Taurus and Gemini Compatibility

Taurus Man – Gemini Woman

Taurus man will like the multi faceted nature of a Gemini woman attractive and will also inspire him to start thinking differently.

We find some differences in their character such as desire for stability present in a Taurus man and need for constant change in a Gemini woman.

Over the years some very famous people with these zodiac signs were successful in developing compatibility and good relationship like Taurus: Natasha Richardson and Gemini: Liam Neeson, Gemini: Dave Navarro and Taurus: Carmen Electra.

Some of the features in a Gemini woman which help to draw a Taurus man towards her are her mental aptitude, intelligence as well as witty nature.

In the context of compatibility between them we should note that a Taurus man tries to reach his goals in steady & measured way and are not in any kind of hurry.

They always like to do things in a stable way. On the opposite, a Gemini woman is very restless and finds it hard to concentrate on anything for a long time.

The chances of good compatibility could get hampered because of such minor problems if they are not dealt with at the onset.

Another thing worth mentioning here is that a Taurus man is a lot possessive than a Gemini woman and this possessiveness will not be liked by her as she wants to have more freedom in things she does and in her life.

It is clear from the points mentioned above that there are a lot of things which need to be corrected at both ends to create a good relationship.

Taurus Woman – Gemini Man

Gemini man like independence & freedom in life, like talking and do many things together, are interested in constant change and have an outgoing nature.

Taurus woman likes to settle down and is quite possessive which might be cause for concern in a relationship between Gemini man and Taurus woman.

Gemini man might also find Taurus woman’s ego difficult to handle. Gemini man is very restless while their opposite partner has a steady nature which can also be a factor in the compatibility between the two.

On the positive side Gemini man will appreciate the resolve and will power Taurus woman have and impress him by her intelligence and quick wit.

To get the relationship going they will have to make some adjustments and accept decisions taken by the other partner.

With some amount of adjustments Gemini man will be able to bring liveliness in life for them and Taurus woman will provide her the required stability.

There are lot many negative factors in this relationship as compared to positive ones and to create compatibility they will have to work hard and try to understand the other person.

Gemini man may find it difficult to adjust to the fact that a Taurus woman has much less zeal and energy as compared to what they have and also the routine life Taurus woman are accustomed to.

Gemini man will also feel suffocated by the possessive & jealous nature of Taurus woman.

Thus we can see that there are many factors against good compatibility between these two zodiac signs and a lot of effort will be needed to develop any kind of relationship between them.