Taurus and Virgo Compatibility

Taurus Woman – Virgo Man

Taurus woman have a practical way of looking at things which is also found in Virgo man.

Taurus woman does not like recklessness, extravagance or inconsistency in any things, the same also applies for Virgo man as they also stay away from them.

They both like living in present & are well aware of how to develop cooperation with each other.

The chance of compatibility is quite between Taurus woman and Virgo man because of the mentioned similar personality traits as well as due to the fact that both are Earth signs and have very similar likings & disliking and want same things in life.

Virgo man tends to worry a lot due to their character of meeting their responsibilities and are also concerned that they will not be able to meet the expectations others have from them.

Taurus woman is also perseverant as Virgo but they do not worry as much as Virgo man does and like comforting people and giving advice to them.

This makes a perfect match as this is what is required by Virgo man to help the tension they bear.

Taurus woman also finds the right partner in Virgo man as they find someone who is in need of their advice and suggestions.

Taurus woman will also like the sharp mind of Virgo man and their good communication skills and also their well-organized nature.

One thing that Taurus woman has to take care of is the natural possessiveness that they have.

Virgo man does not like being tied down or smothered too much, so Taurus woman will have to give them some freedom to develop good compatibility.

Taurus Man – Virgo Woman

Taurus man looks at things with a practical approach which is also the same for a Virgo woman. Both are also the kind of people, who stay out of things such as extravagance, inconsistency & recklessness.

The good thing about both is that they like to be in the present and are able to easily develop an understanding with others.

The probability that they will have good compatibility is quite high because of the fact that they are the Earth signs, have matching likes and dislikes and desire to have similar things in their life.

One thing which is somewhat different between them is that a Virgo woman has a nature where she worries a lot about meeting her responsibilities in time and also about fulfilling expectations others have from her.

A Taurus man is also perseverant but is not as agonized as a Virgo woman. They like to help and comfort people and give them advice which will be good for a Virgo woman and will assist in relieving the tension she has to bear.

This way a Taurus man also finds a partner who needs his advice and guidance and thus it helps in building a compatibility between them.

Taurus man will be drawn towards a Virgo woman because of her sharpness, communication skills and organized life style.

They themselves will have to look into their possessive nature if they are serious about relationship with a Virgo woman.

 A Virgo woman will not like being smothered a lot or obstructed from doing things there own way.