Taurus and Sagittarius Compatibility

Taurus woman and Sagittarius man

Taurus woman and Sagittarius man are very good business partners, because they are able to make money and spend them on various pleasures.

They are drawn to the hedonistic side of life, such as home comfort, nature vacations and good food. The sentimental connection leaves to be desired, due to the differences in character.

Taurus woman will expect the partner to cover her in gifts, romantic gestures, to love her and always prove that to her and most of all, always be near her.

For him, these sentimental outbursts are nothing but sweet talk. He doesn’t have the patience to be poetic, he doesn’t like overwhelming his lover with lots of love, nor to be assaulted by all kinds of love declarations.

Moreover, he needs lots of freedom, he is the embodiment of the adventurer and traveler by nature, therefore, the whole world opens before him, with lots of temptations, novelties, and experiences most of which are fascinating.

If he returns late from work because he went out with friends, whilst she is waiting for him at dinner, after spending hours in order to cook him a great meal, a quarrel might most likely start.

To him, nothing feels more natural than to have a life of his own, dedicated to the entourage, trips, circle of friends and time to spend as he knows best, far away from family and work.

To the Taurus native, this might seem as the greatest cruelty towards her feelings, and a shameful retreat from daily responsibilities.

Taurus woman must feel loved, or the Sagittarius’s independence and coldness will hurt her as much as a betrayal.

Possessive and jealous, for him, she can become clingy and pushy, which automatically leads to separation. In general, it is not a successful combination, the differences being too large to make any concession.

If however a reconciliation is attempted, the Taurus woman must somehow manage to be part of his world, often meet with him in other places, share his hobbies and never ask him where he was, when he comes home.

Sagittarius Woman and Taurus man

When a Taurus stumbles upon you, be prepared for huge differences. You two are like water and oil: you do not harmonize at all.

Whilst you are an idealist, following independence and spontaneity, the Taurus will always annoy you with his practical side, “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”.

Romanticism, whether you like it or not

From the get go, Taurus will ask you to define your relationship and get more involved. He does this because of his excessive need for romance. You may not be able to give him the comfort and stability he needs.

While you enjoy every single new place and human you meet, the native of this sign longs for routine and security. For a lasting relationship, Taurus must wait for you to be ready for something serious.

If he doesn’t push you, he has much to gain, because once you are conquered, you become very loyal.

Compromise is necessary.

Negatives: In your couple, you have communication issues. You have a direct way of communicating, without embellishing the truth. Truth can offend Taurus. His way of being, constrained by rules and customs, will hurt you in the future.

You will reproach him for lacking flexibility in thinking. Taurus is one of the few signs who will not appreciate your malleable attitude.

Your beliefs can be changed easily with logical arguments, and you are good at adapting on the go. This makes the Taurus confused because he is always stuck in his …. fixed ideas.

Positives: The key to a lasting relationship with a Taurus is compromise…on both sides. With proper adjustments, you might have a real chance.

Taurus man offers you security and stability, which you claim you don’t need. But, in your heart, you long for both. If you admit you need Taurus, you will certainly reach a deeper level emotionally, and gain warmth and compassion.

Thus, you will connect with the Taurus man, and will no longer feel the big differences between you.

At the same time, the native of this sign can learn from you how to have fun. You provide him with the adventure he lacks.