Taurus and Capricorn Compatibility

Taurus Man and Capricorn Woman

Capricorn woman is ambitious, and the details she will pay the most attention to is honesty, devotion and your degree of spiritual evolution.

She has a small family that takes most of her time, though she also finds purpose in her profession.

She mixes business with pleasure, and because of her determination, she always succeeds.

She expects those around her to give her the respect and security she needs.

Her partner will know to make her feel loved and protected, and will have her loyalty.

Taurus man is full of affection, and can show patience in making a decision.

This man will always think to act for the common good of the family, friends, and entourage.

He likes stability, and sometimes he even likes being told what to do.

The natives of this sign are looking for sentimental stability, want an honest, loving, devoted partner, that knows what she wants from life.

Taurus Woman and Capricorn Man

Taurus woman is strong, and always finishes what she started. As a friend, this woman is always ready to defend those who are honest and those who know what they want from life.

Taurus woman will carefully choose a partner and will take a long time to decide if she wants to move to the next level with him, but once she has made her decision, there is nothing that can stand in the way of her happiness.

The Capricorn man is the successful man of the Horoscope. In all areas: professional, financial, love, business, he always wants to succeed, so he will choose a thoughtful, mature woman, who shares the same principles.

He is a true father, who doesn’t forget about the little ones, in fact, all his professional sacrifice, is for his family.

Common personality: wisdom, intelligence, deep thinking, imagination, hard work, telepathy, passion, trust, love, loyalty, devotion, art, sports, faith, travels. Taurus is an Earth sign and Capricorn is an Earth sign.

Love, marriage, relationships : based on feelings of trust, and characterized by stability, this will make love appear at first sight, and soon become a marriage.

Saturn, the governor of Capricorn, characterizes him as serious and responsible. Taurus will appreciate all the sacrifice Capricorn makes, and will join him in everything he initiates, giving him what she knows best: art and good taste.

Because both of you are Earth signs, your character is very similar. In terms of love, Capricorn is passionate and possessive, which can sometimes lead to suspicion and jealousy.

Money, career, business: together, you make a lot of money, especially after the age of 40.

Prudence is good, but when it comes to you, it is not necessary, because you can easily make a good profit.