Taurus and Aquarius Compatibility

Taurus Woman – Aquarius Man

Taurus woman is simple, practical and has a conventional approach towards life while on the other hand, Aquarius man likes to go against set norms and has a progressive & contemporary approach.

Taurus woman does not like things to change and want them to be as they are but Aquarius man have the opposite nature where they like to change as time changes & also remain updated about what is happening in the world around them.

The factors that are favorable towards compatibility between them are that they both have good determination and after setting their mind up they complete a task.

Taurus woman is quite jealous and possessive which are also some of the factors that might cause problems for an Aquarius man.

On the positive side, Taurus woman is excellent in practical matters which is good for Aquarius man who tends to find it difficult managing such practical affairs.

There is not very good compatibility between Taurus woman and Aquarius man and to develop a relationship they will have to work hard.

Taurus woman will need to change or modify their orthodox behavior while Aquarius man will need to be less radical thinkers to make their relationship a success.

Some other factors that go against compatibility among Taurus woman and Aquarius man are that a Taurus woman careful, conservative & need security and comfort in a relationship and Aquarius man lack all these qualities.

If both of them make some adjustments in their natural instincts then they can have compatibility for developing a good relationship.

Taurus Man – Aquarius Woman

A Taurus man is a practical person with a conventional approach in life whereas an Aquarius woman tends to work against fixed norms & is known for her progressive approach in life.

The other difference between them is that a Taurus man likes things unchanged while an Aquarius woman believes in change and likes to remain updated on what are the things that are happening around her.

Taurus man as well as an Aquarius woman is quite determined and try their level best to complete the task they take up to work upon.

The problems can arise due to the possessive & jealous nature of a Taurus man which an Aquarius woman will find hard to adjust to.

But the good thing is that an Aquarius woman has difficulties managing practical matters and a Taurus man is good at these and because of which she will be drawn towards a Taurus man.

The compatibility is not that great between them and to make it a success they will have to make some changes in their character.

A Taurus man will have to soften their orthodox nature and an Aquarius woman will have to reduce her radical thinking.

Other problems in their relationship are that a Taurus man will not find some qualities in an Aquarius woman which he expects his partner to have such as providing necessary security in the relationship.

Though there are a lot of dissimilarities between them, a relationship can still develop if they make efforts to change themselves and try to understand what their partner wants.