Taurus and Pisces Compatibility

Taurus clearly has a strong personality, which is a symbol of masculinity, but also of perseverance.

He is stubborn enough to respect his commitments, no matter how hard it is for him to do this.

Under normal circumstances, his patience and calm is out of the ordinary, but if he is provoked, he can be very explosive.

He is a person a partner can rely on no matter the circumstances; Taurus is a loyal guy, a family guy, and once he has committed to a couple relationship, he will always fulfill his responsibilities.


Without a doubt, there is an instant attraction between the native Taurus and the Pisces woman.

The Taurus man, by his nature, reflects self-confidence, power, courage, which impresses the Pisces woman, who is sensitive by nature, living deep emotional experiences.

The beginnings of the relationship between them might be dominated by hot passions; Pisces woman is passionate, and Taurus man is a hopeless romantic.

They can help each other when it comes to psychical support; the Taurus man’s toughness and stubbornness can be kept in check by the softness and candor of Pisces woman, whilst she might find in the Taurus man the support she desires, that will make her value her own qualities.

It is very important for the Pisces woman that she feels safe, having at her side a person that instils mode determination, more confidence in her own strengths.

Unfortunately, Taurus man can ignore Pisces woman’s needs from time to time, further increasing her emotional instability, during those moments.

Taurus’s patience is highly dependent on the context and the intensity of pressures exerted upon him.

Maintaining the relationship between these two requires a lot of energy and strategy, but the end result is likely to be impressive.


The Taurus woman is a strong, determined woman, who has her goals which she wants to reach as fast as possible; she is aware of the fact that she must make efforts to get what she wants, and she won’t spare any effort in that regard.

The Pisces man has a particular charm, something that might become an undeniable attraction for Taurus woman; it should be best if the signals she sends are as clear as possible, in case she is interested because Pisces man is shy and might hold back from making the first move. As a rule, though, if she is interested, Taurus women will go right into action.

The initial passion can gradually be replaced by disappointment.

The Pisces man might feel content, for a while, that he met a woman who is self-confident, who helps him pursue his goals; over time, though, his pride will keep taking hits from the bossy behavior of the Taurus woman, which, in time, will become the coordinator of the relationship, thinking her partner is a weak man.

The durability of the relationship highly depends on the way the partners understand and accept each other’s weaknesses.

If they share strong feelings and are sympathetic to one another, the relationship can strengthen, and their differences will become complementary.