Cancer Love Horoscope 2019

Venus is the ally of the Cancer natives and is going to be beneficial right from the beginning of the year. You will be full of happiness in a subtle and intense manner.

You are not going to feel the passing of time because all your attention is focused on your relationship. If you want to start a long-term relationship, you have all the chances to succeed! And if you want only a simple fling, is it also the best time for it.

Over time, you need to think seriously at reorganizing and finding stability in your love life, especially if you are not satisfied with the current situation.

cancer love horoscope 2019

In case you prefer to live in a free union, don’t forget that marriage too has its proven positive sides. Learn to follow your interests!

During the second half of the year, you are going to meet a charming person, but, at the moment, you might not realize the importance of this meeting.

After this, things will evolve fast. You will be head over heels, in most cases with someone way younger than you, at least in spirit.

So, you are going to meet someone you can have interesting discussions on an intellectual level.

Starting from these friendly conversations, things will evolve in a subtle manner towards more profound feelings.

Don’t neglect the small details in your relationships with the opposite sex. A flower on her birthday, a small gift when you return from a trip, a postcard, a call at the right moment can consolidate a relationship or they can influence the course of events in the direction desired by the Cancer natives.

Cancer 2019 Horoscope Month by Month


Family life is your first concern in January 2019. Some important events are likely to happen at the beginning of the year. It is important to maintain your calm and optimism. The company of a dear friend or a lover offers you extremely beautiful moments during this period.


The Cancer natives can solve many of the issues they have in their couple in February, in terms of personal maturity and perseverance. In career, the Cancer natives are hard-working and expansive, they may continue their studies or finalize new and very advantageous partnerships. As far as health is concerned, the natives may experience nervous breakdowns and physical discomfort, especially during travels.


The success you will enjoy during this month will influence the people around you to listen to your indications and to make everything possible to win your favor. Focus on everything you need to do, some important and beneficial changes in your career are predicted for this month. If you thought of putting your foot down in your love life, now is the moment to do so.


Saturn and Pluto instill a harmful perfectionism in the relationship with your partner, so you can tend to not feel yourself next to your partner. At work, Uranus opens your appetite for taking initiatives, and Venus and Mars help you get recognition. In terms of health, you are fine, if you relax.


May 2019 is announcing to be full of contradictions, conflicts, and major challenges for you. Saturn had a tense relationship with the Sun, Mars, Venus, and Mercury, and this means disagreements in the couple life, professional dissensions, renouncing or disappointments. Uranus urges you to make a series of changes. The end of the months finds you exhausted and weakened.


In June 2019, it is possible to have one of your wishes come true. A romantic vacation is waiting for you, or a transforming experience going on a long trip, and the plans for an engagement or a marriage may fructify now. Avoid legal proceedings and focus on career, you have all the chances of getting a promotion or a raise.


In July, your attitude will be open, creative, and fun, which will surprise those around you. You are concerned about the financial aspect of your job and it is possible to renegotiate a raise. In love, pay more attention to your partner and his needs!


With Mars and Jupiter in your zodiac sign, you are enjoying a contagious enthusiasm and a crazy mood for love. You are more daring, more “naughty” and more adventurous. At work, you have initiative, force, inspiration, and tact in negotiations. Expect big professional achievements and substantial gains. Health is also not a matter for concern, but you should avoid making excesses of any kind!


During the first half of September, you retire in your privacy, you concern yourself a lot with aspects related to your household, home decorating etc. next to your partner. If you are not involved in a relationship, a story from the past may re-emerge, but there are no chances of reconciliation. Towards the end of the month, Venus will inspire your appetite for love, sensuality, and fun.


For the Cancer natives, October comes with plenty of seriousness and intensity in the couple life. The natives are willing to make big sacrifices for their personal fulfillment, even if this means keeping their eyes closed in front of the obstacles they are facing. The attitude helps them, in most cases, to solve some overdue sentimental issues.


Venus is in transit through your zodiac sign in November, bringing you intense feelings, either extremely positive, or negative. You are starting to think of how compatible you really are with your partner, to ask for openness and tolerance or to test his feelings. If you have no one special in your life, there are many chances to fall in love during this period.


With Venus in the house of relationships, you are starting to profoundly long for affection, shared feelings, romantic gestures and hot nights in two. If you are already involved in a relationship, you will surely spice up the action in the bedroom. Instead, if you are looking for your half, you tend to leave any expectations aside and to be happy with less: beware!