Taurus and Scorpio Compatibility

Taurus Woman – Scorpio Man

Taurus woman has strong will, enthusiasm & determination and these features are shared by Scorpio man also. Taurus woman will instantly get attracted towards the charm Scorpio man have.

Scorpio man is of jealous nature but that is not a concern for Taurus woman as they are also sometimes jealous by nature and also have possessiveness.

Taurus and Scorpio are fixed astrological zodiac signs that make them quite determined but also stubborn.

If they can locate goals that can be shared with each other then the stubbornness & strong opinion they have will tend to work in favor of the relationship and they would be able to succeed in anything they do together and have great compatibility between them.

Taurus woman and Scorpio man are two quite independent signs and it might happen that they both try to use their strong will for controlling their partner who also has a strong will and is also very stubborn.

But if they are totally open on how they communicate the feelings they have, there would be no problems in the relationship.

A Scorpio man has the tendency of holding onto to certain feelings & things and this can create a lot of suspicion and doubt in the mind of Taurus woman, to develop a long-lasting relationship Scorpio man would have to take steps to correct it.

There are a number of factors that are opposing in this relationship and if they want to have a good compatibility then both will have to work consciously to rectify them.

Taurus Man – Scorpio Woman

Scorpio and Taurus are always opposed in the European zodiac, which grants them a special, intense romantic connection.

The attraction between you and a Taurus man will definitely be the strongest you have ever felt, and you won’t be able to fight it.

Taurus is a materialist, he always wants to own stuff, has a secure status and a very good reputation, which – the Scorpio woman – can offer, because you always want to have power over those around you, and get it very easily.

Once you have entered the game of love, you will soon find out that your strengths are supplemented by those of the Taurus man you love.

Both zodiac signs are attracted to the idea of passion and mystery, and feel the need for security: you love to surround your femininity in mystery, whilst the Taurus man shows his loyalty and honesty daily.

Taurus needs to be reminded from time to time how much he means to you, and will certainly make similar beautiful gestures to rekindle your love.

Negatives: The Scorpio-Taurus couple will always be missing something, and shadows will be cast upon it from time to time.

You will have some unreasoned moments of aggression or cold silence, which will be difficult to understand for the Taurus man, because he always keeps his calm and he is really down-to-earth. If you become sadistic or vengeful you risk losing him.

Positives: In a relationship, the Taurus man will soon become dependent on your intense way of living love and exploring sexuality, and you will love his devoted involvement in the relationship.

Your unity will be an excellent combination of love and passion, the balance between feminine and masculine energy.

A relationship between these two signs means money, power, family and can turn into a long-term relationship, and most likely a lasting marriage.