on anything. So Mercury retrograde is a hurdle for you to jump, as it requires a more flexible attitude.

Take your plans back to the drawing board, or at least do some serious tweaking. You understand your whole project much better afterward, in case you were wondering what’s the point. Still, by September 18th, you put your message over expertly, when you are thinking clearly and smartly.

Tuesday 21st also sees Venus, your ruling star, move into alignment and give you a flirtatious and persuasive touch. You feel more sociable and you chase up people whose company you used to enjoy.

Mundane matters go well, and good housekeeping makes your life simpler. Nothing spectacular here, but take advantage of practical Saturn’s helpful position and make smart, decisions for the longer term.


You are contending with off-stage comments about your work and choices. You didn’t invite so many views, but it seems everyone wants their say.

Criticism comes with the territory, especially when you are successful, but it takes an effort to focus on what’s important. The tension of the Saturn-Uranus opposition hits you full-on (especially if your birthday is between 15-18th June), and a change of direction is pretty well guaranteed.

As a Gemini, you like variety, but which way do you steer? Keep a conventional course, if that’s what you are doing, but don’t be straitjacketed into blind conformity. Factor a little freedom into your routine.

Don’t be afraid to offer your views, either – original thinking is at a premium. By September 29th, you are thinking clearly again and it is safe to sign up definitively for your new choices.


You feel highly agitato and in the mood to leap straight into the action. Mars, a planet of dynamism, stimulates your daredevil side and anything is better than just sitting around.

You enjoy this assertive feeling and love the raised eyebrows it generates among your crowd. Still, this isn’t the time to jump in regardless, when Mercury, star of decision-making, is performing its gyrations.

Acting for the sake of it is the wrong thing to do – except if you are gathering intelligence on future choices. Use your bubbling energy to put old mistakes right, but leave leeway to change your mind.

Enjoy the imaginative Full Moon on Monday 20th, and you can impress someone romantically. Don’t hold back – candles, moonlight, the whole trip. According to your horoscope, by the end of September 2022 you can take a bolder leap, and breaking out of the box promises success.


Believing the best in people is a stretch, even for someone with your legendary generosity of spirit.

Still, that’s the prescription for this September, with Jupiter, the planet of largesse and liberty hitting the high notes in your relationship zone. A karmic boomerang, for sure, when all your good deeds come back in triplicate.

It takes time, and you take let-downs on the chin, but your relationship luck is in. People from different backgrounds provide the color and they give you a sense of living in a wider world. Between this, and Venus, the planet of love, stroking your sign until Monday 20th, you are a natural peacemaker – and flirt.

You look great too and put together an amazing look with the minimum of effort. Monday 06th’s New Moon highlights your finances and a new investment plan is in order. Check out the facts, but don’t sign your life away until the 30th at least.


You like certainty and your renowned intelligence functions best with a practical cause. Not for your idle abstractions. Still, like Mercury, your ruler backtracks from September 7th, you do well to defer major decision-making.

If you are buying new toys, best to wait and shop around. People who rely on you stamp their feet, but you know best. Expect delays in any event and someone backs out of an arrangement just when everything is sorted.

Par for the course. Monday 06th’s New Moon coincides with a new take on an old idea and you know now what to do. Never mind if things didn’t work out before. Venus, the planet of love, hits your sign on the 22nd and you have a charming way with people.

You have good credentials and experience by now, but remember that people do business with those they like.


You are in a reflective space and blissful solitude has its uses. Saturn, the planet of boundaries, sees you doing well in your own company, which has a knock-on effect on your relationships. Feeling good inside your skin means you have more to give others.

Tuesday 7th sees the benefit of your meditations, and an old idea comes back for a second bite. A sudden change finds you backing out of an agreement and following your own course. Disputes may follow but avoid a too-entrenched position.

Pay attention to chance encounters and an unexpected heads-up gives you an edge. 19th’s Libra Moon is your best time to network and catch up with old acquaintances. By the 23rd, the all-powerful Sun is in your sign and you demand to showcase your talents. Being the center of attention is a luxury, especially when you back up all your claims.


You are one of the big benefactors of enforced change. A radical attitude is just what you are looking for, something that adds spice to your world.

As sober Saturn and unruly Uranus trade-off, you strike a balance between old and new. Finding an outré new path works well, but you work on it just as hard as any conventional career. Harder. You are not sure whether you want to overthrow the government or join the establishment.

Even in revolutionary mode, you need a new system to replace the old one. September sees you coming across in a favorable light and your reading of a complex situation is correct. You sense the vibes in an atmosphere. Use your steady energy flow to chase up old leads and jobs which you have left unfinished.


Your trusty prophetic instinct doesn’t fail, as you sense a change in your career. Listen to your inner voice. You work to hang on to the status quo, but new challenges suit you even better – ironies.

Don’t resist the flow. The seismic shift between Saturn and Uranus finds you following an offbeat career in a more conventional way. Status doesn’t matter as much as you thought, and this is a lesson learned.

Your own definition of success is the important thing. Old ideas to make extra money resurface, and you tune out negative feelings from before. You know better now.

Monday 20th’s Full Moon finds you feeling restless at home and once again plans to move to arise. Pay attention to your vivid nighttime dreams and act on any intuitive messages that come.


Radical new ideas take you by surprise and you are suddenly immersed in new projects. Creative avenues pick up a momentum of their own and you are taking life pretty seriously. This is all to the good if you are doing something extraordinary. Dictate terms. Pluto, the planet of power, is on the move once more and early Capricorns especially (December 23-24) are gloriously obsessed.

You are challenged to break out of routine and to forget entrenched ideas that hold you back. Go for it: you seek new horizons and a life that contains a little more poetry.

Venus, the planet of affection, shapes up nicely on Tuesday 21st and you add negotiating skills to your naked ambition. Climbing Mount Olympus, take things slowly and wait for the end of September before signing on the line.


You are still in a luxurious space and recent opportunities come around again. Jupiter, the planet of prosperity, is retrograde – an experience rather like a planet coming back for an encore.

The key to your luck is to realize how lucky you are! Believe the best and take advantage of every little acorn – back up all your claims. The sense of potential and anticipation you feel now is closer to the real you than fleeting doubts at other times.

Wednesday 15th sees you in a hedonistic mood and a mid-week night out has riotous potential. Venus, the planet of pleasure, finds you in good company and you gravitate towards past haunts and hangouts.

Compare notes with an old compadre, and find a fresh perspective on where you are now. You are in the mood to explore, but a guru figure appears closer to home.


The Full Moon on Monday the 10th is a major highlight, and your vivid dreams have a prophetic quality. Make plans for the big day and be sure to celebrate your ‘birthday out of season’. Huge parts of you feel restless and ready to move.

The status quo sits uneasily on your shoulders and you are looking for a break. Uranus, the planet of rebellion, plays up your maverick side and you want excitement – anything except what is happening now.

Still, you have to work on a plan. People depend on you and you can’t just forget your ties and throw everything overboard. The epochal Saturn-Uranus opposition reaches a peak and you must strike a balance, as usual.

At the same time as you want to flee, you feel you are being squeezed through a narrow window. The sense of time passing is strong. Pay attention to old contacts, and someone carries vital intelligence for you.