Capricorn 2020 horoscope

The cardinal-earth sign. Rules the 10th house. Ruled by Saturn. Capricorn is responsible for the material security of our world and making sure it can support the rest of us. Theirs is a serious and responsible sign and they are dedicated to keeping the world moving forward strongly and securely.

They possess amazing inner strength and resources and often live their childhood in their later adult years after they feel they have earned the right to experience joy and playfulness. Weaknesses include: Over materiality, lack of humor, inability to experience the moment, severe expectations of those they care about.


Capricorn  2020 love horoscope predicts : whatever those resolutions are, you sure are checking them off your list. Long-term relationships are especially satisfying in the first three weeks of the year — it’s a great time to sneak away for a private vacation. You come gently back to earth around the 21st, when single life starts perking up.

By Valentine’s Day , you’re relaxed and in touch with your sometimes distant emotions. Don’t be afraid to say what’s on your mind: Someone you love needs to hear it. Your blunt honesty serves you well and spring arrives as gently as a lamb.

You may find yourself falling head over heels with someone in the last week of March 2020 –and this love won’t come easy.

Don’t be quick to compromise in matters of the heart. When passions run strong, you should stand firm, and until May 17th you’ll be firm as an uncomfortable mattress.

Permanent relationships may be tossed into a pit with the vipers of jealousy in the same time frame. Keep your sense of humor and hang in there; the load lightens in early June.

Summer forces capricorn natives to examine their ideals about love and family. No matter what your surface, you have some deeply conventional beliefs that may need a good sharp poke from someone with freer ideas. June 30th holds a romantic surprise that comes at the perfect time to warm your heart.

The horoscope tells that  July 2020 finds you in the mood for self-improvement. Don’t drag your sweetie along for the ride unless they ask; you run a slight risk of turning evangelical. By the time August 15th rolls around, you’re new and improved, and so is your love life.

The intensity slides away as the weather cools, and you find yourself in the proper frame of mind for easy compromises. Singles may be drawn to someone who challenges and excites them intellectually — hold your ground and you’ll be admired.

Starting with Halloween, you’ll draw your loved ones around you like a cozy blanket. Thanksgiving has you recreating the holidays of your childhood, but be sure to add your lover’s traditions to the mix. Wrap up the season with a mountain of mistletoe.

career i

Dear Capricorn, the final days of 2020 made up for whatever didn’t work earlier in the year, so continue this excellent trend throughout the winter. It’s okay to pause for breath after January 21st. Associates are still talking with realistic optimism.

You’re happy behind the scenes for the first three weeks of February . Flawless business intuition carries you into the open and ahead of the pack on the 20th. By March 7th, you’re running a tight little empire. Knowing what’s needed is as good as doing it.

By March 24th , you have to show credentials and defend your position; even supportive coworkers want to see you do better during most of April.

Long-awaited perks come on the 20th, and you feel sufficiently appreciated. Broaden your scope on May 4th and 5th without betraying your principles.

The 17th shows what happens to people who can’t adapt to a changing environment. Absorb these lessons by the 21st, or the events of June 10th will leave you behind the curve.

Starting June 22nd , you have mixed feelings about a certain project or team member.

An uncomfortable month can either impair or enhance your performance — your choice. Try not to react too strongly if you feel devalued or disrespected by the end of July; it’s just quality control in action, and between August 10th and 23rd, it’s clear that you made the cut.

Standing out from the crowd has its advantages, particularly by September 2nd, when nobody can do what you do. Inspire those who see you as a role model and start doing some mentoring.

September 23rd begins an uphill battle with workplace or client relations, and by mid-October you get the grim satisfaction of watching others get what they deserve. But all is forgiven after the 24th, when the ramp-up to Halloween launches two solid months of proactivity.

Deposits or investments lock in a long-term deal by November 8th 2020. Competitors are sweating after the 11th, and that’s what you want. Still, they give you a run for the money between the 22nd and the second week of December.

At least you get that holiday bonus by winter solstice, along with satisfaction of a job well done. Cajole those around you to join you in some charitable giving.