The Most Jealous Zodiac Signs in 2021

When you truly love someone, you do the craziest things. When you are in doubt regarding your partner’s loyalty, most of the time, you don’t judge clearly, which is why it is said that jealousy is the worst disease.

Our behavior and the way we react in extreme situations are influenced by the astrological signs under which we are born.

It is said about women that they live more intense than men, but sometimes their jealousy is quite excessive.

The stars reveal to us which feminine signs that are extremely jealous:

Taurus Woman 

Taurus women yearn for a big, happy family, but also for a loving home and, especially, for loyalty.

When they have the smallest reason for suspicion, the Taurus women immediately start digging and investigating.

Thus, they give rise to jealousy crises.

Scorpio Woman

The women born under this zodiac sign are extremely jealous, and they suspect any woman who would dare to interact with their partner.

The main issue of these women is the fact that they cannot control themselves, being controlled by their emotions, which is why they have extremely violent outbursts.

Pisces Woman

In love, the Pisces women have great expectations from their partners, and when the partner is no longer offering them affection, they become distant and cold.

Sometimes, they are not able to forgive even the tiniest mistake. Their feelings get hurt just thinking that their partners could cheat on them, and they let themselves be overwhelmed by these feelings, ultimately reaching a state of paranoia.

In the entire horoscope, three zodiac signs stand out, and if your partner is born under one of them, you will surely have a hard time when it comes to jealousy.

There are three signs for which suspicion, possessiveness, and impulsivity are defining elements.

Aries Man

Not only is he among the top zodiac signs when it comes to jealousy, but at the same time, the Aries man is also very possessive.

Although at the beginning of the relationship, they seem to give their partners all the freedom to be and to act, in time, they start limiting and restricting them, which has to do with their inflamed sense of ownership and possessiveness.

Leo Man

The Leo man is a passionate man who knows how to make a woman feel loved and admired.

His major flaw, however, the one that shadows these qualities, is jealousy. He feels the need to know permanently what his partner does, in whose company she is, who she meets, even if there is no reason to be suspicious and distrustful.

Capricorn Man

The Capricorn man has a fascinating, mysterious personality, and it is not hard at all to fall in love with him.

Intelligent by nature and endowed with sharp insight, he needs a bit of drama in his life to make things more exciting.

This is why, quite often, he looks for pretexts and reasons to manifest his jealousy and spice up the relationship a bit.

Even if he perceives everything more like a game, his partner, who sometimes has to endure his jealousy crises in public, finds them absurd and unjustified.

Methods that help you properly manage your partner’s jealousy outbursts

What to do when your partner is very jealous and how to manage these jealousy outbursts?

Here are a few methods that can help you deal with the jealousy crises of your partner:

  • Identify the cause of jealousy.
  • Try to be empathic.
  • Come to terms with the fact that you get more attention than you would want from your partner.
  • Discuss the reasons why he/she is jealous.
  • Try not to be defensive.
  • Try to make him/her understand the effects of his/her jealousy.
  • Solve the issue affectionately.
  • Set some limits right from the beginning.

How to make your ex jealous depending on his zodiac sign

Even if you don’t want to reconcile with your ex, you will feel a bit better knowing he is jealous and upset that you are no longer together. 

As a general rule, to make your ex-lover jealous, you need to show both to him and the entire world that you don’t need him to be happy and that you enjoy being free.

For your “plan of attack” to touch him where it hurts the most, we give you a few tips:

  • Make him jealous by going on a trip with a group of friends and make sure that guy he always thought you like is coming along. He will hate the fact that you have fun without him, but especially that you are with that guy. 
  • Make him jealous by completely ignoring him. They don’t like being single, and they definitely don’t like being ignored. He will think of you obsessively and will try to understand why you no longer respond to him, which will completely throw him off.
  • Make him jealous by travelling to a charming place and posting everything on Instagram. Post a story every hour and show him how many great things you do. Show him that you feel freer than ever and that you finally can do whatever you want, that you are not bored or stuck without him.

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